15 Part Time Jobs Ideas You Can Consider Doing In Your Spare Time

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Unlike freelancers who mostly work under short term contract or just for certain projects, other possibility to have income with more flexible working hours is by doing a part time job. And if you are lucky enough, some companies would like to hire part timers by giving them also benefits a bit less similar to regular employees since most part timers work under middle term contract.

If you are one of the people who want to start working in more flexible schedule, below are some ideas of part time jobs you can consider applying.

Part Time Jobs Ideas to Do In Your Spare Time to Increase Your Income

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1. Waiter

First idea of the part time job you can consider is by being a Waiter. If you are a college student majoring in hospitality, or you just like to meet people and love customer service world, this opportunity is for you. Some hotels and restaurants usually open vacancy for this position, especially during the high season when the number of guests they serve increases.

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2. Yoga Instructor

If you like to live a healthy lifestyle by doing yoga and you are good at it, you can start market yourself. Most companies have some budget for their employees’ activities, and yoga can be one of the alternatives since yoga can increase our ability to focus while giving health benefit to our bodies.

3. Guest Relation Officer

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Some hotels or restaurants that are specifically targeting market from certain countries usually need people as Guest Relation Officers who can speak foreign languages to greet the guests, escort them to know better the properties’ facilities and accommodate their guests’ needs. This position usually is available part time, during the high season months.

4. Baby Sitter

Baby-sitting is also one of the part time jobs you can consider doing. If you love children and eager to spend time with them, it will be great if you give this part time job a chance. Nothing compares to have that feelings of your childlike brought out of you and have fun with those incredible little humans!

5. Tour Guide

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Dou you like travelling and meeting new people? If yes, part time job as a Tour Guide are available in most of big cities with tourism potentials. Travel Agents are always looking for part timers to take care of their guests by showing them places they want to visit. And if you are also equipped by the ability of speaking foreign language, then this job is for you!

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6. Therapist

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People love indulging themselves at spas especially during holiday seasons, and it makes the availability of part time job as Therapist almost everywhere to be found. Or you can also market yourself to small hotels or villas since they usually don’t have their own Spa division and they like to have third party Therapists to give services to their guests.

7. Fitness Instructor

If you enjoy getting fit and spending time at the gym, move forward to monetize your hobby as being a Fitness Instructor. From helping people using the equipment, giving them inputs of what kind of exercise they need, until teaching Zumba, the variety of the activities you can do for the customers are endless!

8. Mystery Shopper

Do you enjoy being a detective, eat good food or stay in hotel room for free? If you have experience in hospitality industry or just great on making good review on food and staying experience at hotels, try being a part timer Mystery Shopper. Some owners like to hire people who have good skills at these areas; they value the experience of your time dining at their restaurants or their accommodation properties, and then report to them your inputs. You know the best part? You get paid for eating and staying for free!

9. Pet Sitter

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If you love spending your time taking care of animals, there are people out there who needs a Pet Sitter service. They don’t have enough regular time to walk their dogs or just feed and play with their pets, so they would love to spend their money on someone to take care of them.

10. Sales Representative

Some companies often need more people to market their products, especially when they just launched the new ones. They need a sales force to introduce the goods to their potential customers mostly during exhibitions they held. If you are a customer service person, a good seller and love meeting and talking with new people, this part time job is available for you.

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11. Language Teacher

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Do you speak good foreign language? And love tutoring? Apply yourself to be a Language Teacher. In this era of vast information when people from over the world have access to integrate to one another for business and other purposes, the ability to speak foreign language has become a major need to make communication process easier.

12. Online Driver

If you have a car or a bike and have bunch of free time, you may want to try to be an Online Driver. There are applications available that you can sign up right away, and start your journey of delivering people or goods according to your customers’ needs. And it is also fun because you will have a chance to meet and greet new people out there!

13. Villa / House Manager

Often people buy properties only for investment. And this is where things come handy. The investors do not have time to manage the properties and make it more profitable. If you happen to know such people, you can offer yourself to manage their properties by selling these accommodations online. You sell the room, take care of the guests and the properties, and do profit sharing with the owners!

14. Real Estate Agent

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Still related to property world, another chance to do a part-time jobs is by being a Real Estate Agent. If you happen to be outgoing and know a lot of people and have a keen eye in spotting good areas that have a good prospect in the future, then you should really try this job.

15. Restaurant / Café Manager

Many restaurants are looking for part-time jobs Manager, since they want someone to take care of their customers and oversee the restaurant operation only at their peak hours. Some restaurants and cafes have their busy hour during breakfast and lunch, and others are during dinner. So they usually need someone to be in charge in those specific hours and this situation makes this position available part time.

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To sum up, there are plenty of part time jobs available for you out there if you want to increase your income during your spare time. Pick one, try today, and start receiving extra moolah!

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