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WhatsApp Plus v13.20.0 APK Download for Android

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Are you looking for a download link, how to install, and how to use the WhatsApp Plus application on an Android phone? Then you are in the right place to find out.

What you need to know, this one variant of the WhatsApp Mod does have some very good features. That is the reason why WA Plus or WhatsApp + are quite popular and have very many users.

At the beginning of its appearance, the WA + application was developed by a developer named Official Plus. However, at one point they decided to stop it for some reason.

Because this application is quite cool, there are other developers who want to continue the development of WhatsApp Plus to stay updated. The developer is someone who is also developing the GBWhatsApp application, namely Sam Mods.

With the developer continuing it, feature updates and bug fixes are still being carried out so that users don’t have to worry about problems or being detected by WhatsApp which will result in being banned.

WhatsApp Plus APK features

WhatsApp plus is highly recommended for those of you who want to experience the feature of hiding online status, hiding blue ticks of other features on WA +. Here are some excellent features of the WA Plus APK that must be used.

Anti Delete Message

This one feature is very effective for viewing deleted WhatsApp chats and messages. Even though your contact has deleted it, you can still see it on the WA plus application. Really cool, right?

Online Hiding & Typing

WhatsApp will basically display the status at the top of the WA profile whether you are online, typing, and last seen. But all of that will not apply when using WA Plus because this application has a feature to hide it.

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Hide Check WhatsApp

Almost all WA users must already know how to check WhatsApp, right? Now on WhatsApp plus, you can hide that you have read the message (blue tick) and the message status has been received (check two).

Watching Stories Without Getting Known

Every time you see a status story for your friend, they will receive a report that you have seen the story. However, with the features of the WA Plus APK, you can see anyone’s status without worrying about knowing the owner.

Sticker Pack

The good thing about the WhatsApp + APK is that this application has provided several sticker packs by default that can be used for free. These stickers are very cool and great to use when replying to WhatsApp chats with friends and family.

Has Choice of Themes

Various types of themes and color choices are available in the WhatsApp Plus application. You can even create your own theme and upload it to WhatsApp + for the crowd to use.

Automatic Message Reply

In fact, the automatic message reply feature can be found in the WhatsApp Business application, while regular WA doesn’t have this feature. However, the latest Whatsapp + APK has an automatic message answer feature that can be used to auto-reply to someone who sent you a message.

Those are some reviews regarding the features of the WhatsApp Plus APK that you can use. But actually, there are many more features provided in the application, you can try it yourself on your Android phone.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp plus iPhone
Application Name: WhatsApp Plus (WA Plus)
Latest Version: 13.00.0
Updated December: 2020
File size: 40 MB
Developer: Sam Mods
Download APK: WhatsApp Plus APK

How to Install WhatsApp Plus

Installing this application is basically the same as installing an application on an Android cellphone. However, because the WA + APK is not from the Playstore, then you have to activate the installation from unknown sources in your Android settings.

Steps to install the latest WhatsApp Plus APK:

  • Download the APK file first on the link above.
  • Then enter the Android HP Settings menu.
  • Go to the Security setting option.
  • Then activate the option of installation from unknown sources.
  • Now install the WA Plus APK that has been downloaded.
  • Done.

After the installation phase is complete, then you can open it and then log in or register your WhatsApp account. Now you can use all the features available in the WhatsApp Plus application.

If you have previously activated the installation option from unknown sources on your Android phone, then you can immediately perform the installation as usual.

The WhatsApp + APK developer guarantees that the application has an anti-banned feature with a note of always updating the application to the latest version. So, make sure to keep updating the WA + APK if the latest version update is available.

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You can update WA Plus via the settings menu in the application. Or to make it easier, you can also re-download the WhatsApp Plus application in this article.

This is a complete review of WhatsApp Plus along with features and how to install it on an Android phone. Hopefully, this article can help those of you who are looking for the WA plus APK download link and how to use it.


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