What Is SEO and How It Works

How to Maximize What Is SEO and How It Works to Rocket Your Income

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Many people wonder why almost all businesses use online media to increase their income. It can be said that almost all businesses run what is called marketing or promotion. Many people do product introduction in various ways. One of them is using the internet. Talk about the internet, it will not be far from a search engine. Now, this is where we will discuss how so that our products and services are widely known. What is SEO and how it works, is the first thing that must be understood by both beginners and upper-class business people.

SEO is all things related to optimization on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others from a website, whether it’s a website in the form of blogs, online stores, news portals, and other kinds.

The reason why SEO must be used in digital media:

  • Basically, SEO is a technique or strategy so that website sites are in the top order and always appear when people search for something or object.
  • If the website occupies the first page on a search engine when people search for goods and objects, then automatic traffic will increase also on the website.
  • Websites that are on the first page at the time of search besides experiencing increased traffic, will also experience an increase in sales if the website is a website to sell and if the website as an information portal will increase in popularity as a publisher.

Simple Way How to Do SEO Even for Beginners

how to do seo

A summary of what is SEO and how it works which is practical, simple, and easy to do by beginners in the digital world.

1. Determine the theme or topic of the blog

Before our blog is created, determine the main topic that we will stretch, because it will later become a blog title which is then translated into a blog description. Of course, this topic is also relevant to our website as a whole.

2. Keyword research

Start by researching keywords that are small and easy competition. After our website or website is able to appear during searches, then slowly do research for heavy keywords with high levels of competition.

3. Relevant Post

Create quality content. Create unique and useful content, but don’t get out of the main topic of the blog. Then make a link between pages, so between pages promote each other. If many pages are read by visitors, the blog is considered to be of high quality.

4. Prepare SEO On Page

Optimize the use of keywords in the Meta Title section, Meta Description, etc., according to the results of keyword analysis.

5. Indexing

Usually, search engines do not directly put the website into the top list, while waiting for the website to be confirmed, so often share site links on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram so that search engines more quickly identify our site.

6. SEO Off Page

Use the backlink commenting pattern, wheel/pyramid backlink, submit to social bookmarking, etc.

If you are still confused what is SEO and how it works, then start by making relevant posts and often practice researching keywords. Because this is indeed important to do. How to work SEO step by step as explained above, then all you have to do is practice, practice, and practice. Rest assured you will gradually get used to doing it and not as difficult as it was at first.

Now how does the search engine work itself to do some activities or system algorithms that are applied include the following:

1. Crawling

Crawling is a process of retrieving all web pages that are linked to the website. This task is carried out by software called crawlers/spiders or Googlebot in the Google search engine.

2. Indexing

Indexing process for all web pages that have been retrieved and stored in the search engine database. The indexing process is the identification of words and writings or descriptions that make the page in the search engine database with certain keywords.

3. Processing

When the search engine receives a request from the user as an example by typing the keyword “SEO definition” on the search engine, the search engine performs the process by comparing the keyword “SEO definition” into the search request with another page from various websites that have been indexed in search engine database.

4. Calculating Relevancy

In one web page certainly has a greater number of keywords that are input into the example search engine on the keyword “SEO definition”, so that the search engine processes by calculating the relevance of each page that has been indexed for each keyword received.

5. Retrieving Result

The final step in the search engine system is to take very relevant results from the keywords that have been processed before and then display them into the list of search engine results in the browser.

In order for us to better understand what is SEO and how it works, there are actually a variety of strategies that we can follow. Following its development, it turns out that search engines also make changes to maximize the look of the search, especially in terms of word relevance.

Definition of Copywriting

The definition of copywriting in the context of what is SEO and how it works turns out to have a very big effect. Because in every content, especially those containing articles, there are keywords that play and can increase the chances of being indexed by search engines. The results finally show the site on the main page.

In addition to the above techniques, there are many other strategies and techniques that we can optimize in an effort to increase the ranking of sites in search engines. What we have discussed above is the easiest and simplest technique to get to know what is SEO and how it works to increase rankings and impact our business income. Good luck.

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