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iPhone 15 Pro Will Be Apple’s First Phone Without Notch

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Apple has not revealed information regarding the presence of the iPhone 14 series, considering that the company has just launched a trio of iPhone 13 in the market.

Even so, this did not stop a number of netizens from digging for information related to the iPhone 15 series.

One of the latest news comes from LeaksApplePro. He claims, the previous Touch ID development team has now been moved to the Face ID team. What does this mean?

This means that Apple is starting to abandon the development of on-screen fingerprint scanner technology, which is predicted to be present starting from the iPhone 14 series.

The company also wants to shift its R&D focus on the Face ID feature, as well as under-display camera technology, and possibly replace the notch on the phone’s screen.

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As reported by Gizchina, LeaksApplePro said, the iPhone 15 Pro will be Apple’s newest and first iPhone series that comes without a notch.

iPhone Without SIM Card Slot

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Apple may launch an iPhone that is not equipped with a SIM card slot. Citing Gadgetsnow, the possibility of an iPhone that is not equipped with a SIM card slot is the iPhone 15 series.

This information was first revealed based on a report from BlogDoiPhone.

The iPhone 15 itself is expected to be released in 2023, this is considering the latest iPhone, the iPhone 13 series, will be released in 2021.

Use eSIM

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The report says the iPhone 15 Pro could be the first iPhone model to be released without a physical SIM card slot. This rumor is based on an internal source from the company. However, the truth is still unknown.

According to reports, Apple has been experimenting for a long time not to introduce a SIM card in its devices, one of which is the implementation of eSIM technology.

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“An unnamed internal source said that starting from 2023, the Pro version of the iPhone may not have a physical SIM card slot and only use 2 eSIM slots,” the report said.

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