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How To Download Spotify Greenroom

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Spotify has entered an audio chat service to compete with Clubhouse through an application called Spotify Greenroom. Well, for those who don’t know, we will give you tips on how to register for Spotify Greenroom.

Spotify’s move to enter audio chat services began with the acquisition of Locker Room in March 2021. Locker Room itself is an audio chat application that contains chats about sports.

After making acquisitions and development, Spotify finally launched the Spotify Greenroom application. Through this application, Spotify users can join or host an audio room.

In the audio room, users can talk about anything and can turn conversations there into podcast content. Actually, the Greenroom application is an update of the existing Locker Room application.

In the update, Locker Room users will see a change in the brand and design of the app. The Locker Room color which was originally a mix of orange, white and red immediately changed to black and green.

This color change gives identity as a new application that is still part of Spotify. In general, the features are almost similar to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, or Facebook’s Live Audio Room.

Speakers in the room appear at the top of the screen as round profile icons, while listeners appear at the bottom as smaller icons.

There’s a mute option, moderation control, and the ability to bring listeners on stage during a live audio session. Listeners can also praise the speaker virtually by giving them a “gem” icon in the app.

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Rooms in Spotify Greenroom can accommodate up to 1,000 people and are planned to be gradually increased. In addition to these features, this application also has original features that are different from other audio chat applications.

Room creators can use the live text chat feature which room owners can turn on or off whenever they want.

Not only that, but room owners can also request audio files from their live audio sessions once they’re done, which they can then edit to turn into podcast episodes.

How to Download and Access Spotify Greenroom

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Spotify Greenroom is officially available on iOS and Android smartphones in 135 markets worldwide. For now only available in English format. For those who are curious, here’s how to download and register Spotify Greenroom.

  • Open the Google Play Store app and click “Spotify Greenroom” in the search field
  • Download the app and wait for the download process to complete
  • Open the Greenroom application and select the option “Continue with Spotify” for those who already have a Spotify account or “Sign up Free” for those who don’t have a Spotify account
  • Fill in your personal data such as full name and date of birth. After that click “Next”
  • Complete your personal data by adding a photo and writing about your profile in the bio column. Proceed to the next stage by clicking “Next”
  • Select the interests you want to follow and the groups in Greenroom. Then click “Next”
  • Congratulations you have a Greenroom account. You can create a room by pressing the “New Room” icon at the bottom right
  • Give the name of the room, select which group you want to allow to join, and click “Go Live”

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Thus information on how to download and register on the Spotify Greenroom application.


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