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18 Work from Home Companies: Places for you to Get Remote Jobs

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The world has been “a global village” today. The internet has brought us the real new dimension in our lives. The business world is also a facet in our lives that has experienced a great change, both in its shape and its system. Nowadays, many companies run the business on the basis of work from home companies, which mean the company doesn’t need to oblige the workers to attend the office, since the most of the works can be done at home, and the discussion is simply done through e-mail or chat.

The work from home companies on the list below is given positive feedback from quite a lot of people. If you consider doing the work from home online jobs as the main source of your income, or as the side jobs, you may need to pay attention on this list. It may help to decide what company offers a suitable job for your character and your qualifications.

Several Work from Home Companies Which Give You Lucrative Income

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You may be very familiar with the name. Yes, indeed, it is that famous Hilton. The company offers a position as a reservation and customer care online. It is an opportunity for you to get a remote job with good salary and some benefits like paid time off, and health insurance.

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Pearson is one of few companies offering remote jobs for scorer. This company also provides work at home jobs for moms especially, like transcribers, translators, or tutors. Unfortunately, these jobs are apparently seasonal. You’d better read the requirements and the time commitment carefully before applying for the jobs.


The company has hired many virtual assistant to work remotely. The recent available positions are marketing &social media specialist, and executive assistant.


This old company has hired thousand s of remote employees, working from home online for the company for at least 30 years.


It is a website that can help you to find cooking classes or catering services in local area. It also hires local chefs and photographers to help them develop the business, and those workers are mostly remote workers.

Cactus Communications

Cactus hires both freelance and full-time workers. Since Cactus is a prominent and trustworthy company, the employee is obliged to hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in specific field.

LanguageLine Solutions

If you’re a bilingual, LanguageLine Solution might be a perfect site to get work from home job for you. It always hires interpreter for every language.


From the name, you can obviously tell that the company offers transcription services. Though the salary you get from this job isn’t quite high, but the job doesn’t really need an experience or a certain degree as the requirement. It can be the first step for you to practice a lot before you finally work into some other well paid transcriber position.


This is one of work from home companies focuses on the seeking of call center. It currently has more than 20.000 works at home agents.

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VIPKID mainly looks for English tutor. It offers you flexible schedule and above rate page. However, you must meet the qualifications, i.e. having a bachelor’s degree, having teaching experiences, having a great personality, and having ability to skillfully handle the kids.


Alorica is one of work from home companies that deals with the 24/7 online chats and calls regularly. Therefore, it hires work at home customer service agent to work on the basis of shifts that make the schedule is flexible for the agents.


If you like to do online shopping, the word Amazon is definitely not something new for you; the largest online dealer all over the world, which for surely has hired enormous workers who work online for them. Amazon work from home includes several positions like customer service, sales, human resources, advertising and project management.

American Express

This giant financial company offers both full time and part time work from home jobs. The positions offered are such as customer service, sales, and human resources. This company has a good reputation that makes the company requires the employee some specific qualifications before they join the company.


Dell is a company works in technology business. It is well-known for the products like personal computers, software, and printers. Dell run the business all over the world and has become one of work from home companies which offers some remote positions like accountant manager, sales executive, and command center specialist.


It is a company which offers education service online. It is perfect for children who would like to conduct homeschool system, or for military families who often find problems with the school of the children when the parents should move often. The programs offered are for kids from kindergarten to 12th graders. The remote positions offered are full time and part time teachers, human resources, information technology, and project development.

This virtual company offers tutoring service in person. The subjects taught are vary from math, science, business, and even foreign language. If you have ability or even degree in one of those fields, you can try to apply for the job. The full-time tutors are entitled for benefits like health insurance.

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Kelly Services

The company is dealing with the workforce problem. It provides a wide range of services in helping the problem that shows in the workforce. The company offers such remote jobs as attorney, life insurance underwriter, clinical site manager and many more to help the company grow and develop.


A lot of people said that this company is one of work from home companies worth working for. The company offers a competitive salary and also provides some shifts so that the workers can do the work at their convenient time option. The remote position offered is the tax expert, either full-time or seasonal.

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