5 Best Voice-to-Text Apps for Android and iPhone

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Voice-to-text Apps are needed in certain situations when we are required to be able to type quickly. For example, a journalist or meeting note-taker must record a complete, clear, and continuous discussion.

For fast typing tasks, some people may still find it difficult. Moreover, if the text that is typed on the cellphone is often wrong.

Therefore, a voice-to-text converter application that can function on an Android smartphone or iPhone is needed.

Luckily for you, there are enough applications that can convert voice to text on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Well, the Weblogue team has summarized several applications that are able to convert sound and video recorded files into text in an easy way.

But before that, we will first share a complete guide in the form of ways to convert voice to text on iPhone, iPad, to Android. Come see the full below!

Convert Voice to Text on iPhone / iPad

text to speech

The best and easiest way to convert voice to text on iPhone / iPad is using the Gboard app or Google Keyboard.

This app is available for both iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 and above. One note for you, not all languages ​​can be translated from voice into text. Here are the steps:

  • Install Gboard on the App Store, then make Google Keyboard the default typing tool on your phone.
  • Open any application for typing, such as Notepad or Google Keep.
  • Tap in the area to enter text, and press and hold the microphone icon.
  • When appears to Speak Now or Speak Now, say the words or sentences that you want to write.
  • To add punctuation, you just say “period”, “comma”, “exclamation mark”, “question mark”, “newline”, and “new paragraph”.

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Converting Voice to Text on Android

Just like the iPhone or iPad, Gboard also works very well as a voice-to-text converter application on Android.

This function can be used on Android phones with the operating system 7.0 and above. On the same note, not all languages can be translated into text. Here’s how:

  • Install Gboard on the Google Play Store, then make this application the default typing tool on your Android phone.
  • Open any application for typing, such as Google Docs, WhatsApp, Gmail, and others.
  • Tap in the area to enter text, and press and hold the microphone logo on Gboard.
  • When you see Speak Now or Speak Now, say what you want to write.
  • Likewise, to add punctuation, you just say “period”, “comma”, “exclamation point”, “question mark”, “new line”, and “new paragraph”.

Change Voice to Text Using Application

Apart from using the Google Keyboard, you can also convert voice or video recording files into text with an application called Live Transcribe.

This voice-to-text changer application is available on the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iPhone / iPad. Here’s the complete guide:

  • Download and install the Live Transcribe & Sound Notifications application.
  • Then, change the language as desired by pressing the menu at the bottom.
  • All you have to do is say whatever you want to write or play a recorded voice or video file through the microphone.
  • Automatically, Live Transcribe will type whatever is said by you or voice and video recordings that are played through the microphone.
  • You can save the text by pressing and holding the text in the application, press Select All, and Copy. Then, press Paste in Notepad, Google Docs, and the like. Then save the text.

5 Voice-to-Text Changer Applications

As promised, here are some voice-to-text converter applications that you can use on Android phones and iPhones. All of these applications you can use to “type fast”.

Live Transcribe

text to speech recorder app

This application is arguably the best voice-changing tool on Android and iPhone. Live Transcribe is supported by AI, aka artificial intelligence, which can convert audio into writing in real-time.

There are various language options that you can take advantage of. The written transcript is also tidier.


text to speech google

An application for converting voice or video recording files into text, which is then called Speechnotes. This application has been supported by advanced AI from Google.

As with Live Transcribe, the Speechnotes application will instantly recognize and translate voice to text in real-time.

Google Keyboard

narrator voice app

Google Keyboard is also available on Android and iPhone / iPad, you know. With this keyboard application, you can convert audio into text easily and quickly.

There are more than 60 languages ​​that can be translated, apart from Indonesian. This application also looks simple and easy to use. Just press the microphone button, the audio will be converted into text immediately. It’s easy, right?


free voice over generator

The next voice changer application is Notulite.

In addition, Notulite is also able to recognize and distinguish the sound characteristics of each speaker. Notulite also makes it easy for users to edit writing directly, even though the application is translating voice into text.

Voice Search

narrator voice app for pc

If you want to search for something on Google, but instead type it, just use the Voice Search app. This Android default application is available on various Google services and supports many languages.

You don’t need to type anything in the search field, just say it and search results will appear on the main page of the application.

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So, those were some applications that convert voice or video recording files into text. We also provide a way to convert voice to text on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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