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8 Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Files on Android

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How to Recover Deleted Files on Android – Have you ever checked how many photos, videos, or other files you have on your Android smartphone?

If you like taking photos or making videos, of course, there are a lot of them, so the storage capacity on your cellphone becomes tight.

Of course, we need to anticipate it by deleting or moving it to another storage either hard disk or in the cloud.

If you overcome this by sorting out the photo or video files that will be removed, you should pay attention to these files carefully, lest it turns out that the deleted files turn out to be important photos or videos.

If it has been deleted and it turns out that the photo is important, you should not panic, because on this page we will share some ways to restore deleted files, photos, or videos.

Before seeing the various steps and methods, it’s a good idea to relax friends first so you can follow the tutorial that we will share easily.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Using Applications

In the first step, you can follow how to recover deleted photos or videos using the application.

Some applications are made to reverse data so that files that were previously deleted can be recovered. But that does not mean without flaws, because some apps require that the Android smartphone be rooted, even though there are applications that do not require root, the results will not be optimal. Here is some software for Android that you can use.


recover deleted files android internal storage

First, you can use the DiskDigger application, but this can only be used if your Android phone has been rooted. So if your cellphone has not been rooted, this application cannot work optimally which is capable of scanning “limited”. If by chance your cellphone has been rooted, you can just download the application on the Play Store, the link will be included below.

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How to use DiskDigger

  1. First Download the DiskDigger application on the Playstore and install it
  2. If asked for root access, just click allow
  3. Later there will be a warning “upgrade to pro” you should ignore it by selecting “no Thanks”. You can upgrade if you have money😀
  4. After that, look for the folder containing the deleted files. This can be for internal or external memory
  5. Specify a format and press OK.
  6. Then the DiskDigger application will scan the files that can be returned.
  7. When it’s finished, there will be several files displayed, after that select the files you want to restore
  8. Then save and finish.

Undeleter Recover Files & Data

how to recover deleted files on android without computer

The next application is called Undeleter Recover Files & Data. But again, this application ensures that your Android phone is already rooted in order to get unlimited access rights to work optimally. This application has the same function as the first application, which is to recover deleted files either in internal or external memory.

How to use Undeleter Recover Files & Data

  1. First Download the Application here (Make sure Android is Rooted) and Install it
  2. After that, there will be an application request to get permission to access the root
  3. Find the deleted file folder
  4. Then the user will be presented with two choices, namely Journal Scan and Deep Scan. Each has a function, the journal scan will scan all photo files, videos, for Deep Scan users can select any file that they want to scan.
  5. Choose one, and click scan. Wait for the process
  6. Later there will be several files that appear, and choose which ones you want to restore.

Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop

android data recovery

The next application according to the name Deleted Photo Recovery Workshop, this application will help restore deleted photos or video files. It even follows from the Play Store page saying that this application does not require root access to work, yes, even so, the root will make this application run optimally. But if you want to try it even though the cellphone hasn’t opened root access, please download and try using it.

The following features are offered;

  1. No need for rooting, high quality to undelete files.
  2. Download, scan, and preview for free.
  3. Find and save photos from internal storage, external memory, and phone memory card.
  4. File formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPG, TIF, 3GP, MP4.
  5. Supported devices: Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google, Motorola, ZTE, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Vivo, OPPO, Nubia, Mi, Meizu, Coolpad, Gionee.

This application gets rating 4.0 on the Play Store even though there are many reviews with 1 or 2 stars because they did not succeed in restoring deleted files.

Here’s how to use it;

  1. Download the Application here (via Playstore)
  2. Then users can immediately search for and select photos that have been deleted and want to restore them.
  3. Press “restore photo” and the photo will come back again.

Deleted Photo Recovery

recover deleted files android without root

This one application is capable of recovering deleted photos from internal or external storage and he said without the need for root access. From the Google Play Store page, Deleted Photo Recovery gets a 4.2 star, which means that the application gets a positive response even though there are also those that give a 1 star. This indicates that not all files can be returned. But it would be better if to try it first.

How to use it;

Download the App here (via Play Store) and then install it
After opening the application, immediately scan the directory and subdirectory of the phone
The scanning time will take some time depending on how much storage the user’s device has
When finished, the deleted photos will appear and the user can restore them.
This application only supports jpg, jpeg, and png file types that do not support video files or any other types of formats.

Restore Image (Super Easy)

how can i recover permanently deleted files from android phone

This one application is quite simple because, on the Play Store page, there are very few descriptions of the application and points to the service provided, namely to restore deleted photos. This application can be used for cellphones without root and is downloaded for free, although users will be warned with advertisements in it, if you don’t like the ads, there is a premium feature to get rid of these ads.

