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Remote Jobs $50 Per Hour No Experience Required

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Maybe in recent years or even decades, the phrase remote jobs has been heard by million people all around the world. You may even have your beautiful imagination about doing the work. You can do the work without having attending offices, not necessarily experience the dreadful traffic jam, and yet, you still have your time to spend with the beloved ones you have at home.

Remote jobs is basically kind of jobs that you can do it online only. No matter where you are, as long as you can find internet connection, you can easily do your job. However, working like this doesn’t mean you find no problem at all. Since the work is done online, there are some things that you need to pay attention to, i.e.:

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a. The available contact on the website

An authentic business always provides ways to be contacted. Click the “about” command, and see the detail information about the company. Look for the contact person number, or e-mail address. Try to make a real call, and see if there’s anyone answer it. A web with no real human that can be contacted is doubtful.

b. The offer

Be careful with the promise of making thousands dollar in a week. It sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Just try to be real and make sense. Even The best remote jobs won’t give you that much.

c. The complaints

Do a search. Type the website and do a “scam”, and see what shows up there. If people have done something, they’ll instinctively post that activity.

d. Charged fee

Most sites won’t ask you to pay to sign up. But, there are some sites charge you for a certain amount of money to sign up the website. And if you are not sure about what you are paying for, you’d better leave the site, and go somewhere else.

And here are some remote jobs that may fit your ability or skill. Remember; please do the careful checking both on the offered position and the website which display the job before you finally apply for.

9 Remote Jobs: Work from Anywhere

1. Telephone Nurse

remote jobs part time

Based on data in 2017, this field can generate an average of $70, 302 per year. If you hold a degree in nursing, and able to do jobs like case management and education for patient, one of these remote jobs is perfect for you.

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2. Customer Service Representative

This is one of remote jobs part time that you can do. All you need to have is an excellent skill in speaking and computer skill. In addition, your patience in dealing people on the phone is highly required for the job.

3. Corporate English Trainer

Students in modern Asian countries like Korea and Japan are searching for native English speaker to enhance their ability in English. The lessons will happen through telephone discussions or through the video conference such as Skype. However, you may have to work late at night, since your students have different time zone.

4. Vlogger

remote jobs marketing

You can easily turn your expertise into a moneymaking way by being a vlogger. Just use any gadget that you have to record yourself explaining or showing what your good at. Then, you upload it on YouTube, and see how many people watch and like it. It is actually good for remote jobs marketing idea. It could be a way to promote your business too.

5. Transcriptionist

This is one of remote jobs that don’t require special skill or experience. What you do most of the time is listening to a script and write down what you’ve just listen to. It could be a lecture or even a doctor’s advice on some medical issues. And the good this is, mostly the company will let you decide your own schedule.

6. Salesperson

The job is good for those who have a high spirit of entrepreneurship, have a great energy, and always love to meet new people. Here, you build a community of clients to whom you offered a company’s merchandise. A mom with pre-school kids is likely perfect for this job.

7. Virtual Travel Agent

The job is really perfect for those who love travelling, and exploring new places. The agents are looking for people as many as possible to be the clients that he will make the travel plans for.

8. E-commerce Store Owner

Living in online world means that shopping can be done in a click only. And these open opportunities for business like drop shipping, white-labeling or wholesaling grow and develop.

9. Entry Level Remote Jobs

entry level remote jobs

Entry level remote jobs are favorite jobs to start a career for youngsters. Here are some types of it:

  • Smartphone Photography
  • Coding Specialist
  • Virtual Customer Experience Agent
  • Coding Review Consultant , and many more

And here are some places where you can get the remote jobs:

4 Work From Home Companies Hiring For Remote Jobs

best remote jobs

a. Cactus Communications

The headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. And it has spread its wings into five countries where you can find its branches office there: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tokyo, Japan. Shanghai, China, Singapore, and Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

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b. Landi English

Established in 2011, the company mainly focuses on the education program. It offers language courses and immerses teaching curriculum development. Headquartered in China, the company target is The Chinese students’ improvement on their English.

c. Automatic

It is a web development company that is built in 2005, based in San Francisco, California. It’s most noticeable participations include its free of charged blogging site

The company expands quickly and keeps searching self-motivated, curious, and independent professionals to join in the team.


One of sites to find remote jobs is As from the name you will easily guess that the sites concern is on education. Today, there are million students choose the sites to get affordable and inspiring access on video and audio content that they need to support the study.

The sites was created by Adrian Ridner and Ben Wilson, and based in Mountain View, California. It main aim is to reduce the cost of traditional colleges for students.

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