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3 Easy Ways to Make an Android Mobile Game

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Playing games on cellphones is really fun and even makes us forget the time. The fact is that the trend of playing games on cellphones is indeed busy because many game developers are moving to mobile devices, for example, PUBG Mobile. But, have you ever thought about How to Make an Android Mobile Game? Is it hard?

If you are one of the people who want to make your own Android game, but your coding skills may be hindered or you don’t have your own PC, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because apparently there is a solution for all of that.

Maybe you are thinking about whether making a game on an Android device requires high-level coding skills? the answer is yes. But there are still alternative ways for those of you who don’t have coding skills.

This article will explain in detail how to Make an Android Mobile Game without coding skills. In fact, you can make this Android game with just your cellphone device and without needing a computer.

However, if you have a PC, it is advisable to use a PC to maximize the games you will make. Here’s how to make Android games without coding, without a PC and of course, it’s all free.

How To Build A Simple Android Game


How can I create a mobile game

Quickappninja is a free and popular website that provides free coding of mobile games and applications.

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How to make your own online android game:

  • Register for Quickappninja

The first thing you have to do is register yourself on the Quickappninja website. Register here

  • Choosing a Game

There are several types of android games that you can make there. Select the type of android game you want.

  • Game Making Process

After you have chosen the type of game you want, now you have to edit the appearance, sound, color, and more. At this stage, it is very easy to do and requires no coding at all. You are free to adjust everything according to your taste.

  • Additional Settings

Then in the fourth stage, fill in the game name, email address, and what are the terms of the game that you made.

  • Manage revenue from applications created

At this stage, you are free to fill it in or not. If you want to get money from an application that you have made, it means you have to fill out at this stage. In the monetization menu, activate AdMob by Google to enable in-app ads.

  • The game can be downloaded

The final step is that you can download the game that you have made yourself without coding. Just click Generate Game in the lower right corner. You have to wait 1 × 24 hours before the game can be uploaded to Google Playstore.


Is it hard to make an android game

AppsGeyser is a website that is able to create your own games without coding and provides simple menus so you can quickly create your own games.

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Follow the following guidelines for how to make android games on AppsGeyser:

  • Open the google chrome browser then, go to the AppsGeyser site.
  • Type in the game you want then click show more if you haven’t found it yet.
  • Choose the game you want to make, there are many choices of games such as Puzzle, Mahjong, Quiz, Flappy, and others.
  • Then arrange the objects in the game, if you have clicked Next.
  • Next enter the game name and description, then click Next.
  • You can change the game icon at this point, select the icon then click Create.
  • Register yourself by entering your email or using your Google / FB account.
  • Finally, you will be directed to the front page, scroll down, and select download the game that you have created yourself.

Making your own game is not that difficult, right? Even without coding skills, you can make your own games for free and for free

Draw Your Game

How do you create a game for free

This last way to make your own Android game is arguably quite unique. Because you can use your own picture on HVS paper freely and then place it in a game.

So, there are several ingredients that you need to prepare first. First, of course, the image of the game you want on HVS paper. Second, download and install the Draw Your Game application on your Android.

Now, while the provisions for making games in the Draw Your Game Application are:

  • The black image is for the walls and floor.
  • The blue image is for objects that move when touched.
  • The green image is for the trampoline of the game character.
  • Red images can kill off game characters.

How to make the game:

  • Open the Draw Your Game application that you have installed on Android.
  • Then click CREATE then follow the instructions until it’s finished and click the OK button.
  • Take a picture of your game by clicking the PICTURE to take a photo of your image. Or click the GALLERY to open the cellphone gallery.
  • Position the Android robot character in the middle of the start button.
  • Finally, click the Play button to play it.

And now you can play homemade android games. You can draw as creatively as possible on HVS paper to make a game in the way described above.

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So many tutorials on How to Make an Android Mobile Game easily and without requiring coding. Try to play other android games as inspiration for you to make your own games.

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