4 Easy Ways to Fix it When Your Phone Not Charge

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The battery is an important component of a phone. It’s just that, in use sometimes some problems arise such as the phone cannot be charged.

The question is, why can’t the phone be charged? The causes vary, but there are two possibilities, namely hardware and software damage.

However, you must first find out the problem of whether the battery is really not charging at all or charging but very slowly. So don’t jump to the conclusion that the phone battery is damaged.

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Regarding this, we will try to explain some of the factors that cause the cellphone not to be charged as well as how to solve it. You can see the explanation below.

The Main Cause Phone Not Charge

There are several factors that cause the battery not to charge when the phone is charged, namely:


  1. Damaged supporting components such as cables, chargers, sockets or adapter.
  2. Damage to the charger port. Failure or not charging when charging can also be due to damage to the charger port on the cellphone


  1. Error in software. Because cellphones need software to detect when a charger is attached. If the software has a detection failure, the charging process will fail.
  2. Installed third-party applications. It is possible that some of the battery-consuming apps that have been installed will drain power and even interfere with the device charging process.
  3. Incomplete OS update process.

How to Fix it When Your Phone Not Charge

phone showing charging but battery percentage not increasing

If you already know the cause, there are several steps you can take to solve a phone that cannot be charged, namely:

1. Restart the phone

The first way to do this is to turn off the phone so that all system errors return to normal. Let stand a few moments then turn it back on.

2. Check the USB Cable and Power Adapter

Sometimes the problem of recharging is not always on the device. Problems can also arise from the charger you have. It could be because the USB cable is prone to errors because it is often folded.

If your USB cable is damaged, you should buy a USB cable that comes with the original cellphone so that it can be used again without risk. Once again, don’t use the USB cable carelessly.

After the USB cable, you also need to check the power adapter. Sometimes due to wrong use, the current from the power adapter decreases so that the smartphone battery is not fully charged.

How to check it, you can borrow someone else’s charger. If your phone is fully charged, you can be sure that your USB cable or power adapter is the problem

3. Check the USB Port

Sometimes you, as a phone user who has solid mobility, often pull out the charger cable that is connected to the device roughly without realizing it.

This can make your USB port error. To overcome this, of course, you have to take it to an official service place so that it can be checked more fully.

4. Check Battery Condition

If all of the above turns out to be running normally, then the cause of the phone battery that cannot be recharged could be because the battery is damaged.

Replace the battery according to the manufacturer’s instructions and requirements.

Application to Check Battery Health

As already mentioned, that a battery has a life limit with a limited charge cycle. And you also can’t possibly count how many batteries have been recharged.

There is nothing wrong with you checking how healthy your cellphone battery is. So you can detect earlier if the device battery has entered replacement time.

To detect battery health is also not difficult. Because currently there are several applications available to check battery life, here are the options:

1. Ampere

This battery application can also be used to find out if your cellphone is being charged and how much power has been charged. This includes identifying the current drawn when the phone is being charged.

Very useful for those of you who experience phone problems charging but not charging at once to see which charging method is the best.

2. Repair Battery Life PRO

With this application, it is possible to “repair” the battery to get back to health. You can also recalibrate the battery to restore battery performance.

And most importantly, this application allows you to check around the battery, from temperature, remaining power, current and more.

3. Battery Life

Battery Life offers an easy-to-use way of knowing the percentage drop in battery performance. Including seeing how much current the remaining power.

So you can estimate how long it will take your cellphone to be refilled. Battery Life also has additional features that can be used to perform device tests, clean memory, and more.

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From the description above, it can be concluded that the problem of the phone not charge or does not want to charge not solely because of damage to the battery. Because there are several factors that cause it.

So, make sure you do an early detection so that you know the reason why the phone can’t be charged before deciding to take the device to an authorized service that can be trusted.

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