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16 Ways to Make Money with New Simple Business Ideas

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New Simple Business Ideas That Are Easy to Start

As an entrepreneur, you must be keen to see business opportunities, however small. In new simple business ideas, you must take advantage of existing potential, give birth to opportunities, so that a new and interesting business idea is born. Indeed, this is not easy, especially in the midst of intense competition between entrepreneurs who are increasingly active in marketing. There is nothing big straight without starting from the simple.

For those of you who currently want to start to open a business, or enter the business world, please note that there are currently many new business opportunities as new simple business ideas that are not yet widely known. What kind of business can be used as a business opportunity? Here are 16 ways you can make your own money.

Freelance Writer

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Writing is fun for some people and it turns out that this hobby can be a promising business opportunity. Starting from freelance writers (writing articles, copywriting, essays, etc.) to writing thesis for a lazy student. Lots of people or companies that need this service to be able to develop the content and business they have. Through your hobby of writing, you can make it the main capital to reap profits.

Web Creation Services

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For those of you who are creative and have skills in the world of information technology, designing websites, websites, or certain platforms, you can try this much sought-after business opportunity, namely web creation services as new simple business ideas. A webmaster, the term for this work, in the midst of the development of modern society, almost all companies want the presence of the web with various functions and needs. The pay is arguably quite good, depending on the level of complexity and demand of your clients.

Cake Decoration

The next business opportunity is as a cake decorator. Every birthday, weddings to some inauguration events usually require a unique and beautiful cake. This business can be a profitable opportunity, especially if the decorations you make are more unique and different from the others.

Event organizer (EO)

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Some events now use EO to manage the event. Starting from the concept of the event, implementation, decoration, until the completion of the event. Look for friends with good thoughts and want to be invited to run a business. This business will never die because more and more events will prefer to use EO services because they are considered more practical and flexible. It is suitable for new simple business ideas that are active and flexible like you.


Now many companies need video as a means to market their products. With your editing expertise, there are business opportunities available. You only need to develop and market your abilities. Video editing is usually also judged in terms of editing quality, the better of course the more companies and people are interested in this service.


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The next opportunity for new simple business ideas that is not yet widely known is translator. Having expertise in foreign languages can not only be used to teach or become a teacher. You can channel this expertise through translating documents, theses, scientific articles, schoolwork, or other literary needs. Especially at this time translator services are needed by many groups. Sometimes bloggers in Indonesia also need an interpreter in making their content. So, the skills you have will continue to grow and get appreciation in the form of money.

Laundry Sneakers

You already know that sneakers are also a favorite item for millennial kids right now? Opportunities like this can also be used as land for business. Laundry service providers specifically sneakers at this time are not yet known to many people even though many require this one service. Advertise on all social media and groups in your telephone contacts with attractive offers. For example, discounts or other attractive promos.


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For those of you who like the world of photography, don’t just be a hobby. In the midst of hectic celebrations, a photographer is needed to be able to capture every moment. If you already have a variety of portfolios, experience, and fill in several large events, the rates you install can be quite high. Passable channeling a hobby while making millions.

Costume Rental

Costume rental is not only sold on certain days. Because every weekend there are always people who get married. Every person who is married, of course, requires beautiful costumes that make their happy moments even more unforgettable. Therefore, costume rental is one of the new simple business ideas that will continue to be needed by the community.

Wedding Souvenirs

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As with costume rentals, selling souvenirs for weddings is also a field of money that you can use. Although not all, but it is almost certain that every married couple will give souvenirs to invited guests, as a thank you for their willingness to attend.

Camera Rental

Of course, everyone wants to capture the moment. Maybe you could say this one business requires substantial capital. But if you see a great opportunity going forward, those of you who already have the capital can try the camera rental business. Especially amid the hits of young people who want to look cool. This new business opportunity for leasing cameras will grow rapidly.

Culinary business

Today’s culinary business is also a business opportunity that is not yet known by many people. Talking about the culinary business is very broad. You can take advantage of online and offline markets. The key is to make delicious dishes and have unique shapes. For example, if you want to sell cakes, make cakes with unique designs that have never existed before.

Content Creation Services

Many companies with their brands choose to advertise their products through content. Whether it’s in the form of writing or in the form of video. So, this work can become new simple business ideas to make upportunity to make money. The brands racked their brains to find out how to sell products, without being forced. One of them is through creative content in the form of articles or videos.


For those of you who want to build a creative business but are constrained by capital, then you can start by becoming a dropshipper. The trick is easy because now there are many e-commerce sites that offer to become a dropshipper. With only a smartphone and interpersonal relationships, making this type of business minimal risk. The benefits are fairly decent considering that there is no capital to spend.

Selling Bread (Bakery)

Indeed the bakery business is a business that is filled by enough people. However, many people are always looking for bread, cakes, or biscuits that are better. If you are able to adjust to market tastes, then your bakery business will become a new simple business idea and be able to survive.

Simple Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are often used as a favorite place for various circles to spend time. Even now many entrepreneurs are making coffee shops as a meeting point for discussing business with business partners.

Because coffee shops are synonymous with young people and new simple business ideas, try to open a coffee shop with a special concept, interesting, as well as calm and comfortable.

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