Easy Ways to Learn Coding With Only Android Smartphones

Easy Ways to Learn Coding With Only Android Smartphones

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Learning programming languages ​​directly from an Android smartphone is now easier with the help of the following applications. Named Mimo, this application made by an Austrian company offers a way to learn to code that is easy for people to understand, especially for beginners.

There are various kinds of programming languages ​​that can be learned at Mimo, starting from HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Swift, C ++, SQL, PHP, and many more. In addition, Mimo facilitates learning with a gradual method from elementary, intermediate to expert.


To start learning coding, just download the Mimo application and install it as usual on Android. Then choose experience in coding, if you haven’t at all, just choose Beginner. On the main page, premium users can choose which programming languages ​​they want to learn.

When you feel that you are starting to understand, users are also allowed to create code projects by building applications, games, or websites. Mimo will provide a special certificate if the project is successful.

Mimo can be used for free but with limited features. To access all of its features, you can subscribe directly.