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33 Work from Home Jobs: An Alternative Way to Make Money

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Work from home jobs is started to available since the spreading out of internet in this era. Many people in this millennial era choose to do the work from home jobs instead of traditional ones which require us to attend offices every day, spending regular hour of 9 to 5, and of course dealing with the traffic jams that is getting worse day by day. People now are more comfortable doing the work from home jobs for the convenience it offers and also the sum of money that they can get without any meaningful sweating to drops.

Generating Money in Effective Way by Doing Work from Home Jobs

1. Virtual assistant

online jobs from home

Many companies now are hiring virtual assistant since almost administration stuff in a company are done online. The visual assistants’ jobs can be vary, from composing and responding email writing and disseminating documents, creating content for the company and so forth. The point is that they provide the company with the services on administration, creative and technical.

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2. Medical Transcriptionist

Being a medical transcriptionist doesn’t oblige you to work in a hospital or a medical clinic. You can do the work from your home since this work from home jobs only requires you to write down what you hear from a recorded medical instruction or information.

3. Web Developer

real work from home jobs

Many people create their own web nowadays. It is inevitable due to the fast changing world, especially the virtual world. But many of them are not satisfied with their own web that they design by themselves. This is when you are needed. A web developer can do most of his work from home or anywhere, as long as he has a laptop with him with the speed internet connection of course. This is one of fun online jobs from home.

4. Social Manager Media

Who doesn’t have an account of social media today? Almost everyone in the world has at least one social media as a new shape of communication tools. It is also a kind of “obligation” for a company to have a social media to reach their customer easily. Unfortunately, not every company can find a person who can manage its social media account; therefore, it opens opportunity for anyone like you to get some amount of money by taking this work from home jobs.

5. Data Entry

work from home jobs data entry

A big business always has a large amount of data. And the company needs a staff that has responsibility to input those data into the system. Since the important skill needed here is the typing and computer program skill, the workers are often allowed to work from home at their convenient schedule. The work from home jobs data entry are likely fit for mothers with kids pre-school age who would like to make their lives productive.

6. Data Entry Officer

The job seeker can work from home jobs data entry. This job doesn’t need special skill to work within. Then, this job is welcome for everyone.

7. Resume Writer

If you love writing, helping people makes resume is worth enough you can work from your convenient home. You need to figure out people through your home, and chose this job as part time job.

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8. Freelance Writer

This job makes you free to write for one publication, or more. The writer can be a freelance while the writers are at home.

9. Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) conducts you for clinical trial by clinical practice. CRC is worked under the supervision of Principal Investigator (PI). You can choose this job as real work from home jobs.

10. E-commerce Store Owner

This digital era gives you unlimited access to build your independent E-commerce store owner. You can develop your E-commerce from home and choose this job as real work from home jobs.

11. Customer Service Representative

Skill of communication is needed to pick this job. You can choose as real work from home jobs. By skill of communication, you can tackle complaints, order process, and information base about the company you work within. Computer skills and problem solving are required to accomplish this job.

12. Translator

Online Jobs for College Students

Language skills are required to fulfill this job. English, Spanish, French, China are most requested language in public. If you have these abilities, this job is worth enough as work from home jobs part time.

13. Proofreader

This job requires you to read an electronic copy of publication to correct the errors in the publication. Proofreader is available for the choice whether as work from home jobs part time or real work from home jobs.

14. Editor

This job requires people to have detail opinion and critical thinking on the products. This job requires to work within the time, then it does not limit people’s space. You can join as the editor in your own publisher or other’s company. This job is not only available for real work from home jobs, but it also works from home jobs part time.

15. Online Juror

This job makes you earning money by a paid online survey. This online juror has responsibility to review a case summary, answering some questions, and clicking submission. This job does not require special skill. Thus you can pick this whether as work from home jobs part time or real work from home jobs.

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16. Product Reviewer

This job is allowed for work from home jobs part time or real work from home jobs. Product reviewer is insisted to criticize and analyze the quality of the product for the improvement of the product.

