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15 of the Best Top Trending Business Ideas in 2020

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Work has become a routine that must be undertaken to earn income to support needs. However, sometimes you feel that your income is still not enough to support your needs so you need additional income. Or you are bored and want to get out of your daily work routine to the office. Therefore, opening your own business is the solution. It’s not easy; you need perseverance, hard work, and a strong mentality. Your own business from the start does not need big business, it can be started from a small scale business first. In realizing this business idea, what you need is relevant skills and can be done from your own home. Here are 15 of the best top trending business ideas 2020 for you.

15 New Business Ideas That’ll Make You Money

1. Skilled trades

Don’t be afraid and don’t be shy to become and develop a skilled trades business. If you have good skills, why not? What are the types of skilled trades? Skilled trades include welding work, carpenter work, small construction work, plumbing work, electrician work, electronic work, and machining work. If we look at statistical estimates, most skilled tradespeople are old people, and in the next few years, the number will decrease. Opportunity for those of you who are young to enter this opportunity. This is because most people today have almost a problem that can be solved by the ability of these skilled tradespeople.

2. Software engineering and development

Do you have skills in computer science, especially regarding software creation and development? Software engineering and development professionals can be the right business idea for you. You can do this work as a mandatory individual or you can develop your own business to start a startup. Software engineers and developers have the concept of the task of creating, trying, and maintaining software for many platforms. Based on statistical data, every year, the need for software engineers and developers always increases by around 17%. This work has also been the top trending business ideas in the past 3 years (2017, 2018 and 2019), and is still a favorite going forward.

3. Healthy meal catering

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The need for and awareness of people to eat healthy foods is high. However, on the other hand, their busy life is also a barrier to making healthy food. That opportunity arises for you as healthy meal sales. If you have the skills or understand the composition of healthy and nutritious foods, you are the right person for this business idea. The concept is that you can create a simple website and display a variety of healthy menu packages for customers to choose from. Then interested customers can choose as desired and contact you to be sent at the desired mealtime. Don’t forget to include clear information, such as what ingredients are used and what the nutritional value is.

4. Coffee shop

If you are a person who understands the taste of coffee or you are a barista (either amateur or professional), the business idea of making coffee shops can be the right choice for you. If you think a small or independent coffee shop will not be able to compete with large coffee shops (like Starbucks), you will be mistaken about that. Independent coffee shops are increasingly popular from day to day because of their lower prices, but the taste of the coffee is no less tasty. Also, with an independent coffee shop, you can make innovative coffee drinks with unique ingredients in your area. For example, a combination of coffee with coconut milk or brown sugar.

5. Language translation

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Currently, although the use of machine translators is getting more massive and better, translator services using human labor are still needed. This is caused by the translation not only translating the text but also having to look at the context of the sentence and writing as a whole. The use of appropriate diction will be the key to a translator. If you have a background in foreign languages (English, Chinese, French, Arabic, etc.), this is the business that suits you. You who do not have a foreign language education background can also pursue this business, as long as you already understand and are fluent in the target language and understand the topics to be translated.

6. Online stores

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Opening an online store or e-commerce is a type of business that has been done by many people from the past and continues to grow until now. The ease of promotion and introduction of products make many people undergo in this field. Using Instagram or various e-commerce platforms that exist today makes it easy for you if you want to sell your goods online.

7. Data analyst consulting

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The concept of big data lately is increasingly developing and more widely known. Companies in the service sector will need a lot of big data processing that they have for product development and company policy. If you are someone who understands data management and informatics, this business idea is right for you to work on. You can help your client company to develop and process their big data optimally.

8. Book publishing

Do you have a talent for writing and editing scripts? Book publishing can be one of the top trending business ideas for you. What is the difference between an independent book publisher and a major book publisher? Independent book publishers can accept and publish all types of books both for commercial purposes (for sale) and for the internal needs of the author (annual publication of the institution). Besides, independent book publishers do not have a minimum number of printed books. So, this business is very suitable because of the increasing needs of publications, both large and small.

9. Social media consulting

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Many companies today have social media as both public relations and promotional media. Being a social media consultant is perfect for those of you who understand the function and optimization of social media. You can be a trainer for the company’s social media specialist who becomes your client to be able to optimize using social media, even optimize using Ads.

10. Graphic design

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The company will always look for partners (both personal and institutional) in the field of graphic design for the development of media branding and promotion. If you can use at least Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw, then this is a business idea that suits you. The skills that need to be fulfilled by a graphic designer are innovation and creativity. Also, the use of graphic design services is one of the most popular in the year and makes it the top trending business ideas.

11. Content writing

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Businesses in all fields need content writing as part of their marketing. This is useful to attract the interest of the community. If you like writing and have good research skills, you can do this top trending business ideas. You must be able to write on topics provided by clients, write with interesting and informative content, and be able to produce optimal results in search engines (using SEO).

12. Vlogging and Blogging

You are very expert and understand in a field and you want to share information, knowledge, or your review of it? You can enter the world of vlogging and blogging. All you need is an internet connection, interesting writing skills (for blogs), and convincing speech skills and a good camera (for vlogs). You can create advertising space on your blog or vlog page to earn money.

13. Photography and videography

Capturing important moments (such as marriage) with aesthetic value is increasingly favored by many people. Therefore, being a photographer and videographer is one of the businesses that you can go through, especially if you understand using a camera. Also, you have to develop various shooting techniques and image tones to be able to match the user’s wishes.

14. Hostel or lodging services

The development of lodging platforms can be used to use your property as an inn. Want to rent out a house or several rooms can be your business idea for income. To get users, make sure the property you rent is clean, safe, and has a unique concept.

15. Event planning

Weddings and birthdays are now events that can’t be mediocre. For some people, using the concept in the event becomes a necessity. Event planners can be your opportunity, especially if you have good communication skills, have a lot of networks, and have many unique and artistic concepts.

That’s the best 15 of the top trending business ideas you can do. Keep in mind that in developing your own business, you must know what your expertise is, you like to do it, and of course, it can make money for you.

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