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WhatsApp Features New or Hidden you Should try out Now

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Maybe you are familiar with the WhatsApp application. Now, almost all smartphone users must-have WhatsApp, not just for communication but for sharing information, whether in the form of text, images, videos, or voice.

But it turns out that WhatsApp is not just sending text messages, pictures, and videos, you know. The reason is, WhatsApp itself always updates some interesting features and maybe not many people know. What are the WhatsApp features? Come on, see the full review below!

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Hiding the “Last Seen”

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Whatsapp has a feature where users can see when their chat opponent last opened the Whatsapp application. Well, this feature can be called “Last Seen” or “Last Seen”. To find out, you only need to open a chat with your chat partner and look at the top with the words “Last Seen” or “Last Seen”.

Usually, “Last Seen” will show the time and date/day of the last time your chat opponent opened Whatsapp. However, if you don’t want “Last Seen” to be visible then you can disable this feature by Setting> Privacy> Last Seen> choosing between Everyone / My contacts / Nobody.

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Turn off WhatsApp Automatic Downloads

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If you want to save the quota, try turning off the Automatically Download feature on Whatsapp. This feature serves to download all incoming media automatically, be it images, videos or sound.

Now, because all the media are downloaded automatically, your quota will be sucked up while downloading it. If you don’t want something like this to happen, the solution is to turn off the automatic download feature. That way, you can choose which media you want to download.

Custom Notification

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Another Whatsapp feature that users may rarely use is Custom Notifications. This one feature functions as a notification sound differentiator for certain Whatsapp contacts. For example, you want different ringtones for your crush then count on this custom notification feature.

Well, how to use the feature is quite easy. First, you open the profile of the contact for which you want to distinguish ringtones. Second, click the Custom notifications or Use Custom Notifications. After that, select the ringtone according to your wishes. Done, very easy, right?

Star sign

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Whatsapp also has a Favorite feature, also known as an “asterisk”. If this feature aims to indicate an important chat with your chat opponent.

For example, your chat opponent sends an address via Whatsapp and you don’t want the chat to disappear, then use this star sign feature. So, if you mark some Whatsapp chats with an asterisk, Whatsapp will automatically save them for you.

If you want to revisit an important chat that has been marked with a star then you just need to enter the chat with the chat partner and click the dot symbol at the top right. Finally, select Starred Message, and all-important messages that have been marked will appear automatically.

Search Features

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If previously the asterisk was to mark an important message, what if you forgot to mark an important message? Are you unable to find this important message? Of course, you can still search for it with the search feature. For example, you need the address of your chat opponent, so you only need to find it using the search feature.

It’s easy, you open the chat with the chat opponent. Then, click the dot symbol in the upper right corner. Then, choose search. After that, type the words related to the address you want to search for in the chat, for example typing “Address”, WhatsApp will display all the words “Address” in your chat with the chat partner.

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Make bold, italicized, and strikethrough

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Typically, bold and italicized text is found only in Word. Well, now you can find it on Whatsapp too. With the presence of this feature, maybe you can bold, tilt, and cross out some important words when chatting on Whatsapp.

To be able to use its features is also very easy. When you want to bold words in Whatsapp chats, you need to start by typing the sign () and also ending the sign (), for example, * hello *. For italics, you can start with a sign () and end with a sign (), for example, halo.

In addition to italic and bold, you can also cross out words on Whatsapp chats. To do this, you only need to start and end the words with a symbol (~), for example, ~ hello ~.

So, if you want to bold, italicize, as well as cross out certain words, use the three symbols simultaneously at the beginning and end, for example, _ ~ * hello * ~ _

Live Location

One more feature that Whatsapp users may rarely use, namely Live Location. This feature aims to find out the current location of your chat opponents. Even if your chat partner moves locations, you can still track them with this feature. Not only do you track the location of the other person you’re chatting with, but you can also send your own location to the other person you’re talking to.

It’s very easy to send your location to your Whatsapp friends. First, you open a chat with the friend to whom you want to send the location. Then, click the attached symbol. Then, you select the location feature and immediately click Live Location. Don’t forget to choose the duration for how long the location can be tracked by your Whatsapp friends, 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

Tick ​​Blue

The blue tick on Whatsapp is a feature where you can find out whether the chat has been read or not by your chat opponent. But, when the blue check is active, it means that all your Whatsapp friends can also monitor chats that have been read or not from you.

Well, if you don’t want your Whatsapp friends to know about this, you can turn off this blue check feature. It’s very easy: Settings> Account> Privacy> Read Receipts (slide the round symbol to the left). Very simple, right?

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So, those are some WhatsApp features that users need to know. All of these features have their own functions and can be adjusted by WhatsApp users according to their individual needs. Know any other unique features on WhatsApp? Come on, write it in the comments column!

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