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16 Most Profitable Very Small Business Ideas for Beginner

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Did you know that there are so many ideas that you can apply to start your business? When you want to create your own business with a cheap budget, you can start through very small business ideas. very small business ideas are very necessary for beginner entrepreneurs who want to start their business. Through these ideas, entrepreneurs try to get profit for their income. Here are very small business ideas that you can choose when you want to start your business.

16 Very Small Business Ideas for Anyone Who Wants to Run Their Own Business

1. Catering Services

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The first very small business ideas you can choose is catering services. Catering services are perfect for those of you who want to start a business with a minimal budget. You can easily run your catering service and distribute it from home to home. You can run a catering service to start your business.

2. Business Consultation

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If you are someone who is an expert in business, you can become a business consultant. Being a business consultation does not require very much cost. You only need to rely on your knowledge through your advice. The costs you need are very low but the income you need will be high.

3. Cleaning Service

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very small business ideas that you can choose from are providing cleaning services. You only need the equipment you need to do the cleaning at a fairly low cost. Cleaning service can be a profitable business. Many people who need services are devoted when they feel tired with their work.

4. Food Truck

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When you want to become an entrepreneur to open a food business, but you only have a minimal budget, you can choose to run your food business through a food truck. You can make food trucks when you are unable to rent a restaurant for your food business. Besides that, you only need a vehicle to sell your food.

5. Personal Training

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The next very small business ideas you can choose is personal training. Personal training can be used as a low-cost business because you don’t need an expensive budget to do this business. You only need to buy some equipment that is needed to do personal training. You also don’t need expensive fees to get certification regarding personal training. However, the challenge that you must go through when starting this business is that you must be able to always maintain good relations with your clients.

6. Technology Repair Service

Are you an expert in the field of technology? If you have the ability in the field of technology, you can make your own business that is a technological improvement. You do not need any cost to start this business, even you will get very much profit when you have a client who trusts your services. Moreover, today many technology users are experiencing problems with their gadgets.

7. Online Tutoring

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If you are a person who likes teaching, but you don’t like a face-to-face meeting, you can choose a business that is an online tutor. You can offer a variety of subjects for your tutoring services based on the subject you like or you offer. You can also give your students their prices when using the services of your online tutor. You do not need very much money, but you only need an internet connection that is good enough to start this business.

8. Warehouse Storage

If you have a garage or storage area that you don’t use, you can use it as a warehouse storage service. You only need to provide a place that can be used by other businesses to store their goods. Want to try it?

9. Property Maintenance

If you can carry out property maintenance, you can make an effort to maintain various properties according to your ability such as chimney maintenance, pulling weeds, or other maintenance. This business specialization is very large but there are still many people who have not used this idea as one of their business ideas. You can choose this idea as your business opportunity.

10. Website Design

The next small business that you can choose is website design. If you are an IT and you like to design, it is not wrong if you open service for website design. You will get a high income at a very low cost. You only need your IT skills and also your creativity.

11. Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

You can also choose this business. Of course, this business does not require very much cost. You can work anywhere and you will get a high salary through your knowledge in preparing tax and bookkeeping taxes. You must have intelligence in the number field.

12. Freelance Graphic Designer

Being a freelance graphic designer, you can make as one of your very small business ideas. What you need to know is, not a few companies are looking for experienced graphic designers to run their projects in terms of design. You do not need a lot of costs, but instead, the income you get will be a lot.

13. Resume Writer

If you are good at making resumes, you can run resume making services for people who need your services. As you know that not a few people who need resume services to apply for their work. You do not need a lot of costs, but you only need the power of creativity in making the resume.

14. Freelance Writer

If you have skills in writing or writing, you can become a content writer. You can choose a content writer when you are busy completing your monotonous work. When you become a freelance writer, you only need to work according to the time you need and the place you like.

15. Videographer

Video production or videographer is a business that you can choose as one of the very small business ideas. This is because you only need a camera and you will get a high payment from your skills in video making.

16. Tour Guide

If you like to travel and you like to share information about tourist attractions, you can choose to take a tour guide as your service. You do not need a lot of money but you only need your knowledge of these tourist attractions. Many tourist attractions that you can choose and become a tour guide is the best choice for you when you want to start a very small business ideas business

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