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12 Best Money Making Apps You Should Download Now

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To earn a living can be very easy now by the introduction of the technology into our lives. Technology has helped human to create more and more ways to get their purposes achieved in much easier way.

The presence of money making apps, either on the desktop designs or the android version, has created new dimension in the business and employment world. Nowadays, people don’t have to go out to certain office or institution, or chase the subway schedule to get to the work place. Only by having their own laptop or even by playing their android device, the money will automatically increase in their bank account. Best money making apps even let you work from your bed lazily, yet, the amount of money you get from such job is quite significantly high so that you can make it as the main source of your income.

And, so, here are the money making apps that may help the condition of your financial.

The Best Money Making Apps to Add Your Daily Income

1. Money App

It’s a market research app that fits for your iOS and Android devices. The required tasks to be done here are offering an opinion, checking the displays of the stores, testing services, mystery shopping, and even participating in some free trials. After completing a task, you’ll get reward which after the accumulation, you can redeem it with cash using the PayPal. The best thing about Money App is that this is one of the best apps to make money fast, where you can easily get the cash only within two or three working days to redeem the reward with cash. Other apps will not allow you to do this; they will commonly pay you on monthly-basis.

2. iPoll

best money making apps

It’s another type of market research apps which allow you to earn money by completing market surveys. They, sometimes, will also ask you write down your daily consumption and complete the tasks about retail stuffs. It’s most preferable because it provides you the feature where the task given to you is based on the preference that you tell the app when your register. So, you’ll find the enjoyment while you’re doing the task. For every task you do, you’ll get a reward which later can be substituted with cash through PayPal.

3. Foap

This is one of money making apps that fit for the android devices. This app is just perfect for photographers either amateurs or professionals who would like to sell their picture-taken by smartphone. Money making apps for android phones are a lot, but none of them is as genius as Foap. Foap is a crowdsourcing spot for brand s, advertising and marketing agencies to get pictures from around 2, 5 million photographers all over the world.
Get an account, upload your best photos with visible tags and your work will be rated by the community. For every sale you make, you’ll get $5 immediately. However, you can get up to $100 for each sale. And lately, the app has expanded its mission to include videos as well.

4. Fluid Market

When you have vehicles like cargo van, pickup truck, box truck, car or even SUV but you don’t use them quite often, you can make money by renting them out on the Fluid Market. Fluid Market is also possible for you to rent your equipment like drills, hedge trimmers, saw. Other things like tandem bike or rowboat are also most-renting things on Fluid Market.

5. Swagbucks

best apps to make money fast

One of the most legit money making apps is Swagbucks. Swagbucks has been definitely a popular money making apps among the internet users. As you sign up, you’ll get $10 bonus for your sign-up. What you have to do are taking surveys, playing games, doing the online shopping, or even watching videos. The survey form given to you is based on your demographics. The points that you have collected can be redeemed with cash on your PayPal account.

6. Toluna

legit money making apps

Toluna is another kind of money making apps in the form of market research survey. Unlike any other apps, Toluna lets you create your own survey, for example, your opinion about the current product that you use. It will give you an extra bonus points that can be redeem later on.

7. Userfell

What you do here to get money is to test a new website. Visit the web, explore it, do simple tasks as they asked (there’s a video to help you), and send the feedback or comments. Ever test will gain you $10 cash through PayPal. You only need to spend 10 to 20 minutes for each test.

8. Ibotta

money making apps for android phones

With Ibotta you’ll earn money by shopping at different stores. Get a picture of your receipt after making a purchase, upload it, and wait for a moment, the money will immediately transferred to your account. As you sign-up, you’ll get immediate bonus for $10, and you’ll get $5 for every person you’re recommended to use the app.

9. FusionCash

It’s an app that offers you cash by doing some jobs like watching videos, completing surveys, clicking the ads, etc. Every task you complete you’ll get $5, another $2 will be added to your account when your referral fulfill their initial task, and every time your referrals cash out, and another $5 will be yours.

10. MyPoints

Several tasks are offered here as your way to get instant cash. Web searching, playing games, watching videos are amusing activities that can gain you amount of money. Besides, you can also get cash at Mypoint by shopping at several of stores.

11. Musely

Musely is especially designed for modern women, which offer home-made ec0-friendy beauty products. Get your own store, recommend the products, then you’ll get 20% from every product purchased by your recommendation.

12. FeaturePOints

It gains you cash by downloading and trying free apps. Besides, for each person you recommend, you’ll get a half of their earnings.

So, let’s download the money making apps on your phones, and let your account increase day by day.

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