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15 Freelance Online Jobs for College Students That Generate Extra Income

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If you are a student and really want to have a side job online, then today’s post is something you are looking for. Here there will be a lot of choices for you to choose which jobs suit your abilities and interests. As a student, you certainly need additional income to pay for all your needs both on campus and everyday needs. Online jobs for college students are something that you can do between your free times will greatly help sustain your life.

Online Jobs for College Students to Choose During Free Time

1. Review Call

online jobs for highschool students

You may have heard someone on the other side of the phone say: “this call is being recorded”? Right, this is the work I mean. Someone who works online reviews each incoming call and categorizes it according to the caller’s intent and topic. You don’t need to answer the whole conversation. You can then forward calls to the station or telephone channel concerned with the caller’s needs. This is a good idea of online jobs for high school students during holidays.

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2. Wonder Research

As a wonder research worker, your main task is to check every question asked by clients and then look for answers from both online and offline sources that have high credibility and level of trust. Every question answered by including at least five reliable sources or per requirements, then you will be paid according to the agreement that has been written depending on the level of difficulty of the question.

3. Listen to the music online jobs

You might be surprised how it is possible just by listening to music then someone wants to pay you right? It turns out to get extra income by listening to music and then you do a review of the song. Whether you may review both the singer and the song itself. The conclusions you make will be a consideration material that is very helpful for the actors in the world of music. That’s why they want to pay people to do that. What a nice online jobs for college students ever!

4. Chat Agent

online jobs for college students with no experience

Being a chat agent requires high patience. Especially if the conditions proposed are related to a phone call. Generally, there are also those who only need to chat via email or online. So, before you really decide to take the job, make sure you understand what should be done, whether this is serving chat via telephone, email or other types of conversations. However, these online jobs for college students with no experience are good for you to give it a try.

5. Virtual Assistant

Also known as a personal office assistant, or virtual personal assistant is someone who provides various administrative assistance to clients from home. This type of work is different from the normal call center job, you may provide many types of assistance according to the request by employer.

6. Taking surveys online

Marketing research companies still pay people to conduct direct surveys and participate in focus groups. So, many companies now conduct legitimate online paid surveys, virtual paid focus groups, and other types of paid online marketing research. Take this online jobs for college students for your chance to get extra money, that’s what I suggest though.

7. Website tester

online jobs for students to earn money

This doesn’t involve a lot of technical knowledge, but testing a website can be an easy way to get extra money. You must navigate and check the site for its functionality. Many are asking for opinions or reviews that can be a material improvement for the owner of the website. You may be asked to do a ranking on the existence of the website or may be asked to test the application.

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8. Teaching online jobs

This is a job that is very suitable for college students. Because of your educational background, you can easily provide lesson guidance to school-age children. There are many people who need teaching staff for their children outside of school hours to help with homework and help understand school learning.

9. Online Sales Agent

online jobs for college students without investment

You can do this part-time job at home or in a dormitory at empty hours. You are asked to help market products and services through social media or marketplace. You can choose your timings, and that can be done exclusively on weekends. Pay is based on the client, but usually, it about talk time, payment of principal and commission. Other online jobs for students to earn money which I recommend for sure.

10. Captioning work

You need to provide a caption on the company or individual text or image who offering this job. This work requires creativity because you must be able to arouse the interest of readers to continue reading the contents of the news. The caption needed generally is for news or other journals.

11. Translator

Being a translator is a fun job. You can deepen your linguistics while taking material benefits from it. As long as you want to learn and develop yourself, this job will produce a pretty good income. This undoubtedly recommended online jobs for college students.

12. Freelance writer

The ability to write and process words is not something difficult if you want to start. Sometimes writing is hard to do at the beginning, yet by practicing seriously you will be accustomed to arranging the language structure and pouring it in an article that is readable and always awaited by readers. Another good thing in writing is this is online jobs for college students without investment. No need to spend any capital at the beginning.

13. Digital marketers

To do this online jobs for college students, you should first take part in the training of digital marketers in order to better understand the working system. Over time you will be more proficient with this digital method, then you will very easily work on big projects that bring big income too.

14. Drop Shipper

This is an online job that is suitable for students. You don’t need to stock items that spend money and space. You only need to bring in customers who want to buy products and services from the manufacturer. After you find the client, you can direct it to the website for later purchases using your name.

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15. Voice over talent

Here you need simple equipment to record your voice such as recorders, smartphones, and cables for connection. When recording, the background must be sound-free so that your recording is good and there is no noise that accompanies it.

Those are some good recommendations for online jobs for college students you can make the right choice to add to your income during the lecture time.

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