20 Top Weekend Business Ideas and Opportunities

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20 Ideas to Get Money on Weekends

Weekends are free time for most people, they can use the time to spend with family or friends, go on a vacation, or even doing a freelance or side work to get the additional money. Weekends are actually a good chance to do some top weekend business ideas and opportunities because most people do not work on weekends. Here are some ideas of work that you can do on weekends :

1. Selling Things On Car Free Day

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Car-free day is usually held every Sunday, a lot of people go to the yard to enjoy the Sunday morning. There will be a lot of sellers and people who just want to enjoy and walk in the morning. You can use the opportunity to sell things there, it could be food, drinks, or any kind of stuff

2. Event Organizer

Since most people are free on weekends, it is also the opportunity to make events on weekends so people can attend. Being one of the crews in an event organizer’s company is such a good idea to make additional money on weekends

3. Garage Sale

If you have some preloved stuff, like clothes, bags, shoes, or anything that are still goods but you no longer use it, you can be a participant in the garage sale. It is usually held every weekend because a lot of people are free on weekends so they can have more time to shop too

4. Catering

top weekend business ideas and opportunities

Being a good cooker can be used to make money, some people are lazy to cook on weekends because they just want to enjoy it. You can try to offer your friends from school or friends at work that you are able to cook food on the weekend and they can buy it from you

5. Selling Breakfast

People tend to be lazy on weekends so they prefer to buy food. Selling breakfast is such a good opportunity to get money on weekends

6. Freelancer Writer

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Writing can make money if you are good at handling it, usually, you will get around $2 per article that you make, one article may contain around 700 – 1,000 words

7. Photographer

People go on vacation and hold the events mostly on weekends, they sometimes need a photographer to capture their lovely moments. You can offer your services and earn some money from it

8. Tour Guide

Tourism places mostly crowded when it is weekends, it is a good chance to offer the services of guiding especially when you are a local from some areas and know the places well

9. A Tutor

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Sometimes some students do not understand about the subject or the homework that they get from school, offering a tutor for them to help explain and to do the homework can make money too, especially when you are already in college

10. A “Casual” in A Restaurant

Casual means you will be called as a waiter when the times are crowded, usually, there are some restaurants that need some casuals on weekends because the customers who come to the restaurant will be more than the weekdays

11. Wedding Musician

Some weddings will be held on weekends and sometimes they want to add live music on it. Being able to sing can make money for you, you can offer it to them. Usually, if you are already getting used to it, people will call you to use your service

12. Web Designer

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Design a web is such a good job nowadays since almost everything is online now. The thing is not many people are able to design a web, you can simply make a deadline and tell them and you are only able to do it on weekends

13. Delivery Driver

A lot of restaurants will get more orders than usual on weekends, some want to dine in some want it to be delivered. Some restaurants probably will need more crew to deliver the food on weekends, you do this to add you money

14. Rent Out Your Stuff

Some stuff that can be rented is like camera, carrier, motorbike, and things like that. This is such a top weekend business ideas and opportunities that can be done from home and on

15. Transcriptionist

Convert the audio into text can be done from home too, you just listen to some audios then write what the speakers say

16. Website or App Tester

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Some developers need some feedback before they realize their works, they need our feedback about their products. We just need to try the app or the web and tell them the experiences that we got after we used it

17. Grocery Shopper

Some people are busy and they do not have the time to shop, usually, they will give you the list that you need to buy and then deliver it to their house. Since shopping is not every day, it is very possible to do it on weekends

18. Handyman or Handywoman

If you are good at fixing things, this job probably suits you. Some people need someone who is able to fix some stuff in their houses, like plumber, painter to paint some part of their walls, a lamp, and stuff like that

19. House Cleaner

After a full week of working, people want to get some rest, even though there are still some people who want to get money from weekends. House cleaner can be an option for you, cleaning someone’s house and get paid from it

20. Blogging

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So how the money comes is basically from the advertisements in your blog, if you have a nice blog and some companies are interested, they will offer you for putting some advertisements in your blog and you will get paid

What are you waiting for? If you need some additional money, you can try one of the top weekend business ideas and opportunities. Sometimes even when it is the weekend, we do not have anything to do but we want to make money instead of being lazy or go on vacations.

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