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7 Hidden Instagram Hacks, Tips, and Features

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There are several tips you can do to make Instagram more attractive and fun. Tips that maybe not all Instagram users know about it. Here are the tips:

Instagram Hacks: 7 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Secret Instagram Tips - Instagram hacks

Get notifications from favorite people

Of all the accounts that we follow on Instagram, sometimes there are some accounts that always update information or inspirational posts that make us interested in continuing to update the account’s posts. Reportedly we can turn on notifications from that account. The method is quite easy. You only need to select the three points in the account posting. Then select “Enable Post Notifications”.

Beautify your profile by tidying up your bio

One way to make your Instagram profile more attractive is to fill out your bio in an interesting way. You can include your website address or Youtube channel in your bio. In addition, you can also list your fields of expertise so that it will make your profile more convincing. You can also add some emoticons to your bio.

Looking for a username without logging in

Have you ever wanted to find an Instagram account username but are lazy to log in? It turns out that there is a solution to searching for usernames without logging into Instagram. So even people who don’t have an Instagram account can still search for the intended Instagram username.

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You do this through a search engine, then add the user name that will be searched behind the URL For example type, then we will be able to see the digital phone account profile without us having to log in.

Make Instagram a photo editor

Before posting photos on Instagram, usually, we will be given the option to edit the photo. There are many filters and variations to make photos prettier or nicer. If we don’t post the photo, we can save it and share it with other media.

Schedule Instagram posts

For those who are active on Instagram and frequently post, they can schedule posts with the help of the application. Post scheduling is useful to help us keep posting automatically even though we are busy. This is very useful for online business people who make Instagram their marketing channel. Applications that can be used to schedule posts are Hootsuite, Buffer, and Later.

Hide spam comments

Have you ever been bothered by promotional spam in our Instagram comments? We can hide such spam comments with a few filter comments settings. Settings are made via Instagram without an application. To activate the Comments Filter, go to Settings> Privacy> Comments> Enable Hide Offensive Comments.

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Removes search history

Search history on Instagram is private. And of course, we don’t want our search history to be known by other people. Especially if friends like to borrow cellphones and open our accounts. To delete search history on Instagram, it’s easy, go to Settings> Security> Search History> Delete All.

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Those are some Instagram hacks, hopefully, they can be useful for you in using Instagram.