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25 Free Racing Games You Must Try Out

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Car racing games are also one of the best Android game genres favored by most gamers around the world.

There are many car racing games available on the Google Play Store. But, which is the best among all the car racing games available for Android?

Top 25 New Racing Games this year

Real Racing 3

racing games pc

The Real Racing game should definitely be included in the first list as the best racing game on Android. How could it not be, the game made by Electronic Arts (EA) presents realistic graphics with gameplay capable of stimulating the adrenaline of its players.

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You as a player can race with the driver’s cockpit view. Can you imagine the sensation?

In addition, there are also many supercars, hypercars, to official racing cars from various well-known manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and others. The entire car has a look that is almost like the real world.

F1 Mobile

On Android, F1 races also have official games, you know. F1 Mobile is a racing game that presents high graphics with complex gameplay.

This game made by Codemasters is arguably one of the best car racing games on Android because it offers high-quality HD graphics and features F1 official teams that can be your opponents.

Here, you as a player will be tasked with creating your own F1 team to fight against 10 other official F1 teams, such as Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, ALfa Romeo Racing, Red Bull Racing, and other teams.

There are several difficulty levels that you can adjust while playing this game. But our advice is to use the highest level so that the sensation of racing is felt.

Forza Street

Do you know the Forza Horizon 4 game that can be played on Windows PC and Xbox One? Well, Microsoft Studios as the creator of the Forza game also presents a similar racing game for Android smartphones called Forza Street.

This game offers the best graphics and a huge selection of cars. There are various types of cars that you can buy and use, such as Street, Muscle, Sports, to Super. Various famous car brands are also here, such as Lamborghini, Ford, BMW, McLaren, and others.

As the name implies, Forza Street offers street racing gameplay in the middle of the city at night. This game has easy-to-use controls because all you have to do is control the gas pedal, nitro, and timing to release and press the gas again at every turn.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

The next best Android car racing game is Asphalt 8: Airbone. As the name implies, the cars here can fly, friend. That is, when you are in the racing arena, the car can perform various freestyle, such as jumps, drifts, and other dangerous stunts.

Here, there are dozens of racetracks and a selection of supercars that you can use. Every race that you do, you will get points that can be exchanged to buy or modify your favorite car.

CSR Racing 2

The CSR Racing 2 game is one of the best drag racing games on Android. This game offers a drag racing sensation that is both challenging and tense.

Like drag races in general, you as a player must adjust the right timing in gearshift. Do not let it be too fast or slow, because it will affect the results of the race later.

CSR Racing 2 provides many racing arenas and a selection of cars that you can use. During the races, you will later get points that can be used to modify your car.

GT Racing 2

real racing 3

The next best racing game on Android is GT Racing 2. This game offers the sensation of racing with 71 super fast cars on the 13 best tracks in the world.

In addition, GT Racing 2 provides dozens of challenges that you can go through to get lots of points. With HD graphics and a variety of tracks and cars, you will get the thrill of racing like a professional racer.

Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing

Next is Asphalt Extreme: Rally Racing which is a racing game that is suitable for you lovers of extreme car racing. This game offers the sensation of racing in the desert or by the beach while carrying cool cars.

Don’t expect to bump into the highway while playing this game. Because Asphalt Extreme invites you to find the fastest route to become the winner. With these advantages, Asphalt Extreme is perfect for those of you who are game lovers that trigger adrenaline.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Still racing “cartoon cars”, now is Hill Climb Racing 2. Even though it looks cartoony, the Hill Climb Racing 2 game is one of the Android car racing games that makes you addicted to playing it, you know.

Simple gameplay, easy-to-use controls, diverse and unique car choices, and out of the box tracks are the hallmarks of this one game.

In addition, Hill Climb Racing 2 is also suitable for children or adults. You can also modify your car so you can become the champion in every match.

Beach Buggy Racing

Know the popular CTR games on the PlayStation 1? If you want nostalgia and want to play games with a similar genre, you can choose the Beach Buggy Racing game.

It’s not very similar, but at least the racing sensation offered is almost close. As the name implies, Beach Buggy Raxing serves car races in an appropriate area with beautiful stretches of sand and sea.

This game offers a variety of characters and cars that you can choose to compete in the arena. Plus, you use a variety of weapons to stop your opponents.

Drag Racing

Lastly, there is Drag Racing. Similar to CSR Racing 2, this one game provides the sensation of a tense drag race.

You can drive more than 50 types of cars from Japanese, European, or US manufacturers. Here, timing in regulating acceleration and gear change is the key to defeating your opponent.

You have to reach the highest points to get new cars and enjoy various racing arenas.

Android Offline Racing Game

Rally Fury

First is Rally Fury Extreme Racing. This car racing game is a thrill and challenge of high-speed rally racing. Your driving skills will be tested as you race against other cars that are no less fast.

