LINE NFT Officially Launches, There are 40,000 Types of NFT Including Patlabor

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LVC Corporation (“LVC”), LINE’s blockchain and crypto-asset business operator, officially launched LINE NFT. LINE NFT itself will only be available in Japan, offering a variety of content including exclusive NFT videos from Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co Ltd called Yoshimoto NFT Theater.

In addition, NFT from classic anime series such as Patlabor Mobile Police will follow, followed by NFT from other popular characters. In the future, NFT from various different genres will also be available.

​To note, LINE NFT is an NFT marketplace from LINE that allows users to easily buy and trade NFT. Users can also store-purchased NFTs on the LINE BITMAX Wallet, a digital asset management wallet that can be easily registered through a LINE account.

Through the LINE app, which already has nearly 90 million users in Japan, they can send or exchange NFTs with their friends on LINE. In the future, LVC will collaborate with the LINE family of services and other group companies to offer a variety of diverse NFT experiences, including the joys of owning NFT.

At least about 40,000 NFT products will be available for sale, including the Yoshimoto NFT Theater which features various performance videos from top comedians at Yoshimoto Kogyo. There is also a Patlabor Mobile Police diorama that was created specifically to celebrate the animation’s 30th anniversary.

In addition, videos of popular characters such as Gyuunyuu, Usagyuun!, and Betakkuma will also be available. Starting April 20, an NFT to commemorate the retirement of athlete Kohei Uchimura, as well as an original NFT by manga artist Yashiroazuki will also be available.

Based on LINE NFT’s ability to provide a diverse range of products and enable users to easily start using the service through the LINE app, LVC will continue to provide users with a rich experience through their collaboration with other group companies.

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Furthermore, with the concept of “LINE Blockchain Designed for Everyone,” LVC will aim to provide NFT and other blockchain services and technologies that can be practically applied in users’ daily lives.

Instagram users will also be able to show off NFT

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Instagram Voice Message Feature IG Story In addition to LINE, which has officially launched NFT, Mark Zuckerberg as the boss of Meta also revealed his plans regarding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). He said NFT will launch on the Instagram platform, allowing users to showcase their collections on the platform.

“We are working on bringing NFT assets to Instagram in the near future,” said Mark.

Mark explained that NFT will be present in the next few months. Later Instagram users can bring their digital assets to the application so they can be showcased to other users.

“I’m not ready to announce exactly what will happen today. But over the next few months, there will be the ability to bring some of your NFTs into the app.”

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Mark’s statement resonated with what Instagram boss Adam Mosseri wanted in December 2021, who wanted to explore NFT on the photo-sharing platform.

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