Here’s how to use Restore Image

  1. First Download Restore Image (Super Easy) on Playstore
  2. Then determine where the folder containing deleted photos is located.
  3. After the processor scan is complete, select the photos to be restored and click the restore image button
  4. And the photo will return to its original storage.
  5. This application gets rating 4.0 with a file size of the only 3MB apart from that this application has been installed by more than 10 million users.

Recover Deleted Photos by Dumpster

android data recovery software

The next application to restore deleted files is to Recover Deleted Photos by Dumpster. This is a recycle bin that has been named the number 1 application on Android with a total download that has reached approximately 40 million. This application is free for you to use. Here are some of its features;

  1. Easily back up Android apps, media files and more
  2. Instantly retrieve important files, photos, pictures and videos
  3. Can Restore accidentally deleted pictures
  4. There is an automatic cleaning feature
  5. Already supports 14 languages
  6. No internet connection required
  7. Can be run without the need for root access
  8. There is cloud storage *
  9. Lock screen capability *
  10. Custom themes & designs *

But some of the features above require users to upgrade to the paid version.

How to use to recover deleted photos or files;

  1. First, please download and install the Dumpster application (via Play Store)
  2. Then open the application
  3. by using this application will secure deleted files because deleted files will be stored in this application.

How to Restore Deleted Files, Photos or Videos with PC or Laptop

If using additional applications does not succeed in recovering deleted files, you can use the next method, namely by connecting your Android phone with a PC or laptop. The trick is to use software that is widely available. The following are some recommended software that you can use.

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This software was created to recover lost files which has a high success rate. What needs to be prepared is a laptop or PC device that we will install Recuva on and don’t forget to provide a connecting cable such as a micro USB or a cable that is compatible with the smartphone you are using.

You can download the Recuva software for free but have limited features if you want to get complete features you have to buy the Pro version. This application is even capable of recovering files from damaged disks.

How to Use Recuva;

  1. First, download the Recuva application on this page first
  2. Install the application until the process is complete
  3. Then connect the smartphone with a PC or laptop, wait until the cellphone is detected on the laptop
  4. After that open Recuva
  5. Select the type of file to be returned, in this case, you can choose All Files
  6. Then select a storage location
  7. Check Enable Deep Scan if you wish to scan further.
  8. click start to start file search and wait.
  9. When the file is found then tick the file and right-click and select Recover Checked.
  10. Specify a storage location and click ok.
  11. Finally, move the files from the computer to Android.


The next data recovery software is named Dr.Fone. This is a software to make it easier to perform data recovery on an Android smartphone. Reporting from the official website of dr.fone has crowned itself as the number 1 data recovery software in the world, which claims to have the highest data recovery success rate. In addition, this software is said to be compatible with various smartphone brands currently circulating.

Dr.Fone software comes with 3 selection modes available, including;

  • Able to recover files from Android internal storage
    The trick is to simply connect an Android smartphone to a PC or Laptop and let the software initiate an in-depth scan. All deleted files will be displayed in a matter of minutes or it may take longer depending on the size of the files on the device.
  • Can recover data from a damaged android phone
    If you want to restore data from a damaged Android phone, you can use this software. The process is quite simple, just connect your cellphone to a PC and open Dr.Fone to perform a scan
  • The last mode is to recover files from Android SD card
    Just like the previous software, this software also has a feature to recover data from an external memory such as an SD card.

How to Use Dr.Fone Software

  1. Download and install the Fone software on your laptop or computer. Download link here
  2. This software is free for you to download, but to get premium features you have to buy it
  3. Next, connect the Android smartphone with a computer or laptop. The application will automatically identify
  4. If it is not detected, you should first check whether developer Option and USB Debugging mode are enabled or not.
  5. After that, the file type to be returned will appear
  6. Then the device will restart and enter the file restore process. In this process, don’t panic, wait until the process is complete
  7. After the process is complete there will be a scan process, this process takes varying time depending on the size of the data being scanned
  8. After that, the user will be able to select the files and be able to view them. If you want to restore the file, don’t forget to check and click Restore.

Dr.Fone software can be used for Windows PC / Laptop and iOS, you can download it according to the device used.

The final word

Those are 6 HP Applications and 2 PC / Laptop Software that can be used to recover in the form of deleted files, photos, and videos on an Android device. Hopefully, some of the methods above can help you to restore important data.

If you have other, more powerful, and easy ways, you can contribute by informing them in the comment form below. The information you provide will be of great use to readers.


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