Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers

10 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers

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Tips or ways to secure Android phones so that they are not hacked by irresponsible people you must know. Don’t let your favorite cell phone be damaged by hackers, and make important data stored in it also affected.

Cases of hacked Android phones are quite common. On average, victims are exposed to scams of popular apps that they download on non-official sites or apps.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the security of Android smartphones so that they are not hacked by irresponsible hackers. Well, this time our team will share some tips to make your Android phone more secure and not hacked by hackers.

At least there are several Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers so it’s not easy to get hacked. Here are 10 complete tips.

How to Protect Your Phone From Hackers

How do I make sure my Android is secure?

Download Apps on Google Play Store

There are many kinds of Android applications, such as digital wallet applications, sports applications, and so on. For those of you who want to download the application, it is recommended to download it on the Google Play Store.

Various applications on the Play Store have been curated from Google so that they do not contain viruses or malware that could potentially hack your phone. In order to keep your Android phone from being hacked, make sure to download the application via the Play Store.

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Use Built-in Security Features

Next, you can use the various built-in security features on your smartphone. For example, by activating various screen lock options such as password, PIN, and pattern, to unlocking with a face or fingerprint.

If you want to create a security system with a PIN or pattern, make sure the combination is as difficult as possible but also easy for you to remember.

Use Additional Authentication App

The next way to protect your favorite Android phone from being hacked is to use a 2-factor authentication application. Through this application, data and accounts in the application will be difficult to access by others, including hackers.

Usually, apps like Google Authenticator and so on have security codes that are only displayed in the app itself. It is also possible to send a security code to the registered number.

Diligently Update Software

Performing an OS update is another best way to secure your Android phone from being hacked. Sometimes hackers take advantage of bugs in the operating system to hack users.

You can quickly prevent this from happening, by updating your Android to the latest version like Android 12.

Don’t Use Public WiFi

Free WiFi in public areas is indeed beneficial because you can save quota. However, public WiFi is often used by irresponsible people to take over your cell phone.

Through public networks, hackers are able to record various activities carried out on smartphones. So that these incidents don’t happen and secure your Android phone, never use public WiFi.

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Turn off Bluetooth

Believe it or not, your Android phone can be easily hacked via a Bluetooth connection. Several studies have claimed that hackers can take advantage of the Bluetooth function to gain access to phone contacts.

So even if you don’t use Bluetooth, make sure to turn it off after using it. It will also save your phone’s battery life.

Don’t Save Password in Browser

When you log in to social media in a web browser, you often find services to store usernames and passwords. If you use this feature often, then from now on immediately disable the service.

The hackers can just infiltrate the browser and know your password and username. These actions are very dangerous because they can hack your social media. Therefore, never save account passwords in a web browser.

Instead of in the browser, it is better to keep your important passwords safe in the best password manager apps.

Check All Apps

The next tip or way to secure your Android phone from being hacked is to check all the apps installed on your phone. Take a few minutes to review all the apps you have installed.

How you can access the Settings menu then Applications, and see all installed applications. If you find a suspicious app, you can delete it.

Remove Unnecessary Apps

Deleting unnecessary applications can be one of the best ways to secure Android phones so they don’t get hacked. This method can be done because cybercriminals can take advantage of application vulnerabilities to hack Android phones.

To prevent this, you can delete applications that you feel you don’t need. As for applications that are still needed, it is recommended to always update the application regularly.

Use a VPN App

The last tip Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers is to use a trusted VPN application. VPNs are capable of eliminating various trackers designed to track your activities.

Not only trackers, but VPNs are strong security apps as they can protect you from phishing or ransomware attacks. It is recommended to use a trusted premium application for the security of your phone.

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Okay, those were 10 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone From Hackers. Hopefully, this information is useful and good luck, friend!

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