Ways to Make Money for Kids

10 Simple and Easy Ways to Make Money for Kids

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Kids are always be the amazing creatures created by God. Sometimes what they capable of doing are beyond what we think about. Today, once again of course, thanks to the technology, they even have created their own ways to make money. while there’s still pros and cons toward working kids, bulks of ways to make money for kids, either classic or the most modern ones, today, have even made those kids billionaires.

Here are some money making ideas kid can do. Some are classic ideas, and some others would heavily depend on your skill and how close you are with the internet world, since a lot of work today should be done online. Now, let’s get started the list of ways to make money for kids.

Several Simple and Easy Ways to Make Money for Kids

1. Start a Juice Stall

how to make money as a kid online

This idea may sound classic, but this is just the easiest and simplest way to make money as a kid. Get juicers, some local fruit, plastic cups, and cup sealer if necessary. And there you go; your juice stand is ready to operate. Add, some snack from various kind and brands. Your friend will like to visit you, and they will ask their friend too.

2. Do the additional chores

This is a very common way for kids to get their allowance. Commonly, parents will set them certain chores to teach them the sense of responsibility and discipline. Then, when they’ve done with theirs, and still they want to help by doing other chores that don’t belong into their area then they will get cash from their parents. Does it work with you?

3. Mother’s helper

Watching the babies, helping to shop, or getting the laundry to and from the Laundromat are such things you can do for mothers around your neighborhood in order to get cash in return. You’ll be very helpful for them; you’ll get a “job” finally.

4. Wash cars or wash bikes

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When you’re old enough, washing cars or bikes won’t be a difficult task for you to do. And it’s surely one of easy ways to make money for kids like you. You only need to offer your service to your neighbors, wash cars for the father, and wash the bikes for the kids. Then get two buckets of water, the car wash shampoo and smooth towel, make sure it won’t scratch the window or the body of the car, and do your job. If your first client is satisfied with your work, they will easily spread the news around the neighborhood. And be ready for more customers coming.

5. Do the Lawn Mowing

Helping your neighbor to mow the lawn can be a fun way of making money for kids. They can work outdoor, and get all the fun, and at the end, they get cash from the landowner. Sometimes, you can use the lawn mower of theirs or you can offer to use your father’s lawn mower. To add the excitement in the work, you can recruit your friend. By doing so, you can work faster, and there will be more gardens to be worked out, and it means more money is coming.

6. Water the plans

If you love gardening, then you can try to offer this service. Ask your neighbor if they need any help to take care of their plants on their garden, or even their indoor plants. You could tell them that your help will help them to save their time by spending a little amount of money on you. You should do careful works so that you don’t ruin the plants instead. If you’re good at your works, and your neighbor like it, it’s possible that extra bonuses will be given to you.

7. Empty the trash can for others

It’s one of simplest ways to make money for kids, especially if you have neighbors who are away for their vacations. You can offer them your help to take care of their trash can; take out the trash at night, and after the garbage man take the trash; you put it back into its previous position. And, you can also offer this help for those who aren’t on vacation, since this chore is the least remembered by many people.

8. Be the paper boy

People still read newspaper, indeed. And the subscribers will need you to make their paper delivered. If you don’t mind to wake up early and get around your neighborhood, this is just what you need to get cash. Get your route, pick the papers early in the morning, and get them delivered. And that’s it, you’re done.

9. Websites tester

Online world has offered you thousand ways to make money, including for the kids. The best way of how to make money as a kid online is becoming a website tester. Before the website is launched, the creator would like to conduct a survey about its new websites. They will ask you to explore their web and ask your feedback in return. It take only 10 to 20 minutes per test, you’ll get the cash in return immediately.

10. Price Comparison Buyer

People tend to get the lowest price when they want to buy things. But comparing prices from one shop to another is time consuming. And, here is your presence is needed by these people. As a kid, this is one of the great ways to make money for kids. What you have to do is checking the prices of the items from different shops. As you get the prices, report them to your prospective buyers, and get your fee. In addition, you can also offer to buy the things for them so they don’t have to order it. Then you can add some amount at the total price as your fee. Be sure, that you let them know how much your fee is.

There are many ways to make money for kids, nowadays. However, some of them may not be applicable for your conditions. Choose the best ones that suit yourself, so that you enjoy the jobs you are given.

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