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45 Examples of Successful Startup Business Ideas You Can Follow

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Seeing so many successful startup business ideas, of course, makes you want to also create a successful startup business idea or not. Because startup itself has become a phenomenon in people’s lives.
Aside from being an opportunity to open a new business, successful startup business ideas have also become a solution to some of the existing community problems. That way, there are so many benefits from having a startup, both for its creators and users later.

If you also want to be a player in the startup industry, of course you must have successful startup business ideas that you will create later. Therefore, the 15 successful startup business ideas below might be an inspiration for you to create the kind of startup you want later.

15 Successful Startup Business Ideas That Can Make You Money

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1. E-commerce application

E-commerce applications have now become a lifestyle trend and an alternative for people who want to shop easily. Examples such as Lazada, Amazon, and eBay.

2. Search engine

Someone is now looking for more information directly from the internet rather than asking the person next to him. For example, Google, Duckduckgo, and Bing.

3. Cloud storage

Because storage is considered more effective and flexible than physical storage such as an external hard drive. For example, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox

4. Streaming music

Music cannot be released from everyday life. For example, Spotify, Joox, and Apple music

5. Streaming podcast

Just like music, it’s just that music enthusiasts and podcasts have the same intentions, but different tastes. For example, Spotify and Apple music

6. Streaming film

All turned to stream movies because they were more interesting and no adverts were messed up. For example, Netflix and VIU

7. Email application

Email is the main heart of information media for project notification from one party to another party. For example, Outlook, Gmail, and Thunderbird

8. Office application

Both offices, lectures, and other activities certainly cannot be separated from the work of making documents. For example, WPS, Microsoft Office, and Libre Office

9. Visual design application

Especially for those who have talent and expertise in the world of visual arts who can create a masterpiece. For example, CorelDraw and Inkscape

10. Game

The number one entertainment for game lovers. For example, Dota, Counter-Strike, and Minecraft

11. OS device

Without the OS, of course, a device cannot be used. For example, macOS, Linux, and Windows

12. Directions application

Very useful for those who are in new territory they do not know. For example, Maps, Waze, and Apple maps

13. Reservation application

Make it easy for everyone to make reservations in advance so that they do not have to queue or fight with other people on the spot. For example, Agoda and Booking

14. News portal site

As the number one most updated media to provide the latest news information. For example Google News, MSN, and Reuters

15. Social media

Using social media is cheaper, it is easy to connect with others, and can interact with one another en masse. For example, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook

Interested in following in their footsteps? Who knows, you can even beat their popularity later. That’s an example of a successful startup business ideas you can follow.

Here are 15 examples of successful startup business ideas you can follow from the Chinese

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China is indeed known as a country that likes to imitate, but that is the basis of the successful startup business ideas they are now struggling with. Even so, some of them do not fully imitate.

Of all the successful startup business ideas created in the country, some of them already have names and fans in various regions, both their own and outside their territories. Here are 15 successful startup business ideas:

1. Alibaba Store

Alibaba had become a famous company in the world created by Jack Ma.

2. Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi smartphones were once underestimated because of their designs and features which almost always mimic Apple’s iPhone. Over time, Xiaomi smartphones finally have their own identity and don’t copy.

3. Mi band

Mi band is one of the products in the form of a smart wristband or smartwatch made by Xiaomi.

4. WeChat social media

It is social media made in China and is very loved by local residents.

5. PUBG game

Not only in the world but now PUBG has become an idol for smartphone game lovers in the world.

6. Banggood store

An online shop that sells special products only from China.

7. Lenovo

The world’s leading company. Has a good creation on PCs, laptops, smartphones and more.

8. Oppo Smartphone

Oppo is a smartphone from China that has also been successful in the world, with its flagship features on the camera.

9. Wuling

Vehicle company from China which created various vehicles such as four-wheeled vehicles.

10. Huawei

A technology company that now has a name in the world. Both in smartphones, modems and other electronic devices.

11. Zeblaze Zeband

A very well-known smart wristband and smartwatch company from China.

12. QQ social media

An instant messaging application that has a lot of users by local Chinese.

13. Joox

Music streaming application from China.

14. Tiktok

Application intended to share short video content to the virtual world.

15. WPS

Office applications are cheap and very easy to use. Its features are not much different from office applications like Microsoft Office.
So, don’t misunderstand various Chinese products. Although initially, they intended to imitate, that was not always done. In fact, they have become competitors from before. That’s 15 successful startup business ideas from China.

Look at these 15 startups successful startup business ideas

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If you are looking for inspiration to find successful startup business ideas, then you must make the western world a benchmark. Because indeed, the western world is now the center and place for successful startup business ideas.

Just mention the famous companies now like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, it all started as a small startup before they became a big company now. No wonder, even now, even though there are so many startup companies, there are still startups that have begun to re-emerge to try their luck.

Amongst so many startups, you should know that 15 startups have successful startup business ideas and are glimpsed by big, well-known companies.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a to-do list application that has succeeded in capturing the world’s big companies, Microsoft. After being acquired, Wunderlist has now become the main foundation of Microsoft To-Do. application.

2. Dropbox

It is the most famous cloud storage application in the world now. No wonder many companies look to acquire this startup, such as Microsoft and Apple. But Dropbox rejects it and intends to stand alone as a cloud storage startup.

3. Tueo health

It is a small startup in California that was acquired by Apple. Because Tueo health is the developer of the asthma detection application. Acquisitions made by Apple to complement the health features of Apple Watch.

4. Stamplay

It is a startup from Italy that focuses on the back end development program. This application successfully captivated Apple.

5. Laserlike

Also acquired by Apple, because this startup developed machine learning applications that make it easy for users to get the information they need easily.

6. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a startup that deals in security cameras.

7. Pullstring

It is a startup that moves in the field of speech recognition. It has been successfully acquired by Apple.

8. Tiger data

It is a startup from the UK in the digital marketing department.

9. Silk labs

Silk Labs is a startup that focuses on developing artificial intelligence.

10. Texture

Texture is a startup that is engaged in subscribing to newspapers and digital magazines. Apple acquired it to perfect its Apple News.

11. Asaii

This startup is a startup in the field of music analytics.

12. Metanautix

In order to perfect Cortana, Microsoft finally acquired Metanautix, a startup in the field of data analysis.

13. Talko

Talko as an instant messaging startup was acquired by Microsoft to perfect Skype.

14. Simplygon

The Simplygon startup was acquired by Microsoft to realize its vision of 3D.

15. Mobile data labs

It is a startup with the Mileage Tracker application. This application is already very well known on Android and iOS.

That’s 15 successful startup business ideas.

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