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6 Ways to Track Mobile Phone Location by Number

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Almost everyone nowadays at least has an additional identity attached to him, namely a telephone number. Because now generally almost everyone has a cell phone number. In fact, not a few people have more than one number.

The presence of a phone number as an identity makes many people curious now when there is an unknown number. It could be that you are one of them.

You must be curious when an unknown number calls your partner. Or you want to find out the person who even cheated or was about to be tricked into using a phone call. Or it could be that you get a missed call from a stranger and you are wondering who owns the number?

Whatever your reasons are, you must be curious about the mysterious or unknown phone number? If in the past, you must have been confused. But now thanks to advances in technology, all information is easily obtained.

Back to the topic of the mysterious telephone number. How do you find out who owns the mysterious phone number? Of course, to find out, you need to trace the owner of the number. And at least, there are 6 Ways to Track Mobile Phone Location by Number that you can do. The trick is as follows.

How to Trace Cell Phone Numbers: 6 Steps

Find Out Numbers on Google

best mobile number tracker with google map

The easiest way to track the location of a cellphone number is to do a search on This method is quite practical if you are getting a call from a stranger or a company dialing a number that is usually not a cell phone number.

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If the number is an office that has registered locations on Google Maps or Google Business, Google will display office information from that telephone number. But, of course, not all companies write their phone numbers on Google.

This method can also be done if you get a call from a stranger. You can do a search on Google, there are usually sites that provide information on fraud numbers. There are also sites that provide information about the number of telemarketing insurance agents or credit card agents.

Using the TrueCaller app

The Ways to Track Mobile Phone Location of the next cellphone number is to use the TrueCaller application. This application really helps you in recognizing unknown numbers but these numbers have contacted other people and have been registered to their contact list, of course, provided that person adds their cellphone number data to TrueCaller.

With the TrueCaller application, you can see the name of the calling user. It could be, for example, one time you receive a call and when you see that the number is “marketing insurance”, of course, you can ignore it if you are not interested in insurance products.

You can use Truecaller by installing it first. This application is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can also use the site to manually trace unknown numbers. However, you need to register first to get the desired data.

Using an HLR Tracking Site

HLR aka Home Location Register is a cellular system. This is a system that indicates the area code of a cellular number where the user gets the number.

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This means that HLR tracking does not reveal the user’s actual location. Only provides information about the location of the number obtained alias purchased. But in this way, you will know that the foreign number you are tracking may come from the place where you purchased the number.

In order to track these HLRs, you must use an HLR tracking site service such as You just have to enter the site, then enter the number you want to track. The search results will show the location of the HLR and the operator used.


phone number details with name is a site that also provides HLR searches. You can go directly to the page to find out a phone number. also offers more complete information. It’s just that to enjoy this more complete information, you need to register and make a premium payment. The price offered is not a monthly subscription but the amount of data from the phone number you are tracking.

Using the Mobile Number Locater Application

Next How To Trace Mobile Number is to use the Mobile Number Locater application. You can download this application on the Google Play Store. This application works in the same way as the TrueCaller application.

Interestingly, with the Mobile Number Locater application, you can easily get information from unknown number locations. You can also get caller location details. This application can also display the caller’s location on a GPS map. Some other information is the area code, provider used, country, time zone, city, and others.

Using the Family Locator application

find and trace

Family Locator is basically not for tracing foreign numbers. This application is used to track the phone number whereabouts of the closest person. Of course, this application is useful for those of you who care about your family. And keep in mind, this application must be installed first

With Family Locator, you can track the location of your family members. Of course, if your family brings their cell phone. This application is also useful when your cellphone is lost and you are confused about finding it. You just have to ask family members to track your cellphone using this application.

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Those are 6 Ways to Track Mobile Phone Location by Number. The sixth application, namely Family Locator, is more suitable as a location tracking application but it is clear that this application is also useful for tracking the whereabouts of people we know. How easy isn’t it to trace a phone number?

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