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15 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs with Good Offer of Salary

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The internet has really changed the face of human life. The movement of work from home jobs is on this way to reach the highest popularity among the citizen of the world. And it definitely disrupts the cycle of the available traditional workforce.

People are starting to see legitimate work at home jobs not only as a way to produce money but also as the way to save the expense as well. By doing or running any real work from home jobs, first of all, you can save the expense on the daily transportation you usually take from home to office. Secondly, you don’t have to prepare any suit for the outfit to go to work, since wearing pajamas is also valid for doing such remote jobs.

And the list of legitimate work at home jobs below are essentially perfect for mothers who still take the family responsibility as the main priority to do, and for anyone who would like to develop himself by starting own-career path by working from home.

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs: Safe Way to Earn Money from Home

Online Writer

This is one of among popular legit online jobs ever. If writing is your hobby, there are many of online sites owner that would like to pay that hobby. Getting into this business is very easy, and it has a very flexible regulations and provisions. You’d better consider this as your first choice when you decide to get into online business.

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Writers are prone to making mistakes in composing the paragraphs. If you’re easily catching such errors, this job is just perfect for you. Your skills in grammatical and language features are strongly required here for sure.

Virtual Bookkeeper

If you have no idea yet about this business, you’ll have to know that being a bookkeeper should do financial record of a company. If you feel that you don’t have ability but still considering taking this stay at home jobs, you should take a look at a free training courses for bookkeepers beginners first.

Virtual Assistant

real work from home jobs

The development of the technology has enabled you to do the jobs as the virtual assistant from anywhere. What you have to do here is quite vary, from managing emails, dealing with the content creation, or even things related to graphic designs.


If you have considerable of time to sit and listen carefully on the recorded lectures or information, this job may fit you. After the long listening, you’ll have to transcribe the text in to the written form. The text you may hear has been varied in themes, depending on what kind of organization you take the jobs from.

Start a Blog

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One of legitimate work at home jobs you can consider is starting a blog. How can you make money by blogging? When you write something nice and people start visiting your blog and read your articles in it, you’ll start to make money from the ads.

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It is also possible to make your blog as a site of affiliate marketing. You can promote a certain product by giving a review upon the product. When people buy the product from your link, you’ll get commission from the company.

Teach English Online

Teach English lesson online has been a legitimate work at home jobs you can do since English is an important lesson for every student in non-English country. If you have experience in tutoring, and good ability in English, you can start this business from home to the worldwide.

Website Tester

One of the easiest money making online is by being a website tester. When a company launches its first website, they commonly need feedback from the users. And it is a common practice that they will pay you for testing their websites or new Apps.

Data Entry

data entry jobs from home

The data entry jobs from home is a kind of online job that doesn’t really require special skill or prior experience. Therefore, this job usually doesn’t offer a quite high salary. Still, you may consider this as a start step to get into virtual business.

Start a Mechanic Business

People start to see small mechanic business than a dealership, since some of them confess that they feel like that their car get more attention there and the mechanic won’t charge you as much as at the dealer. You can start by creating your own garage on your home.

Start a Courier Business

Though you have to go out to deliver things, letters, or documents, the process of taking the orders can easily done from home through devices you have.

Selling Products Online

amazon work from home

Get yourself into Amazon FBA Program. It’s an Amazon work from home that suits for moms whose hobby is shopping. Find good deals on the main producers’ products, then resell it on Amazon for higher rate of price. Easy business, isn’t it?

Event Planner

One of legitimate work at home jobs you can consider is being an event planner. A lot of people today don’t have time to make their own plan for their special occasion such as birthday party, wedding anniversary, or even graduation party for the kids. Often, they choose to pay for services from an event planner.

Car Detailing Service

The basic service for car details you can get includes things like car wash, car polishing, vacuuming, and window washing as well.

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Consider doing this. Take a dirty and awful look of a car; make sure it’s terrible enough. Then take the best shot of the same car after receiving the services from you, upload it on your social media to show off your good work. It’s such a good way to attract clients.

Laundry Services

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It’s a legitimate work at home jobs that will never lack of clients, since it’s actually an ongoing chores, but some people don’t have the time to do, or even take it to the Laundromat nearby. Therefore, the outsourcing of the jobs has become the ultimate choice.

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