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10 Sites to Find Free Images Without Copyright

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When you decide to take pictures from the internet, then you have to be careful because you can’t repost all pictures on your site or social media. Or if you are forced to, then you must include the original source of the image.

However, nowadays there are several websites that provide lots of free (high resolution) images that you can reuse. Thus, you don’t need to worry about getting copyrighted if you want to post these images on the site or on social media.

Even though it’s free to use, you should include a link that leads directly to the image page (or the website link provider). This was done at least to appreciate the work of that person.

Free does not mean it can be used arbitrarily. Each free image provider site has different terms and conditions (or licenses). This licensing issue is governed by an organization called Creative Commons (CC) which defines several types of attributes of images or other copyrighted products.

So, before using free images, you should be able to first read the “Terms and Conditions” provided by sites that provide free images. So, what Sites to Find Free Images Without Copyright? The following is the list:

10 Sites to Find Free Images For Your Content


free product images for website

The first Sites to Find Free Images You Would Actually Use is Pixabay. You could say that Pixabay is the most popular and favorite here. You can search for the free images you want on Pixabay, then repost them on your site or social media without paying!

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Pixabay images can be downloaded in JPG format and come in several different image resolutions (with different sizes). You can immediately download the image without registering, but bypassing the captcha first.

If you want to be simpler when saving pictures, you should first register with your social media account or email. Pixabay also provides a donation button to image owners via PayPal (by clicking the Coffee button. If you have a lot of money and want to appreciate the work, you can give whatever you can afford.

Before you are ready to download a free image on Pixabay, first pay attention to the conditions written under the download button (see image above). If it says Free for commercial use and No attribution required, it means that the image is free to reuse. This also applies to other free image provider sites. Click here to go to Pixabay.


pixabay free images

The next Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos is Pexels. Like Pixabay, Pexels allows you to choose available image resolutions and provides donation options for the image’s legal owner. You can also immediately save the free images you want without needing to register first.

One of the things that differentiate Pexels and Pixabay is the custom size option in Pexels. You can download an image with a resolution that you set yourself. So, for example, if you want to post an image on Instagram with a resolution of 800 x 800 pixels, then you can determine that directly on Pexels. Click here to go to Pexels.


very high resolution images free download

Although Flickr is not like Pixabay or Pexels, which are 100% public domain image service providers, this site has millions of quality images that you can reuse. There are 3 million+ images available on Flicker. These images are generally of high resolution.

Flickr claims to be a community focused on the world’s greatest photographers. If you are a photography lover, then you can hang out with the same people like you on Flickr.

You can beautify the images that you want to download from Flickr with editing tools provided specifically by service providers. Don’t forget to pay attention to the image license before you are ready to download it. That’s because most Flickr images require owner credit. So, don’t just take it. Click here to go to Flickr.


best free stock photo sites

In fourth place, there is the FreeImages site which also provides free images, either for personal or commercial purposes. Here you can find hundreds of thousands of free stock photos and royalty-free images that you can reuse.

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To be able to download photos or images from FreeImages, you first need to register with your email address. Images that you can save are available in several resolution options such as the sites above. In order to be shared quickly, you can use the HTML code of an image which acts as a direct link. Click here to visit FreeImages.

Freerange Stock

royalty free images free of charge

Freerange Stock is also one of the sites that provide free images that can be used for personal and commercial purposes. To get access to quality stock photos on this site, you must first register.

Freerange Stock also provides thousands of public domain images that you can modify and post to your heart’s content without requiring owner credit. If you want to try using the services of this site, you can click here.


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If you want to find unique, high-quality free images, then one of the best places is Gratisography. The collection of images on this site was created by a creative graphic designer named Ryan McGuire.

Although Gratisography has a small variety of free stock images compared to the sites above, a new image will appear at least once a week. The images here are free to reuse without requiring owner Ryan McGuire’s credit. However, you should still do this as a form of gratitude to him.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating other people’s great work, right? Click here to go to Gratisography. Don’t forget to read the conditions that apply there.



This site is almost similar to Gratisography. This site features photos specially created by a person named Viktor Hanacek. He is a talented photographer and also a web designer. The photos in Picjumbo are also unique and original because they are produced by experts.

Not all photos or images on this site are free for you to get, but the majority are free for you to use. Besides that, the photo quality is also quite good. If you want more access, you can become a premium member. Click here to go to Picjumbo.



The pictures on this site are made by photographers from various backgrounds, be it pro or semi. Although the number of images cannot be compared to other popular free image provider sites, the quality that Unsplash has can be said to be better than some similar sites.

The photos there have also been categorized according to their respective themes. Like other sites in general, you can use photos on Unsplash without the owner’s credit. However, you should include a photo credit link that you will use as a form of thanks. The link to this site is here.


Of all the Best Stock Photo Sites to Find Great FREE Images that have been discussed here, Pikwizard can be said to be a new player. Even though it is still fresh, this site has provided many kinds of images and photos from various themes. The layout is also quite simple, making it easy to search.

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One of the interesting features of Pikwizard is image editing. You can add text or an icon to the image or photo that you want to download. So, you can beautify the Pikwizard image you want to use. Want to try Pikwizard? Just click here.


Morguefiles is a long-established Places to Find Free Images. In fact, this site is arguably one of the oldest free image providers. The interesting thing about this site is that you can use images for personal use as well as for commercial use.

To get a pleasant experience getting pictures on this site, you can register for an account at Morguefiles. By registering for an account, you can more easily tag images that you will download or images you like. There is also a premium account which of course provides a better service. Just visit the Morguefiles site by clicking this link.

Apart from the above list, there are also services like an aggregator for free images. These services are provided by the giant search engine Google. Google has a large number of image or photo search features, including maybe your photos. It’s easy to use Google Image Search, just open the Google application and select the Image menu.

GIS has a filter feature that you can use to filter licensed or unlicensed images. To find images that can be reused for free in GIS is to use the Labeled for reuse filter. How to click Tools on the GIS menu, then click the No filtered by license section, and select the filter earlier.

Although there are a limited number of filtered images with reuse labels, you can rely on this Google Image Search if you want to find free images quickly.

That’s a list of 10 Sites to Find Free Images Without Copyright that you can use. Utilization in this case can be for reuse or even for commercial use. However, it would be better if you took your own pictures or made your own illustrations. Especially now that there are many applications or software to create images/illustrations which can certainly add more to the originality of your work.

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