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15 Best Online Jobs from Home to Add Your Main Income

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Making money from online jobs from home is such an advantageous situation for moms who want to get extra income to help their financial condition. Such jobs are also good choice for students who want to keep up with his schedule while earning some money to back up his expenses. However, finding such legit online jobs for students can be difficult due to the tight competitions among the candidates. Don’t be surprised if you find your application being unanswered many times since there are more and more students, nowadays, are trying to find extra money by taking online jobs from home which is offered widely on the internet.

Here is a list of online job for students that you may want to consider applying.

A number of Online Jobs from Home that Help Your Financial Need

1. Social Media Manager

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Managing the social media of a certain company means that you have to responsible with the content as well as the promoting task of every deal made by the company. Building a good relationship with the followers by giving appropriate responses to the issues they bring will make them stay connecting with your web, and that will make the company won’t regret hiring you. Moreover, you can do the job in a flexible schedule so that as a student it won’t disturb the schedule of your study time.

2. Online Tutor

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Master a certain subject. If you have, then it’s the time for you to start to make use of your ability. Creating an online tutor can be a lucrative online jobs from home you can choose as a student. It will also do for your other skill than your academic skill, such as music, art, fashion, etc.

3. Data Entry Clerk

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This may not be the best online jobs from home that offers you a lot of sum, but this kind of job surely doesn’t require you a certain skill or experience. All you need to have is a set of computer with strong internet connection.

4. Resume Writer

Your writing skill and good choice in diction is strongly needed here. You need to polish someone’s resume to be as interesting as possible to make it attractive for the company projected. While you’ll find a quite tight competition here, the best way to start is try to offer your nearest fellow to be your initial client.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Such sophisticated search engine like Google or Yahoo, in fact, still need the human touch to help them to do the cleaning up. Those Search engines are still commonly have problems with errors which require the human to search the problems and then send the feedback on quality, accuracy, and the usefulness as well.

6. Blogger

When you’re good at something, and you think that your ability is widely useful for a lot of people, try to start a blog and write your valuable experience. By creating valuable content on your blog you’ll get money from various sources. Blogging is no doubt one of the best online jobs from home to gain money in a fun way.

7. Freelance writer

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If you have good skill in composing words, maybe you should put this choice on your top priority. Isn’t it nice that you get money from the thing that you like to do? Just get the gig that you fell suit your style, and start to promote your writing.

8. Virtual Recruiter

As a virtual recruiter, what you do is to connect a company with the potential employers to be hired. First, you post a vacancy, then screen the resumes, hold an initial interview, and discuss the salary.

9. Join the Amazon’s FBA program

Find a good deal on specific products and resell them with higher price on Amazon as well.

10. Take online Surveys

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The easiest way to get money is by taking online surveys conducted by companies who want to get your comments or feedback for their products or services. Only by filling out the form and answering some questions from them, you’ll get cash in return.

Besides students, other people still might have a chance to get an online job, like may be the ones offered by the Amazon, the largest online shop all over the world. It has hired thousand s of people to work for them, either online or offline. Here is the list of Amazon work from home you can take.

1. Dropshipper

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Online jobs come in various form, and dropshippping is the one you cannot avoid. All you need to do to get money is to create a storefront on a certain platform, list the products, and have the orders ship immediately to a customer from the supplier.

2. Product Tester

Being a product tester is a fun way to get money online. You can work with the product that you actually need or you want to have and get paid at the same time by giving the review or comments on the product. After you get the testing product, the company will send you some kind of questionnaire for you to complete. You may get cash, or you can keep the product in return.

3. Virtual Assistant

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Among the popular online jobs is being a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant jobs are varying, but mostly handling the customers’ comments and complaints. As long as you have great communication skill, especially when facing the customers on the phone, you’ll be able to stay longer in this kind of job.

4. Niche Website Creator

What it takes to be a good niche website creator is your good understanding of what it takes to be on the first page on Google. When you master it, then creating niche will be a good way for you to make money online. Choose the most enchanting topic to be on page 1 of Google, and let others follow.

5. Create your own Online Shop

Starting a new business may not be easy, but the advanced technology has made it possible for us. Only by posting merchandises on your social media, then it’s very possible for you to get money immediately.

Online jobs from home clearly give you much benefit in working. Not only it gains you money, it lets you work anywhere you want to at your most convenient time. So, let’s not miss this opportunity, shall we?

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