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5 Other Ways to Make Money Online with Minimal Requirements

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Other Ways to Make Money Online From Home

There are certainly other ways to make money online than just taking a survey or clicking ads. These jobs are also not really yielding decent money for living. Moreover some of them are just a scam. Even after you worked, they won’t pay you. They have various excuses and alibis about not giving the salary. So, it’s better to do other jobs that are more convincing.

Getting an online job could be really profitable. You could earn dollars while still maintaining a low profile by staying in a city with a low living cost. You could get a high paying job while living low.

How to spot a scam job online

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As there are many scams online jobs, you have to be aware of these of them. Sometimes, they are too obvious to be fake. But, when you really urge to get an only job, the shady list might even captivate you. So, you have to be aware of these signs when you want to apply an online job.

  • Too good to be true

If the company wants to pay you so high, it might be suspicious. Don’t get lured by these hilarious job offers that would pay you a grand for a week.

  • Unprofessional emails and website

An unprofessional email and website is another sign of a scam company. A legit company usually uses email with professional email and website.

  • Asking confidential information

If the company is asking more about confidential information, it might be a scam. Especially information like the name of the mother, it could be used to steal a credit card account.

  • Demanding you to pay first

If the company requires the candidate to pay a large amount of money for an unclear reason, it’s better to leave it.

So, instead of getting money from these shady companies, it’s better to hop into website that connects a freelancer with people or companies that need their job done. These third parties websites might get you a freelancer job with an attractive salary while doing the job that you like.

The third parties ensure both parties the online freelancer and the employer to fulfill their obligation and obtaining their rights. These websites also provide mediation if a conflict between the employer and the online freelancer had conflict. But what job doe these websites provide?

5 Realistic Other Ways to Make Money Online

Data Entry Job

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Data entry is a job that everybody could do. All you need to have is a working PC and internet connection. Even, you could also use your phone, but it might not be convenient. The job is about transcribing data. Usually, the data format is in pictures or pdf. Then, the freelancer has to put them down into Microsoft excel file, or SPSS file. It’s quite easy, right?

But now, there is a lot of software that can transcribe pictures into text, so data entry job vacancy is decreasing. While companies tend to use internal employees because they are afraid that their data could be shared into public. Despite that, software has its own limitation, companies with limited budget also prefer using an external data entry. So, these jobs might be decreasing, but it won’t be gone soon. Don’t worry, there are other ways to make money online too.

Being a Content writer

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We now use a search engine every time we want to know something. Indeed, internet is providing almost every answer that humans might have. This condition opens many opportunities to exploit the search engine and digital media.

Content writer is a wide umbrella for the writer who writes content for various outputs. There are social media content writer, magazine content writer, SEO content writer, and many more. They are also could be classified by their topic or niche. It’s ranging from health, sport, automotive, politics,business, trivial, and many more.

If you really like writing, you could be a professional content writer. It could be online, so you don’t have other expenditure. Moreover, it doesn’t need a high-performance computer like for editing graphics and video. You only need a computer that can do research and typing.

Proofreader for Academics

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Now, the number of academics are rising. Often times, they have to make an essay, papers, report, research, presentation, thesis, and journals. They might be really struggling that they need the help of a proofreader to check their writing. Especially, English language is not the mother language for many foreign students. Not only students, even the senior academics to are having a hard time to reread and correct their paper. so that, the demand for a proofreader is rising.

A proofreader doesn’t really need high requirements too. Same as content reader, you need a computer that you could do research with and type comfortably. You have to be good at grammar too. But now, the grammar tool is available to help you correct the grammar.

Understanding the terminology and the topic might help too.

Be a Translator

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Not only need a proofreader but academics also need a translator too. Sometimes, they have to translate the journal to get more understanding. They also want to translate their journal into English to publish it on international journal. Besides translating for academics, companies and individuals want to translate too. Their need ranging from translating manual, legal paper, advertisement, and many more.

it might be good that you have a specific field of translating, for example, translating for legal, or translating for engineering. The terms and expressions in every kind of paper are different.

Understanding the topic and trend will also help you in translating.

Digital Editor and content creator

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Having an interest in graphic editing or video editing, you could be a video editor or graphic editor. You could also be a creator. You can start just by making an Instagram account and display your creation there as it’s your portfolio. You could kick start by giving deal offer, or other promotion.

Besides that, you could also open a graphic or video editor in third party website. They will connect you to a client. In this digital era, everybody needs video editor and graphic editor for their digital content. So, the demand is quite high.

Besides these jobs above, there are also many jobs that you can do online, like data research, and content creator. Data research needs more understanding of data and statistics. The content creator needs creativity and perseverance to keep content consistency. There are certainly many other ways to make money online, hope you’ll find soon.

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