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15 Small One Man Business Ideas That You Can Start Right Now

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Looking for small one man business ideas? Here are 15 of the best suggestions.

Starting a business is indeed not an easy thing, but because it takes a lot of perseverance, it also requires a large amount of capital. One way to build a business is by finding partners to work with so that the capital burden can be shared. But if in reality, you can’t find the parter, is there a solution? Take it easy! The following are small one man business ideas that you can try

1. Stock snacks in the school canteen

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First small one man business ideas is snack or food business will never end. Because this is a basic need for everyone. Because of that, business opportunities in the field of food can be created again.

Selling food on the roadside or using food truck may have done a lot, then you can try selling food in school canteens. The trick is you, do the submission of cooperation with the school or institution concerned..

2. Hydroponic plants

Do you already know about the hydroponic plant small one man business ideas opportunity? Yes, that’s right. Hydroponic plants are cultivation that does not use soil media but instead uses water media. Equipment to make this business does not need much capital.

Because you do not need a large area of land. You can start by making hydroponic equipment in your garage or yard. Even plants that you can cultivate can vary, from types of vegetables, fruit, to ornamental plants.

3. Ornamental plants cultivation

Do you have an interest in the fields of plants and flowers? If so, then the small one man business ideas of cultivating your ornamental plants should be very developed. Bonsai, cactus, orchids, bougenvil, and others, are just a few examples of the many types of ornamental plants that you can make a business opportunity. You don’t need big capital, but you need diligent effort.

4. Korean merchant business

Are you a fangirl or fanboy ?? If so, then you must be aware of how the breakthrough of the Korean Wave in recent years has spread to various parts of the world. Almost all people have their own biases or idols in drama series, or girl groups and boy bands. This small one man business ideas opportunity can be utilized. You can become a reseller or dropship of the product and merchant.

5. Become a Vloger

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Do you like to travel, as well as making documentation of activities ?? If so, why not try to make an effort by becoming a vlogger? Besides being able to do your hobby, you can also get the chance small one man business ideas to promote certain brands. To get started you have to increase your interaction in the social world so that you have a high follower or subscriber huh!

6. Work as a janitor

This is different from a household assistant because the work you do is just cleaning. Currently, the work of cleaning the house has been carried out by many large companies, by providing personnel and services online.

7. Ironing and washing services

Unlike the job of cleaning the house, washing and ironing clothes you can do by working through the house. You don’t need to do this work outside the home. If you have your washing machine, then you don’t need to be confused to find other resources. You can offer a delivery and pick-up service for the laundry that you will clean. Don’t forget to provide special packages such as can be finished in just one day.

8. Author

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Do you have a hobby in the writing world? If you realize, you can make this to be a small one man business ideas. You can be a freelance writer for various projects. For example, like this book project, writing biographies of figures, freelance writers for newspapers and magazines, you can also be an analyst for SEO-based content, and can also analyze the field of marketing.

9. Content creator

Content creators currently have a lot of small one man business ideas at work. However, the condition is that you must be able to master not only the textual domain but also the visual. If you have skills in graphic design, then photo editing, and copywriter, then don’t hesitate, you can start opening services as a content creator.

10. Online media

This small one man business ideas is suitable for you who have a habit of surfing the internet and want to have your media. At this time it is not difficult to get your domain or IP address, because many services offer to manufacture at affordable costs. You can create your online media, with various themes, and increase your engagement with audits, so you can get sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

11. Servicing of electronic goods

At present all human life is covered by electronic and digital goods. From waking up to going back to sleep, we can’t even get rid of gadgets. Therefore, if you have expertise in the field of electronic repair, your small one man business ideas opportunity can be utilized. This business does not need a partner, because you can do it yourself, by opening a small workshop at home.

12. Open a souvenir business

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Souvenir small one man business ideas does not require large capital, because at this time what is important from a souvenir is its creativity and uniqueness. You can try to open a souvenir service, this focuses on the uniqueness of the goods, not just the price.

13. Open a diet food business

Regarding diet and eating it is quite complicated, but because of this, you can also make it an effort. You can open a food business by counting calories right for those who go on a diet. For examples like the mayo diet, or the keto diet. Many people who go on a diet but do not necessarily have the time to manage food carefully. Why don’t you try to help through your small one man business ideas?

14. Open an animal care

Do you like animals and like spending time with them? Then you can try this small one man business ideas idea for the future. Do not immediately imagines luxurious pet care, you only need to start by keeping the animals from the and only your close friends first. Then from here, you will get other customers.

15. Payment business via online

If you are looking for a business that can be done through the home, then you can try online payment business. This business is quite easy because you only need a smartphone to do it. But with a note, you must have enough knowledge in the field of forex trading and other online payments.

That’s 15 types of creative small one man business ideas that you can try, without the need for large capital. Are you ready to become an entrepreneur ?

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