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20 Ways to Make Money Fast as a Kid

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As a little kid, sometimes we want extra money to buy our favorite new game or snacks. A lot of time, our parents will make us do extra chose for a certain amount of rewards. It seems like there are not much we can do as a little kid the make money fast. However, as we get older, ideas to make money become a lot more available, partly due to the technology we have today that allow kids or teenagers to earn more money. Here are some of them.

Make Money Fast as a Little Kid

1. Lemonade Stand

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This one is a classic idea of what a little kid can to earn some extra cash. The lemonade stand has always become a favorite option because it is simple and easy to do. Only need to prepare some lemonade, prepare a pitcher of water, and some plastic cups.

2. Photobooks

For little kids that love taking pictures, one creative way to make money is by creating a photo book. Start by make a couple of photobook for yourself, and then offer to take some photos for people around you.

3. Babysit

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Babysitting is the answer if someone asks how to make money as a teenager. It is simple enough to do but still requires a certain amount of responsibility. However, it is better to do this work only if you enjoy being with little kids.

4. Mother’s helper

This one is for the kids that are not old enough and don’t want to be alone with smaller kids. In this work, the kid’s task is playing with the mother’s kid when she is busy preparing dinner or doing other things around the house.

5. Do extra chores

If you wonder how to make quick money in one day, then probably doing extra chores in the house is the answer. Talk to your parents and negotiate what should you do to earn an extra allowance.

6. Recycle aluminium cans

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Don’t just throw away the aluminium cans you get from buying soda drink. Wash them clean instead, and crush them. Collect the clean, crushed cans, and when you have gathered enough cans for you to carry, bring them to the scrap yard and sell them.

7. Cleaning up the neighbour’s garden

During the fall season, leaves are scattered around in the garden and people need to make time for cleaning up. This is a great job opportunity for the kids in the neighbourhood. You can help your neighbour cleaning the garden and earn some extra cash.

8. Run errands

Another easy way to make money fast as a kid is to run errands for people around your neighbourhood. You can help people post a mail to the post office, go to the grocery store to buy something, or go the dry cleaners and pick up some laundry. Make a simple flyer so that the neighbour notice your new business.

9. Washing cars

Another work you can try is washing cars. Washing them in a car cleaning service can cost a lot of money, so you can learn how to clean it yourself and start offering your help to your parents and maybe neighbours.

10. Pet Sit

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Busy pet-owners usually don’t have time to take care of their pet or walk them. Offer your help for a pet-sit or walk their pet whenever your neighbours are away. It is a fun way to make money fast because you get to play with the pet and help you earn good money too.

11. Create craft jewellery

Do you have creative hands and good at making jewellery craft? If so, make some and sell them at your local craft store or fairs and bazaars.

12. House sits on vacation

People on vacation will leave their house empty. But it can be a problem if they leave them for too long. You can help them house sit their house and make sure that their house is safe and without any issues. Then, pick up their mail, packages, and newspaper, and also put their trash out.

13. Help seniors

It is a simple way to make money fast. You only need to check the elderly people once in a while or spend your time playing games or talk with them.

14. Delivering newspaper

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A lot of people still read the newspaper, so help them get their daily news by delivering newspaper around your neighbourhood.

15. Trash can service

Help your neighbour to take out their trash every time they are away, and put the trash can back if it is emptied already. A lot of busy people would pay for someone to help them with this chore.

16. InboxDollars

This site is a great option if you are wondering how to make money online for beginners. It doesn’t require you to do freelance work, only play the games and earn points. Redeem the points for some money or gift cards.

17. Swagbucks

Do you know how to make money online for free? The answer is Swagbucks. You only need to play games online, earn points, and redeem the points to earn some money. Easy and fun!

18. Create videos

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Little kids and teenagers these days spend a lot of their time on the internet. So why don’t you create videos, posting them on YouTube and start earning money?

19. Mowing lawns

Busy people usually unable to make time to mow their own garden. Offer your help to these neighbours and earn some extra cash fast.

20. Teaching computer

A lot of adults do not really get the idea of how to work with a computer. This can be a field you can try to make money fast today. A little kid can learn faster than most adults, therefore they can teach computer programs to other adults easier.

There are countless of an easy way to make money fast if you are a little kid. It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort and you can start your business around the neighbourhood. Usually, your neighbour will happily hire your service because it will save time from them and helping a little kid to earn money is fun! So, what are you waiting for?

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