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14 Best Money Management Apps on Android and iOS

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Having a Money Management Apps every month is something that must be considered if you don’t want to be “missed”.

The reason is, there are still many people whose finances are running low.

This of course should not happen repeatedly.

Fortunately, in this modern era, there are many applications that are ready to be your “assistant” in managing finances.

Let’s take a look at some of the Best Budgeting Apps that can make your salary last.

14 Best Money Manager Expense & Budget Apps


mint app

Mint is one of the most popular Budget Apps among millennials.

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The reason is, this application offers an all-in-one feature.

With only 1 account, here are some things you can manage in it:

  • Bank account
  • Investment portfolio
  • Monthly bill
  • Credit loan
  • Giro

In addition, this Money Management Apps can help you group your spending budget into several different categories.

That way, you can easily calculate expenses.

Your finances can also be displayed in graphs and charts which of course will make it easier to see your financial condition.

If the bill becomes high, this application will send you a reminder by sending a notification.


UangKu is a Money Management Apps suitable for people who have never used a money management application.

With features that are detailed and structured and packed simply, beginners will have no trouble operating this application.

When using this application, you will be asked to fill in a savings and expenditure target for one month.

Then, this application will automatically recommend how much money you can spend each day to reach the target you want to achieve.

You can group expenses and income recorded in the application into various categories.

This will help you keep track of the incoming and outgoing money.

Money Level

Level Money is a money management application for iOs linked to bank accounts.

In addition, this Money Management Apps can also help you manage incoming and outgoing money on both credit cards and bank accounts.

With features like this, you don’t need to be afraid to miss because this application will continue to tell you how much money has been spent.

The advantage of using this application is guaranteed security and ease of use.

Money Lover

Manage finances with this application is very easy and practical.

This application is equipped with several features that can help manage expenses for a month, from food to entertainment.

The features that you can set are as follows:

  • Budget
  • Savings
  • Event

With the convenience offered, you no longer need to bother writing all your expenses and income on paper.


best money manager app android

This financial manager is equipped with customization features so that applications can be changed according to your needs.

In addition, you can create more than 1 account whose records for each account will be submitted separately.

The feature that allows you to group your expenses into various categories will also make it easier to manage your finances.

This Budgeting Apps will automatically calculate the percentage of expenses for each category every day to every year.

The paid version for this app will free you from annoying ads and category restrictions that you can use.


Wallet has a feature that can connect transactions and bank balances that you use.

Another advantage offered is that this application supports multiple currencies and can export data in various types of files with the cloud sync feature.

In addition, there is an account sharing feature that allows you to share accounts with other users.

Using this application will certainly make life easier.


Penny is an iOS smart finance app that you can chat with about your financial situation.

With the right settings, this application will answer all your financial problems correctly.

Some of the features that Penny offers are as follows:

  • Information how much money has been spent;
  • Information on what bills to pay; and
  • Information regarding which bills have increased the rate.

In addition, you can download this application for free, but you can also buy the paid version if you want other additional features.

AndroMoney (Expense Track)

AndroMoney is an application that you can use to track expenses and income every month in a simple and detailed way.

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Budget custom is displayed prominently accompanied by a graphic showing details of expenses and remaining storage capacity via Dropbox and Google Docs.

This best expense manager app is very suitable for various kinds of financial matters such as a budget for

  • take a walk,
  • watching movies,
  • eat,
  • device needs,
  • household needs, and
  • clothes shopping needs.

Cash Droid

This financial note app has a simple interface that can show personal financial charts simply.

The developer of this money management application claims that Cash Droid is the best financial management app in its class.

One of the reasons is because of its financial analysis and import CSV file (for Cash Droid Pro version).

Similar to AndroMoney, this application is also able to group various kinds of income and expenses.

For example, you can classify if the source of funds you have comes from basic salary and insurance payments, and monthly bills are grouped into expense categories.

Daily Financial Notes App

Developed by Asyncbite Software, Daily Financial Notes makes it easy to record your monthly financial statements.

In this budget planner app, there are several features that can support convenience in managing finances, such as

  • record expenses,
  • record income,
  • calculate the difference, and
  • reports per month.


If you own a business, don’t use applications that are commonly used to manage day-to-day finances.

This application can accommodate your needs in recording business finances that are currently running.

Moreover, TemanBisnis is also very suitable for those of you who are starting your business for the first time.

In this application, you can record income and expenses from various sources.

You can categorize each source into different groups so you can easily track transactions.

Not only that, but you can also record debit and credit transactions.

Then, you can also calculate a number of reports such as profit/loss, debt/receivables, and cash growth per period automatically.

Of course, this feature will make it easier for you to prepare financial books, right?

Money Wiz

If you are familiar with money manager app, maybe you can try Money Wiz.

This financial notes application offers more detailed options and functions than most financial management applications.

For example, this application features a financial report generator in CSV or PDF format.

The data includes a breakdown of transactions to budget comparisons which are reported separately, depending on each recipient of money or merchant.

In addition, you will also be given the convenience of recording transactions because this application can group a transaction into more than 1 category.


personal expense tracker app

Financisto is an application that is able to manage your finances in various currencies.

In addition, this application will also tell you how good or bad you are in managing finances.

Then, you can also track the incoming and outgoing money easily because all financial reports are recorded properly.

When tracking your finances, one of the important information you will get is the type of expense and the date when the transaction took place.


An application managed by Spendee a.s. it can record all financial transactions, from the smallest to the largest.

The advantage of Spendee is that it is very easy to use for notes to save money.

Those are some Best Money Management Apps on Android and iOS.

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