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15 Most Expensive Laptop in the World 2020: The Price Information

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Laptops do continue to experience changes over time. Talking about laptops, did you know that in this world there are some of the most expensive laptop.

The following laptops with fantastic prices come from several well-known brands such as Asus, Lenovo, and Apple. Then the makers are also eyeing target consumers from the upper-middle class.

But if you have a budget of between $ 2,026.8436 and $ 3,378,6501, you can bring home one of the most expensive laptops from Lenovo. This laptop is perfect for gaming needs because it contains RAM and a very high-quality processor.

For the price itself, it is around 2,365,1331 USD. Apart from Lenovo, here is a list of the most expensive laptop in the World according to Weblogue. Below we also provide price information and a little explanation about the specifications of each laptop.

List of the most expensive laptops in the world and the latest price information

Most Expensive Laptop

Laptops for video editing or gaming are usually priced at USD 473,0266 to USD 1,351,5046. However, we think this price is still quite far below some of the most expensive laptops below.

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Apple MacBook Pro 2017

most expensive gaming laptop in the world 2019

2,026,1854 USD

The Apple MacBook Pro laptop released in 2017 opened the Gadgetized version of the most expensive laptops. This laptop costs 2,026,1854 USD and can be the best choice for those of you who are looking for a quality gaming laptop.

Lenovo Thinkpad W540

most expensive gaming laptop 2020

2,242.3118 USD

Lenovo also released a middle and upper-class laptop called the Lenovo Thinkpad W540. To have this laptop, you need to prepare a budget of approximately 2,242.3118 USD. One of the advantages of the Lenovo Thinkpad W540 may lie in the runway sector and screen quality.


most powerful laptop in the world

2,702,495 USD

The next most expensive laptop is the EVGA SC17 which costs around USD 2,702,495. This laptop supports wide screens with 4K resolution. There is also an Intel Core i7-6720HK processor to maximize performance quality.

MSI GT75VR Titan 083

most expensive computer in the world

2,702,495 USD

The most expensive laptop on this one, of course, you already know how much it costs. Yes, you can take the MSI GT75VR Titan 083 gaming laptop home with a ransom of 2,702,495 USD. Armed with a very powerful runway sector plus a large RAM capacity, it can maximize laptop performance when playing games.

Acer Ferrari 1100

most expensive laptop in the world 2018

2,925.4514 USD

The Acer Ferrari 1100 is also included in the Gadgetized version of the world’s most expensive laptop list. This laptop is offered at a price of 2,925.4514 USD. The advantage of the Acer Ferrari 1100 may be found in the ATI Radeon X1270 GPU which is claimed to be able to present super clear graphics when playing games.

Alienware 18

ego for bentley

3,513.2472 USD

Then the title of the most expensive laptop in the world is also pinned on Alienware 18. In some countries, this laptop is priced at around 3,513.2472 USD. Thus, this device certainly offers specifications that are commensurate with the price offered.

Dell Mobile Precision M6800

3,709.1783 USD

With a price of 3,709.1783 USD, the Dell Mobile Precision M6800 is of course one of the most expensive laptops in the World. This laptop is perfect for editing and gaming activities thanks to the combination of high-quality processor, GPU, and RAM.

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Asus ROG G703

4,053.5563 USD

Asus has embedded an Intel Core i7-7829HK processor on the laptop above. In addition, AsusROG G703 also offers 32 GB of RAM and several other advantages. The price itself is priced in the range of 4,053.5563 USD. That’s why the Asus ROG G703 is claimed to be one of the most expensive laptops.

Stealth Macbook Pro By Corporate

5,857,3888 USD

Stealth Macbook Pro By Corporate carries an elegant design. Plus a 15-inch widescreen with 4K resolution adds to the added value of this laptop. Then at a price of USD 5,857,3888, Apple also embedded 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Voodoo Envy 171

6,345.3022 USD

Voodoo Envy 171 charges around USD 6,345,3022. With a dowry that is so expensive, this laptop is equipped with a high-quality processor and VGA. In addition, the maker has also installed a 17-inch widescreen capable of presenting a 4K-quality display.

Asus ROG GX800

6,419,6349 USD

No half-hearted, the Asus ROG GX800 laptop offers a RAM capacity of up to 64 GB. Coupled with 1.5 TB of storage space that is ready to accommodate many large files.

Ego For Bentley

ego for bentley laptop

19,527.8926 USD

The next most expensive laptop is Ego For Bentley. As the name implies, this laptop is manufactured by a well-known luxury company, the Bentley Company. They released a laptop wrapped in white gold for 19,527.8926 USD. Interested in buying it?

MacBook Pro 24 Carat Gold

29,318.8672 USD

A laptop called the Macbook Pro 24 Carat Gold is also included in the list of the most expensive laptops in the World. How not, to have this laptop you have to be willing to spend up to 29,318.8672 USD. One of the products from Apple Inc. has a 24-carat gold bandage all over its body.

Tulip E-GO Diamond

34,667,4755 USD

If Apple uses 24-carat gold to coat the laptop body, it is a different matter with Tulip. On a laptop called Tulip E-GO Diamond, they paired a pure diamond at some point. This makes the price of this laptop touch 34,667,4755 USD.

Luvaglio 1 Million Dollar Laptop


972,699.68407 USD

Luvaglio 1 Million Dollar is the most expensive laptop in the world. From the name alone, we can guess about the price. Yes, 1 million dollars is equivalent to 972,699.68407 USD. This laptop is only produced in a few units in the world.

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Where Can We Buy Super Expensive Laptops?

If you are interested in having one of the most expensive brands and types of laptops above, you can come directly to the official outlets. In addition, you can order it through their official website. But you have to be prepared to pay inter-country shipping costs that are not cheap.


Those are some of the most expensive brands and types of laptops in the world that has summarized. Are you yourself interested in buying one of the laptops above? or is it enough with the laptop you currently have? Almost all of the laptops above have runway sectors with powerful performance, so you can use them for video editing and gaming activities.

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