Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

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Why are people willing to spend a lot of money just to buy followers on Instagram? The simplest reason is to look cool and stylish in front of their friends.

Another reason is to appear reliable in front of their potential customers or customers. Usually, this is done by an online shop that has just started a business. Prospective consumers or customers trust online shops that have more followers than those with few.

But there are also those who buy for fun and want to know how the followers’ buying system on Instagram works. Things like this are usually done by researchers or writers, as has been done by the authors of this article themselves.

Whatever the reason, if you are an online shop owner or someone who wants to become an Instagram celebrity, buying followers is not the best way to increase your number of fans. Here are 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers:

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers & Likes

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Abnormal activity

Usually, a new Instagram user who wants to have a lot of followers doesn’t think of a strategy. So they buy followers in large numbers and at the same time.

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Suddenly the Instagram account has thousands of followers without good content. In fact, sometimes the photos that are posted are not optimal. Who doesn’t wonder, “how come you can have so many followers but the feed or story is still zero”. At worst, other Instagram users thought followers were passive.

Don’t think Instagram doesn’t know that your thousands of followers are the result of buying passive followers alias. Instagram can tell if any unusual activity is happening.

The unusual activity here means that the number of followers increases in a short time. If you are not careful or buy followers too often, it is not impossible that your Instagram account can be suspended by Instagram.

Passive followers have low or zero interactions

When fans or followers on an Instagram account are passive followers, you don’t really get people who are interested or want to interact with your social media accounts. Most of them are just cloned accounts. You only buy quantities.

Just try it, you post on a story or feed and see the number of likes. How many likes did you get? Meanwhile, online shops or celebrities actually need real followers so that when they post content, there are reactions and responses. So that there really is engagement.

If engagement does not occur, then who will buy products in your online shop? Who will use your services as an Instagram celebrity? It’s useless, right, if you still want to buy passive followers.

Why buy passive followers, if you can get active followers organically

If you want another way to have lots of active followers, use a better way to increase followers organically, namely by using the Instagram automation tool, for example, you can see the article How to Gain Instagram Followers Fast.

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Followers disappear instantly

Have you heard that Instagram often makes algorithm changes so that the activity deletes Instagram accounts that are considered “bugs”? Changes that go along with the cleanup are often made without announcements from Instagram.

Just imagine, when you have tens of thousands of passive followers, for example, 51.4k. Then Instagram did the cleaning and hap! followers only 2k left. How sad. The other real followers who still survived could only gawk. In vain, you spend money to buy followers.

Reputation stakes

Actually, fake followers can be easily traced. Just type in Google, you will be able to find software that can be used to identify who are fake followers on your account. With this tool, you can also analyze what percentage of your followers are fake and how many are genuine. Shame right if 90% of your followers are fakes ??

This will harm your reputation and your name. Especially if you are an Instagram celebrity or are trying to use an Instagram account for business. Of course, you don’t want other people to know that the thousands of followers you have are all fake, do you? It’s cool to have millions of followers or fans but once you get caught, you will be embarrassed.

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Those are the 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers. There is no guarantee that buying passive followers will make you more famous like a celebrity or your online shop to be a lot of buyers. The funds you have spent will be wasted. Moreover, passive followers can decrease or when the Instagram algorithm is clearing unclear accounts.

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