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16 Best Stay at Home Jobs to Make Money While Working Full-Time Job

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During my way on climbing the corporate ladder sometimes years ago, I was frequently catching myself wondering that it would be very nice to get out from this 9 to 6 scheme (it was often 9 to whatever it takes, actually) and produce my income in more flexible way time wise. And luckily we are now living in this Internet era where it makes everything easier; there is no more time and space barrier since everyone is constantly connected 24 hours a day.

Now everyone really has their own chance to work from home or anywhere they like remotely. If you feel like I felt and are preparing yourself to jump off the conventional career span, below are some ideas for you to start doing home based jobs.

Having a Time Flexible Home Based Source of Income by Doing Stay at Home Jobs

Craft Seller

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If you consider yourself artsy and often find yourself lost in time making crafts, start selling your masterpiece online. There are many platforms out there that will be happy to have your crafts on their sites and market them to the potential customers. You can sell it in internet like ecommerce; those will give you a good money.

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Some companies need people to market their products via phone calls, emails or writing texts. Since this job can be done remotely, there are plenty of opportunities online that you can try if you are interested in this field.

Data Entry Clerk

You do not need to be a computer genius to be a Data Entry Clerk. If you are with Excel and Word programs, you should start applying for small jobs first. While building your portfolio, you can increase your hourly fee gradually. In freelance career, your working hours matters.

Costumer Service

Companies need people to take care of their customer complaints, answer their questions, and give solution to their problems. This is one of the stay at home jobs now since it can be done anywhere as long as you are online.


You can help struggling students and get paid. Pick a subject you master the most, and start making money by helping these kids doing their homework or assist them in one or more particular subjects. You can choose to come to the students’ house or they who have to come to your house.


Translators are needed to convert between languages, for spoken or written materials. There are books, articles, speeches, etc. that needs translation and this home based job is widely available online.

Survey Taker

Yes, there are chances of taking surveys and got paid. There are many survey companies need people to take surveys on their sites. Some survey companies even pay people to do online shopping and watch videos.

Voice Over

There also plenty of opportunities out there to be a Voice Over actors. You can make money performing off screen such as dubbings, doing commercials, audio books, and video games. There are lots of opportunities for this home based job especially in entertainment industry.

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Car / Bike Rental Provider

If you have a car or a bike that park on your garage most of the time, you can consider renting them instead. After equipped your vehicles with insurance (most clients feel more secured renting insured vehicles), start rent them by charging hourly or daily as per your clients’ needs.

Brand Ambassador

Do you like to make online videos or take pictures of yourself wearing makeup from one particular brand that you love? Then you can be a Brand Ambassador. You will be the face of the brand, and doing marketing for the company, such as giving away sample products and doing demonstration.


Having keen eyes in catching errors on writing works is one of the responsibilities an Editor does. This home based job is available remotely since the writing samples and other related works can be set via emails anytime anywhere.

Content Marketer

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If you like writing and good at it, while possessing marketing skills, try a job as a Content Marketer. You will be in charge in driving traffic that leads to delivering sales to the company that hires you, through branding and product awareness to their potential market segment.

Link Builder

Link Builder is one of the most important position in the company that use online marketing as the marketing strategy. This job will require you to insert the company website links to the websites that have good value or rank in Google.

Ghost Writer

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Many successful person or Great public figure need do write a book. Yet, they have no Time to write. They prefer do hire someone do write for them. Although you cannot put your name on the book, the payment is usually quite a lot.

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Sales Staff

Still relating on Online Business. Nowadays, many Company prefer to hire freelance Sales Staff instead of offline Sales Staff. The salary is usually based on the sales that you can successfully made. However, this is one of interesting freelance jobs. Besides you can works from home and only need smartphone, when you have already got the database and customers, you can get bigger chance to make sales.

Content Maker

Your job is creating content for Social media feeds; such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. Your job is creating the content for particular topic and theme for the Company. This is a fun job that can give you quite lots of money!

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Those are 16 freelance jobs that will give you flexibility to manage your time. You can work from everywhere and anytime you want. The more expert you are on the particular job, the more money you can earn. So, which home based jobs you are going to try? I hope these ideas will inspire you to gradually switch from your 9 – 5 job to more flexible work frame. Good luck!

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