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15 Online Jobs That Pay Well Which Is Able to Compete with Office Income

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I have spent many years working full time in an office. Whether it’s in hospitals, schools or in various other offices. However, after about five years ago I decided to work from home, I found my own happiness that I did not get before. Togetherness with my children and family at home. I run various types of work from home until finally, I conclude that online jobs are the type of work that fits my need. There are many types, but make sure you find some legit online jobs that really can replace your main income.

Valuable Information about Online Jobs You Can Do Right Now at Home


legit online jobs with no fees

You can easily create what type of blog you want. Whatever niche you choose make sure you work seriously. Posting contents every day is an obligation in order your blog is well known by people. Star from there, there will be many ads offers that you can use to get income.

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Online Advertiser or Lead Generator

If you are a person who understands the flow of marketing in the digital world, it’s time for you to offer your expertise globally. There are many people who run businesses but do not understand how to advertise and introduce their products and services to the public. You can easily promote their ads through Facebook, Google, and various other marketplaces, both those that are paid and free ads.

Drop Shipper

online jobs no experience

If you lack the capital to do business, opportunities as a drop shipper are online jobs that are very suitable for you. No need to stock items, no need to deal with all of packing and shipping goods, everything is done by the business owner. All you need to do is bring people who want to buy goods and services and inform the business owner. The fee you get is usually greater than other work.

Data Entry Online Jobs

data entry online jobs

As a data entry worker, the main skill you must have is accuracy in entering data. You must really understand what needs to be done. Working at the computer and understanding the basic computer skills are the main criteria that make employers choose you.

Product tester

This is a type of online jobs for college students. Register yourself on various website testing to get an account. When the manufacturer needs someone to do a product test and review, then you get that opportunity to do so. You will get the product for free and use it. Then provide a review so that the producers know which ones must be repaired and which ones must be maintained to perform its quality.

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As a college student, you get products for free, this is a double benefit because you will also be paid for the reviews you provide.

Freelance Writer

online jobs for students

Working as a freelance writer does not require full time to work. Online jobs for students who are very helpful to meet their daily needs. All you need is grammatical ability and sufficient vocabulary to put it in writing. By practicing extensively, rest assured that these online jobs can bring in quite a large income.


Its main task is to correct the results of work or papers. Usually, this is related to lecture material. Before a student gives his writing to his lecturer, usually he will need someone to do the correction. You can use this to get income. This work is done online and you do not need to meet directly with the client.


Perhaps it is still rare for people to hear about this type of work. However, it is legit online jobs with no fees. If someone has an item and no longer needs it. That person might be you or someone close to you. You can send the item to people who still need it. More precisely this is charity work for the needy.

Virtual Assistant

legit online jobs

These online jobs require flexibility in work. Once you work, this is not limited to just writing and editing. But you also have to be smart in scheduling, customer service, promotional assistance, and many other things that you can learn over time. The longer you are in this field, the more proficient and the greater your income as well as your skills.

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Social Media Influencer

If you like cyberspace, it is often related to digital things. Whether it’s buying goods, posting content, sharing information, commenting on articles and other things, then this type of work seems suitable for you to make a source of income. You must consistently share these things through your social media account and if someone clicks on a sale through your account, you will get a commission. This will be very useful if you have a large number of followers.

Budget or Bookkeeper

By maintaining detailed and strict budgeting and bookkeeping, you have the opportunity to earn income from there. Many business people who don’t have time to take care of this.

YouTube Channel Creator

online jobs for college students

Even a small child can do it. You just upload the content that is able to go viral in the virtual world. Funny and refreshing content will be loved by all people.


This online jobs for private teacher provide an opportunity for you to work independently at home through an internet connection or Skype. The main task is to help do various homework and make your students understand the object of learning.

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Health Online Consultant

Providing consultation regarding health issues is urgently needed now. So many people do not have time to come directly to the clinic to conduct consultations. With this service, people even want to pay for an answer to their health problems digitally.

Amazon EBook Publisher

If you or even your child likes the world of writing, then it’s a good idea to try to register with Amazon. Try sending your worksheet along with the picture. This is very easy to do as if online jobs no experience. Amazon Kindle provides convenience in publishing books. But not all books are sold. Always stand out from the crowd to have more value to be able to sell in the market.

Finding opportunities is not easy, but there is always a chance if we learn creativity and try to always be better. Online jobs are increasingly prevalent among people who want a change in lifestyle without being restricted by the 9/5 rules that apply in offices. Hopefully, this article can be an inspiration for those of you who want flexibility in managing work time.

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