17. Stylist

These job and business do not limit you to work within color, style and fashion. This job requests consultation to the customer on what they want in special occasion due to the request. Being a stylist is flexible job then you can have it real work from home jobs in your own company.

18. Blogger

The skill of writing is required to be active in blogger. Job seeker can blog for earning money through travel blogger, food blogger, and business blogger. This job can be used as real work from home jobs. Thus, this job does not limit people to work within the deadline procedures by company.

19. Survey taker

This job requires you to always work within surveys. You can the survey by designing survey application and formatting surveys to take the best deal survey. This job is a choice for you to have it as real work at home.

20. Virtual Assistant

This job requires job seeker to provide the data fulfillment through remote location. This job needs communication virtually then the certain company is satisfied within the data. The virtual assistant is responsible to accomplish the data virtually. Thus, this job is compatible for real work from home jobs.

21. Web Developer

In the area of competition in worldwide business, web developer id needed to enchant and enlarge the web. Web developer has responsibility to develop the web by latest technology. Web developer does not require people to come in company in early morning and pass the rush hour. Thus, web developer is allowed for real work from home jobs.

22. Startup maker

Startup makes individual free to initiate the product for entrepreneurship. Startup is designed by individual founder to seek for a repeatable and measurable business model. Startup maker has innovation to develop the startup. The independent startup legitimates work from home jobs with no startup fee.

23. Search Engine Evaluator

This job requires special skill to fulfill. The ability of analytical analysis and web skill research are minimum requirements you should accomplish. By this specialty, you can do as real work from home jobs, or you work from home jobs part time.

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Work from home jobs for moms:

work from home jobs for moms

Besides the list of work from home jobs above, here is the list of work from home jobs that suitable for moms.

1. In-Home Childcare

Both parents who work give you an opportunity to do this work. No need an initial cost to start the business, but the large portion of love and patience is obviously needed.

2. Artist/ Artisan

list of work from home jobs

One way to generate an income from home is by using your artistic talent. It doesn’t have to be a great work of illusion, maybe. But it is as easy as creating your handy craft cushion or your artistic creation on a frame of a photo, and introduces them to the world using your social media.

3. Taylor

If you have ability in designing and sewing clothes, it is the time for you to find your way to help your family financial condition. You can also use the social media to promote your skill.

4. Recruiting Coordinator

What you have to here is help the HR personnel to look over the resumes of the applicants, perform an assist in an interview process, and onboard new employees.

5. Online Stylist

If you’re doing very well in fashion, you can help a lot of people to improve their outfit and you get the benefit from your skill at once.

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6. Make Up Service

Woman’s world will never be away from make-up and fashion. When you’re a mother and you’re also good in make-up, why don’t you use your skill into a profitable condition? You can give a make-up service for those who want to go a graduation party or attending a wedding, or simply those who would like to satisfy their partner on the romantic dinner. Or, if there’s no one coming to you ask you to make-up their face, do the tutorial and upload it via YouTube. And the money is going right away to your account as the subscribers and likers are getting more and more.

7. Pet sitting/walking

In some countries, people treat their pet as their child. When they are away for work, they often look for someone to take care of their pet. This would give you and your child an opportunity to have fun with the pet. A nice work from home jobs, isn’t it?

8. Baby Gear Renting

Renting the baby gear is an open wide business opportunity since there aren’t many people do it yet. Just start to list what baby gears available in your house, set the price, promote it through your social account and enjoy your time home while waiting for the customers who bring you the money.

9. Catering

If you love cooking and you often make delicious meals, why don’t you make that hobby valuable and benefit for you? The catering business is on its way to the top right now due to the huge demand that apparently will never end.

10. Online Shopping

The most favorite work at home jobs that can be done by moms from is an online shopping. Mothers will not be burdened much by the assignment she has to do concerning the jobs and still have much time to finish the chores.

Why should work from home?

Working from home gives beneficial things for job seeker. The job seekers can work all the time without letting the family in home, and they can supervise the conditions by themselves. Thus, work from home jobs is smart solution without worrying your home.

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