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This game can be played offline so it doesn’t use up your quota. For those who are willing, Rally Fury Extreme Racing can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

Free Car Racing

The second is Free Car Racing. This game provides two game modes, namely drifting game and racing game. All types of games present sophisticated cars with 3-dimensional (3D) graphics.

Free Car Race also features the best cars that you can get if you manage to collect lots of coins and win lots of matches.

Street Racing 3D

The third is Street Racing 3D. As the name implies, Street Racing 3D is an offline car racing game that provides racing matches with 3D graphics. Street Racing 3D provides more than 30 cars and many racing arenas.

You are also given the opportunity to build the car you want and win every match. Street Racing 3D is available for free and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

Fast Racing 3D

free racing games pc

Fourth is Fast Racing 3D which combines high graphics, awesome cars, an exciting racing arena, and sound effects that are close to the original. Fast Racing 3D invites you to collect a lot of money from each match.

With the money collected, you can buy and design the cars you want. Fast Racing 3D also provides 48 levels, each of which presents its own challenges.

Crazy For Speed

The fifth is Crazy For Speed. This game has realistic sound effects and 3D graphics. You can easily control the game from a first-person perspective or third-person perspective.

There are many racing tracks and sights waiting for you to explore. Plus you can build the car you want and win tons of matches. This game is available in offline mode so you can save more quota.

Furious Car Racing

The sixth is Furious Car Racing. This racing game will take you in the role of a driver who is trapped by gangsters for a wild car race. As a racer, you have the opportunity to drive over 20 of the world’s best cars.

In addition, you can also design your dream car according to the speed and design of the car you want. For those who are curious, this offline racing car game is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free.

Mega Truck Racing

Seventh is Mega Truck Racing. As the name implies, this game is suitable for those of you who want to compete for speed with truck vehicles. Get the experience of driving a giant truck and winning races.

Mega Truck Racing Game provides many selected cars and arenas that you can choose from. Please collect lots of points to buy accessories and design the car as you wish.

Sport Racing

The eighth is Sport Racing. The game contains 20 legendary cars with a different upgrade and customization options. Put your racing skills to the test on race tracks that are realistically made following real-world locations and times.

This offline racing car game invites you to win matches and collect lots of points so you can upgrade your car as you wish.

Drag Racing: Duel And Street Race

Next up is Drag Racing Duel. This game is suitable for those of you who want to compete for speed on a straight track. Drag Racing Duel brings the sensation of one on one car racing with 3D graphics and offline mode.

There are more than 15 famous brand cars that you can try. In order for the race to be more exciting, the car being driven can also be added with nitrous or NOS so that the car’s speed is faster.

Speed ​​Night 3: Asphalt Legends

The tenth is Speed ​​Night 3: Asphalt Legends, a racing game designed with various levels. Every game you win, you are entitled to a new car whose speed can be increased.

Speed ​​Night 3 also features nitrous acceleration which allows you to get high speed in an instant and can beat your opponent easily. Speed ​​Night 3 is an offline game available on the Google Play Store.

Drag Racing Car Games

csr racing 2

Then there is also Drag Racing Car Games: Real Racing Offline Games. As the name implies, Drag Racing is a free and offline game available on the Google Play Store. Even though it’s free, the quality of this game should not be taken lightly.

Drag Racing features 3D graphics and a large selection of cars and racetracks. Each match features points that you can exchange to buy new cars and improve the car’s engine and design.

Asphalt Nitro

The next game is Asphalt Nitro. This game made by Gameloft presents many world-famous car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan, BMW, and so on.

In addition, Asphalt Nitro also presents racing arenas from various places such as China, Brazil, and Italy. You can play in duel mode to the knockdown mode which has a different difficulty level.

Final Rally: Extreme Car Racing

This game is suitable for you lovers of rally car racing. Final Rally will take you through the jungle and desert while competing to be the fastest to finish the match.

Final Rally provides 108 challenging circuits and 3 racing game modes to choose from namely Rallycross, Time Trial, and Championship. In addition, there are also dozens of types of cars that you can modify as you wish.

Drift Max City Car Racing

A game that is no less interesting is Drift Max City, which provides the sensation of racing a car with 3D graphics and a large selection of cars. Playing Drift Max City doesn’t only provide the sensation of driving at high speed.

Drift Max City also challenges your prowess in performing drifting techniques so that the car is able to pass every corner with ease. For those who are curious about Drift Max City is available on the Google Play Store.

Daytona Race Speed ​​Car Beach Rush Drive

Lastly is the Daytona Race Speed ​​Car Beach Rush Drive. This game presents the sensation of racing a car in a narrow arena. You are required to drive with focus because the possibility of hitting another car is very large.

Even though it seems difficult, Daytona Race Speed ​​is actually a fun racing game because you have to be extra to drive a car and win the match.

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So, those were 25 racing games that you can play on your Android smartphone. Like the game is all fun, and you have to try it immediately. Have a nice play!

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