Laptop is Shutting Down Randomly

8 Reason Why Your Laptop is Shutting Down Randomly and How To Fix It

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Your laptop often shutting down by itself? calm down, you don’t need to panic, the article below we have prepared information about the causes and solutions to solve the problem of the laptop turning itself off. For that, continue to see this discussion until the end.

Laptops that experience this problem are actually caused by several small things, for example, forgetting to recharge the battery. This case may often be experienced by careless users.

For that, we recommend that when you find a low battery notification on your laptop, recharge it immediately. In addition, a laptop that suddenly turns off can also occur because the temperature of the laptop is overheating.

Overheating on laptops often occurs when playing games for too long. Then how do you solve the problem? Well, to answer your curiosity, just look at the full discussion below regarding the causes, solutions to some tips to avoid the problem of a laptop that suddenly turns off.

This Reason Why Your Laptop is Shutting Down Randomly and How To Fix It

Laptop is Shutting Down Randomly

As a laptop user, of course, you must know the cause of the laptop problem that suddenly dies. This is so that you can solve it immediately without having to go to a service center. Well, here are some things that are the main causes of laptops turning off by themselves:

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Laptop Experiencing Overheat

dell laptop randomly shuts off without warning

For the first case, the device overheating. Laptop overheating occurs when it is used for too long, especially when used to play games.

Damage occurred in RAM

how do i stop my computer from shutting down automatically

A problematic laptop RAM is also one of the reasons the device often turns off on its own. Apart from these problems, RAM damage will also affect laptop performance.

A Damage Occurs In The Laptop Processor

how to prevent computer from shutting down automatically

Apart from damage to RAM, laptops that often turn off by themselves can also be caused by damage to the processor system. Processor problems are usually due to using that does not match the specifications of the laptop.

Forgot to charge the battery

why does my computer turn off by itself windows 10

Especially for this one cause, it is usually experienced by careless users. Yes, a laptop battery that runs out of power will automatically turn off the laptop. Therefore, we recommend charging the laptop immediately when a low battery notification appears.

Laptop Battery Is Not Worth It

laptop randomly turns off

Laptop batteries that have been used for too long usually run out quickly. This problem seems unavoidable even though it is fully recharged. For a solution, you need to replace it with a new laptop battery so that the problem of a laptop that suddenly dies can be resolved.

The existence of Malware in the Operating System

laptop shuts down randomly not overheating

When you use a laptop to access dangerous sites, it is likely that you will invite malware or viruses on the laptop operating system. This is also the main factor causing laptops to often turn off on their own.

Clogged Air Circulation On Laptop

computer shuts down by itself

The problem of a laptop that suddenly shuts down can also be caused by a clogged cooling system. Thus the laptop will heat up quickly and often turns off itself. For that, we recommend that you always clean these components regularly.

Thermal Paste Is Dry

prevent windows 10 from shutting down

If you are using an old laptop and often have problems turning off yourself, we recommend checking the Thermal Paste in it. It could be that the Thermal Paste on the laptop has dried so it needs to be re-coated.

How to Fix Why Your Laptop is Shutting Down Randomly

After knowing some of the causes of laptop from shutting down automatically, now you need to know how to fix them. In the following, we have prepared some practical solutions to overcome laptops suddenly turning off by themselves:

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Clean Air Circulation

  • Open the back case of the laptop when it is off.
  • Then take the fan compound or laptop air circulation.
  • Clean these components using a brush or other cleaning tool.
  • If so, plug it back in as before.
  • Now try to turn on the laptop and do a fairly strenuous activity such as playing games or downloading movies.

Replace Unfit Batteries

In this solution, you need a fee to buy a laptop battery. However, this process only applies when the problem above is caused by an outdated laptop battery.

Adding Thermal Paste

  • Open the laptop back case and remove the Fan from its position.
  • After that, apply Thermal Paste on the surface of the Heatsink Fan.
  • If so, install it again as before.
  • Make sure there are no parts left behind.
  • After that, turn on the laptop and see the difference.

Install Anti Virus Software

For this solution, you need to download Anti Virus software for laptop devices. Currently, there are many Anti Virus applications available on the internet. Some of them are free and also paid. With this software, of course, it can remove and prevent viruses from entering the operating system which results in laptops often turning off by themselves.

Tips for Avoiding Problems on Laptops

Then to prevent the above problems from occurring on your laptop, here we have some tips that you can apply.

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  • Don’t use your laptop to play games for too long.
  • Diligently clean the fan or laptop air circulation.
  • Don’t try to access dangerous sites that can invite viruses.
  • Diligently coat the Heatsink Fan with Thermal Paste at least once a month.


Those are some of the Reason Why Your Laptop is Shutting Down Randomly. Not only that, but the also added information about an easy way to solve the problem. Then for those of you who often play heavy games via a laptop, we recommend applying some of the tips above to solve the Overheating problem so that the laptop doesn’t turn off on its own.


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