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Top 15 Websites to Download Free Fonts 2022

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Writing fonts are one of the important aspects that need to be considered when creating a design. Therefore, looking for the best one is a must. Here are some recommended 15 Websites to Download Free Fonts.

Free font download sites help us in finding the font that suits us. In addition, downloading via the site also tends to be easier because it can be accessed via a smartphone or PC.

While there are tons of free font sites out there, here we’ve rounded up 15 of them that you might want to try. What about? Let’s see!

15 great places to download free fonts


Font Space

For those of you who want to find lots of cool font references, Font Space is the answer. This font download site offers more than 84 thousand fonts that can be accessed at no cost or free.

This font download site also offers fonts by theme. You can choose fonts for weddings, birthdays, cartoons, vintage, and so on. All can be obtained easily in Font Space.

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A site that is no less interesting is FontFabric. Font sites offer the best fonts, which you can download for free. You can choose a suitable font to match your design.

This font search site also presents a Case Study menu. This menu will provide recommendations for the best fonts, which are suitable for your graphic design product.

1001 Fonts

If you want to find a free font download site, then the 1001 Fonts site can be an option. On this site, there are more than 10 thousand fonts, as well as a complete search and category feature.

You can get free fonts, easily by theme, style, size, or most popular. Not only that, but the typeface on this site is also equipped with the tag “free for personal use” or “free for commercial use”.

With these tags, you can find out which fonts can be used for business and personal purposes.


The next web download font is DevianArt. This site is a place for artists to share their fonts with each other. You can get various free and unique fonts.

Aside from being a font provider site, DevianArt is also a place where artists post their design portfolios.


Befonts is one of the most complete font download sites, which you can access. At Befonts, there are many free font references that you can use for your design needs.

There are many categories of fonts that can be downloaded, such as Handwritten, Brush, Calligraphy to Script. Then there is the Font Identification Tool feature that can help you find the font you need.

Urban Fonts

UrbanFonts is a free font site that provides almost 8 thousand types of fonts. On this site, there is a Search and Filter feature to make it easier for you to search for the most popular alphabets, styles, and searches.

Another feature on this web download font is Textbox. Through this feature, you can create a preview of the text using a certain font. The goal is to assess whether the font is suitable or not for your design.


Dafont is a free font download site, which provides more than 50,000 font choices. The uniqueness of Dafont is that you can search by popular themes, for example, music, games to valentines.

Dafont also provides a search feature based on the most searched fonts, as well as the latest fonts. So you are not confused to find the best fonts on this site. comes with user-friendly navigation and search features. This will make it easier for you to find fonts based on the style and size of the text.

Through, you can preview fonts through the Textbox feature. You simply select a font and write a word in the Textbox column, after which a word that uses that font will appear.

Squirrel Font Fonts

The next site is Font Squirrel. On this site, there are several features that will help you in finding the best fonts. For example, the Find Fonts feature.

This feature can help you to search for fonts based on their classification such as Sans Serif, Comic, or Stencil. Then there is also the Font Identifier.

This one feature can help you find out the type of font, by simply moving the image. There are still many features available, which are solely to help you find the best font.

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Google Fonts

Next up is Google Fonts. This site can also be a reference to find the best fonts. Moreover, there are 999 types of free fonts that you can download.

In addition to many fonts, this feature is also supported by interesting features such as Font Properties and Pairings.

Pinspiry Font

Pinspiry Fonts offers a comprehensive catalog. You can easily find catalogs for serif, sans, slab, script, and other fonts.

The advantage of Pinspiry Font is that all available fonts can be downloaded for free.


UnBlast provides many font designs for those of you who are in the graphic design field. This is because in UnBlast there are lots of great font designs and all of them can be downloaded for free.

In this free online font, there is also a search field. Through this column, you can more easily find your favorite font by simply writing the name of the font in the column.

Neo Grey

If you want to find Fonts and various supporting aspects to create a design, then Neo Gray is the answer. Not only fonts, but this font search site also provide logos and cover designs.

Just like Fonts, the collection of logos and cover designs in Neo Gray is also complete and can be downloaded for free.

Free Font Project

As the name implies, this free online font platform provides a complete collection of fonts from various font designers. You just choose a font that is considered attractive and please download it on your laptop or PC.

However, even though this site offers free fonts, you can also donate to font designers so that they are more enthusiastic about creating font templates on the site.

Arena Fonts

Lastly FontsArena. This free online font site provides complete fonts such as Sans, Serif, Mono, Stab, Script, and so on. In addition, FontsArena is also supported by interesting articles about fonts so that you can maximize fonts for design.

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Those were 15 Websites to Download Free Fonts that you can access. Among these sites, you can choose and find the best and most suitable font for each work you want to create. So, good luck!

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