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16 Some New Business Ideas That Will Make You a Millionaire

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For those of you who currently want to have some new business ideas, please note that currently there are many new business opportunities that are not yet widely known. What kind of business can be used as a business opportunity? This is a complete list!

16 Some New Business Ideas for Beginners

1. Dropshiper – The Most Popular among some new business ideas

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Among some new business ideas, you can use this business opportunity to start a new business. Try to find a trusted reseller with the right price on the market. For those of you who are still in school or do not have large capital, you can also try business as a dropshiper because the only capital needed is the internet and smartphone.

2. Photography Vendor

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Amid the hectic celebration events, a photographer is needed to be able to capture every happy moment. If you already have a variety of portfolios and fill in several large events, the rates you can put up to millions of rupiah you know. Passable to channel hobbies and profit millions. This is one of the biggest earning among some new business ideas.

3. Air Brush Squeeze

This is the latest creative business which is next is the air brush painting. This business may indeed still rarely be needed, but for those who have high artistic value this type of business will be appreciated expensive you know. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it takes patience and perseverance in doing these some new business ideas.

4. Product Recycling

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In addition to not spending too much capital because this is a type of side business with small capital, competitors are also not too much so you can continue to try to dominate the market. By running this business, you can also help prevent global warming.

5. Culinary Business

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Today’s culinary business is also a business opportunity that is not yet known by many people. Talking about the culinary business is very broad. You can take advantage of online and offline markets. The key is to make delicious dishes and have unique shapes. For example, if you want to sell cakes, make cakes with unique designs that have never existed before. Market on the internet, through neighbors, relatives or acquaintances that you have.

6. Cleaning Services

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The next new business opportunity is cleaning services. If you don’t have the capital to start a business, use this method first. Can promote yourself through social media or put up banners and pamphlets on the roadside. Prepare cleaning tools that you will need later and start promoting by giving service discount.

7. Camera Rental

Maybe you could say this one business requires substantial capital. But if you see a great opportunity going forward, those of you who already have the capital can try the camera rental as one of some new business ideas. Especially amid the hits of young people who want to look cool. This new business opportunity for leasing cameras will grow rapidly.

8. Author

Writing is fun for some people and it turns out that this hobby can be a good business opportunity. Starting from freelance writers, writing thesis or other Java writing. Lots of people and companies that need this service to be able to develop the content and some new business ideas they have.

9. Coffee Shop

As you know, many young people now love coffee as a form of self-expression and friends when relaxing. Even today there are many communities of coffee lovers in Indonesia. Coffee shops are often used as a favorite place for various circles to spend their time. Even now many entrepreneurs are making coffee shops as a meeting point for discussing business with their clients

10. Translator

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The next new business opportunity that is not widely known is as a translator. Having expertise in foreign languages can not only be used to teach or become a teacher. You can channel this expertise through translating documents, theses, school assignments or other needs. Especially at this time translator services are needed by many groups.

11. Laundry Sneakers

The trend of sneakers can also be used as land for business. Laundry service providers specifically sneakers at this time are not yet known to many people even though many require this one service. Take it easy, there will be lots of opportunities for some new business ideas if you are smart in finding gaps. Advertise on all social media and groups in your telephone contacts with attractive offers. For example, discounts or attractive promotions.

12. Video Editing

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Now many companies need video as a means to market their products. With your editing expertise, there are business opportunities available. You only need to develop and market your abilities. Video editing is usually also judged in terms of editing quality, the better of course the more companies and people are interested in your results for some new business ideas.

13. Event Organizer

This business will never die because more and more there are many events that prefer to use event organizers because it is considered more practical and flexible. Especially for modern people who do not want to be complicated and want instantaneously.

14. Online Vegetables Store

Online, online and online. What cannot be purchased through online media? Not only can be sold in markets or supermarkets, now there are some online shop that choose vegetables as the main object. This is caused by the laziness of people to go the market for vegetable shopping.

15. Selling Antiques

Why sell antic goods, including those not yet known to many people? At this time not many people are really – really serious about this business. But if you look around, selling antiques has promising some new business ideas and advantages, you know. The price of buying and selling antic goods is very high because usually people who target these items are willing to spend so much for the desired goods. In addition to buying and selling antic goods, you can also provide service and cleaning antiques.

16. Cake Decoration

The next business opportunity is as a cake decorator. Every birthday, weddings to some inauguration events usually require a unique and beautiful cake. This business can be a profitable opportunity, especially if the decorations you make are more unique and different from the others. Sometimes there are people who choose cake as a form of gifts or souvenirs.

Business is not easy. But, when there is a will, there is always a way. So, those are some new business ideas that you might like to try.

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