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17 High Paying New IT Business Ideas to Start at Home

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17 New IT Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Own Home

People nowadays can not be separated from IT, most of their needs are based on IT. A long time ago, people need to go to the office for working if they are the employees in an office, in this modern era we do not need anymore to go to the office because we can do our task from home. Some advantages that you will get if you have the skills on IT are, you actually do not need to spend your time to prepare going to the office every morning, you can work everywhere even though you are on your vacation. There is some new IT business ideas that are able to do from home or anywhere in the world as long as you have the internet and laptop because those are the things that “IT people” need to do their jobs. So here are some of the ideas that you might want to consider to choose :

17 Ideas of Job That You Can Do from Home

1. Online Coaching

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There are some kinds of coach that people can teach, for example is a coach for doing a diet, a coach for working out, a coach for some soft skills like public speaking. You can offer your services through social media.

2. Instagram Marketing

Instagram is such a really popular social media, there is a lot of business there also but some people do not really understand how to promote and sell their things. People who have a business on Instagram can hire a professional marketer to do some strategies for their stuff

3. Podcasting

Sometimes people want to hear some useful information but at the same time, they want to do others thing, like cooking, cleaning the house, gardening, running, and something like that. So podcast is the same thing like music, actually, you do not need to be an expert to share some information, you can tell about your meaningful stories. If you are good at speaking, then this is one of the new IT business ideas that you can try.

4. Resume or CV Writer

So basically the clients will give the CV maker the materials about the information that they need to put in their CV. The CV maker will also design the CV so it will be interesting for the clients to apply for the job or something like that that needs a CV

5. Travel Planner

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All the things that you need to do are making an itinerary for the clients who order your service, you can offer and put your service on the internet and social media. Usually, the target for this service is people from another country since they do not really know much about places in a new country

6. Data Entry

A lot of business need people to put the information on their website, if you have a good typing skill then this job suits you. Since they will probably make the deadline for the works

7. English Tutor

Since English is an international language and not everyone in this world speaks it so it is very possible for you who have some English skills to tutor them. You can offer them about writing or speaking. Some English speakers can teach them how to pronounce in American or British accent properly

8. Social Media Manager

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We can not deny that social media is really powerful nowadays, people use it to promote their things or services. So the task for social media manager is to manage and make content to be uploaded in their social media accounts

9. Presentation Design

Presentation is needed in some places, like collage, office, or any business places. So the job of presentation designer is to make the presentation looks interesting in order to make the attendance pay attention to things that we present

10. Editor Photo

Some people need their photos or products to be edited to make it more interesting and eye-catching. If you are good at editing photos, you can offer your service through social media

11. Filling Out Online Surveys

Some companies need feedback from people about their products or services, then they will learn about our feedback.

12. Youtube Channel

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Making some useful videos like, tips and tricks, life hacks, DIY (Do It by Yourself) can make money if you upload it on your Youtube channel. This is one of the new IT business ideas that will earn a lot of money since Youtube is a really big platform to get the information

13. Data Analysis

Plenty of companies need talented people to analyse their data, if you are good at analytic then this job is good for you

14. Translator

If you are fluent for at least two languages, then you are probably good to take this job. Translator basically only needs a laptop to type their works and they can do it everywhere as long as the internet and laptop are with them

15. Investing Your Money

This is actually can be done from your home too, you just need to choose wisely which company that you are going to invest then you will get the profit without doing anything if you have chosen the right one

16. Making Custom Furniture

Some people want to design and make their own furniture but at the same time, they can not make a design for it. If you are good at designing and making the new models for the furniture, then this job is perfect for you

17. Web Designer

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Some companies need people who are good at designing web to make their websites look good and interesting. All you need to have is only laptop and internet in order to be able to work from anywhere.

Those are some new IT business ideas that you can try to do from home since nowadays people really need IT to fulfil their needs. Most of IT business can earn really good money because some of their jobs are difficult and take some times. It is definitely worth the effort and the times that you have invested in this. So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking and then do one of those ideas to make more money.

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