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3 steps you can take to keep your kids safe on TikTok

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kids safe on TikTok? TikTok apparently doesn’t want users to continue TikTok without knowing the time. As a result, this booming and viral social media brings Digital well-being features to prevent users, especially children from being addicted to TikTok.

Much like the Digital Wellbeing feature on the latest Android smartphones, this feature prevents users from staring at the screen or apps for long periods of time. So, how to activate the Digital Wellbeing feature on TikTok?

Here’s how to prevent addiction to playing TikTok using the Digital Wellbeing feature. Here are the steps.

Is TikTok Safe for Kids? Here’s What Parents Should Know

  • Go to TikTok account settings and select the Digital Wellbeing menu. The menu provides two features, namely Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode. Select Screen Time Management.
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  • The Screen Time Management feature allows users to manage the usage time of the TikTok application. Through this feature, users can set a usage time limit ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
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  • After setting the usage time limit, the next step is to set up a password. TikTok’s Screen Time Management feature requires users to set up a password to reactivate the app after the timeout expires.
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Done! How easy is it? This feature is very suitable for use by users, especially children who often forget the time when TikTok is on.

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One more thing, in addition to the above feature, on the Digital Wellbeing menu there is also a Restricted Mode feature. This feature puts the account in safe mode, so users will only see content that is worth seeing. Good luck!

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