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18 New business ideas for beginners to Make Money Fast

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18 New Simple Business Ideas to Start While Working a Full Time

Do you ever wonder “what are some simple businesses that I could do to make extra cash?” Well, actually there are a lot of simple businesses that you could do in order to add some more cash in your account. Therefore, this article will discuss about new business ideas especially for beginners out there who want to try one or may be some of those ideas. Without further a due, here are some lists of new business ideas:

1. Home contractor

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New business ideas are suitable for you guys who have the experience of working on a company that focuses on home repair or contracting work. Thus, it will be easy for you to begin your own contracting business in which you could present numerous services to your prospective homeowners.

2. Baking

For you guys who like to bake, it is you time to make money out of it. You just need to make a beautiful, delicious, and eye catching cake, cookies, pastries, and bread. Median salaries for bakers are approximately $23.450

3. Home staging

If you guys are like to reorganize furniture, home staging will be the perfect business idea for you. You guys only need to help the vendor to make their homes looking gorgeous as ever in order to sell the house as soon as possible.

4. Sewing

For you guys who like to sew whether it is a quilt or just a bandana for sale or just for your own collection, you guys could make extra cash with it. You just need a sewing machine and there you go, you have found your way in making extra cash.

5. Personal stylist

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The next new business ideas that you guys could try is to be a personal stylist. However, in order to be a personal stylist you guys should have good taste in fashion. It is your time to make your passion in fashion become business ideas where you are becoming a personal stylist. Isn’t it fun turn your passion become your money machine?

6. Catering

This business idea will suit best for you guys who like to cook in impressive scale. You guys must start a catering business. How much money could you make will depend on the order that you take and your capability to properly determine how much your bits and pieces will cost. Furthermore, you could start small this catering business and gradually work your way up to much bigger projects, so you could get more profit.

7. Freelance writer

Good news for you guys who have passion in writing. You guys could start making extra cash by becoming a freelance writer. In order to do that, you guys could start offering your business on a casual basis.

8. Blogger

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You could also start your own blogging business where you could post about issues that suit your own experience and match up with your areas of expertise.

9. Virtual assistant

When you guys have experience such as email organization and communication, social media organization and book keeping and many more via online services. You guys could start a virtual assistant business of your own.

10. Child care service

If you consider yourself as a kid person, you definitely should open up child care service of your own. Moreover, you could also offer babysitting services where you will be going to the family’s home to babysit their child/ children.

11. Social media manager

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The next new simple business ideas that you could try is to be a social media manager. This business idea requires a decent knowledge about social media and how to manage them. When you have a great knowledge about them, you could begin to offer your services to numerous business in which you will be managing their social media accounts.

12. Ecommerce reseller

Nowadays, you could sell anything and everything through online shop. If you guys are interested in making money online, you guys should try this business idea where you guys become an ecommerce seller. You can make your own items, or buy them and then resell it later through sites like eBay or Amazon. You don’t need former business experience in order to be an ecommerce reseller.

13. Dog walker

This business idea will be perfect for you guys who love dogs. You guys could start this business by becoming a dog walker. You could start offering your services to dog owners who don’t have enough time to walk their dog frequently.

14. House painter

If you guys have a passion in painting field, you guys could start your business as a house painter. You could begin to offer your services to homeowners or even for business.

15. Event planner

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If planning and organizing things are your passion, event planner is definitely perfect job for you guys. Not only passion for planning and organizing things, great communication skills is also important in this field. Therefore, if you guys have both of them you guys should start your own event planning business where you could offer services such as wedding planning, birthday planning, engagement or many other numerous events.

16. Hairdresser

Another new business ideas that you could try is that to be a hair dresser especially you guys who have a great knowledge in hairdressing. Then, you guys could start offering your services to your potential clients for events or many other occasions.

17. Makeup artist

This one is perfect for you who have passion in doing make up. It is the time for you to make money out of it. You could start offering your service to your clients for doing their make up for their special events, photo shoot, and other special occasions.

18. Graphic designer

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This business idea will suit best for you guys who have experience in designing. You could start attracting your customers who are in need of logo or other branding design aspects.

In sum, the above lists are new business ideas that you guys could use as references when you guys want to open up a new business. Some of those businesses require experiences, but some of them are not. Thus, choose what kind of business that will match with your skill and passion, so you could grow your own business.

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