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20 Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features on Your Phone

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Did you know that there is a secret code on Android smartphones and iPhones? This secret code is useful for accessing hidden features, such as checking the IMEI number, doing a factory reset, and so on.

These hidden features can be accessed by entering a secret code on the dial menu or the same way when making phone calls on Android smartphones.

For those of you who don’t know, here we have summarized various Android and iPhone secret codes. Check this out!

Best Hidden iPhone and Android Secret Codes

Android Secret Code

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This Android phone secret code can be tried on various brands, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and so on. The following is a list of Android secret codes that you can try and their functions.

1. *#06# (Check IMEI Number)

This code can be used to check the IMEI number. This code is useful if you want to buy a smartphone. Make sure your Android phone has an IMEI number. If not, it is certain that the smartphone will have problems.

2. ##7594## (Power off Smartphone)

Then you can enter this one code when you want to turn off the smartphone. Without the need to press the power button, when entering this code, the Android phone will be turned off.

3. ##4636## (Check Usage Information and Statistics)

The next secret code in Android is useful for those of you who want to check user information and statistics. Examples of code functions ##4636## are checking mobile phone information, battery, user statistics, and WiFi information.

4. ##34971539## (Check Camera)

The following secret code can be used for Android users who want to check the condition and quality of the camera on their smartphone.

5. ##2664## (Check Screen Response)

Furthermore, this code can be used to check whether the Android smartphone screen is the problem. After entering this mode, press all sides of the smartphone screen. If there is a part that does not respond to touch, it is certain that the part has a problem.

6. ##0##* (Check LCD Screen Color)

After checking the screen response, you can also directly check the colors and details on your smartphone screen by entering this one code.

7. ##0673## or ##0289## (Voice Check)

If you feel that the audio on your smartphone is not emitting sound optimally, you can check it more clearly by entering the following Android secret code.

8. ##232331## (Bluetooth check)

By entering this code, you can check the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. If there is a problem it will usually be seen after doing this check.

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9. ##232339## (Check Wi-Fi)

Next, the code that can be done to check WiFi. This code is also useful for testing the WiFi function of an Android phone.

9. ##1472365## (Check GPS Quality)

You can use the following code to check the signal quality from the GPS. Apart from that, you can also get other information related to GPS on your smartphone.

10. ##197328640## (Check Operator and Internet)

This code is used to find out what network and operator you are currently using.

11. ##0842## (Check Vibration and Flashlight)

If you find the flashlight and vibrate on your phone having problems, you can try entering this code to do a test to get clearer results.

12. #12580369# (Check Software and Hardware)

Instead of complicated browsing and searching on many sites, you can directly check the hardware and software used by your Android smartphone by using the following secret code.

13. 27673855# (Wipe Data)

This one code is useful for those of you who want to wipe data or delete all data on Android smartphone devices.

14. ##7780## (Factory Reset)

The last secret code for Android, this code is used to delete all data and applications on the smartphone, then restore the settings to initial settings or factory settings.

iPhone Secret Code

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Not only Android, but iPhone devices also have a secret code that users can use. Here are some secret codes on iPhone:

1. *#06# (Check IMEI)

This secret code can be used to check the IMEI number on the iPhone device. Make sure there is an IMEI number recorded on your smartphone so you don’t have problems in the future.

2. *3001#12345# (Check Signal)

By entering this code, the iPhone device will enter the field test mode which displays information about the signal. In addition, this code can also check the accuracy of reception.

3. *3370# (Signal Boost)

This code is useful for enabling Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) mode. By activating this mode, the reception signal from the iPhone will be louder. But the impact of the battery also becomes more wasteful.

4. *43# (Activating Call Waiting)

Furthermore, this code can be used to activate call waiting on iPhone devices.

5. #43# (Disable Call Waiting)

If you have activated call waiting, using this code you can deactivate call waiting that was previously active.

6. *67 plus destination phone number (Making Anonymous Calls)

Use this secret code to make anonymous calls using iPhone. Add this code on the front, then forward it with the destination phone number.

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So, that was the list of Android and iPhone secret codes. Hope it can be useful for you. Good luck and good luck!

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