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8 Free Instagram Followers Tracker Apps

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Instagram is one of the world’s very popular social media. These photo and video sharing apps have huge monthly users, maybe hundreds of millions. The number of people accessing Instagram is a golden opportunity for those who want to develop their business through social media.

Business people will usually attract as many followers as possible to their Instagram account. These followers can be a way to increase sales to website traffic.

However, a large number of followers is not enough for the development of an online business. You need to know when the timing is right for posting, good hashtags to use, and anything else that can help your account grow. Here are some Instagram Followers Tracker Apps that you can use for free.

8 Top Instagram Followers Trackers

Built-in Instagram Features

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You don’t need to bother looking for a special Instagram Followers Tracker Apps, because Instagram already provides its own built-in feature, namely Instagram Insights. It’s just that you can’t apply it on a personal Instagram account, but only on a business Instagram account.

Business Instagram accounts are given this kind of feature so that account owners can find out about their Instagram developments through the real data displayed. Because this is the default, users don’t need to pay to use the Instagram Insights feature.

The data displayed by Instagram Insights includes, for example, the number of account visitors in a certain time period, total impressions, top posts, clicks to websites, reach, and so on. Although all of them are free, Instagram Insights’ features are also limited, such as there are not many ways to export data and limited access.

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Social Bakers

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Social Bakers is a social media management platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. For IG, they offer a free analysis tool not only for business accounts but also for personal accounts. For more complete features, Social Bakers also have paid packages starting at USD 20 per profile per month.

After you link your Instagram account with Social Bakers, the app will start analyzing your profile. With it, you can see your most popular photos, filters, and hashtags, as well as a feed of interactions with your followers. Unfortunately, you can’t see many details about your followers or the growth of your followers.

Simply Measured

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Simply Measured is another social media management platform that offers free analytics tools for Instagram. It’s just that this application can only be used by accounts with a number of followers under 25,000.

One of the advantages of Simply Measured over Social Bakers is its more detailed reports. It’s just that this one application requires you to follow them on Twitter, which can be quite annoying for some users.

Some of the data displayed on the Simply Measured dashboard includes a post-engagement chart, engagement percentage, and engagement type as well as many other analytical data that can help you track the progress of your IG account. Interested? Just go to the site here.

Followers Pro

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Followers Pro is an Instagram analytics application that is only available specifically for iOS devices. This app is also free to use, but many of its features can only be accessed by paid users.

With the free version you see new followers, who unfollowed you, see a list of people you follow but don’t follow, and see who follows you but you don’t follow them.

Iconosquare Free

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Iconosquare Free is an Instagram auditing app that is similar to Social Bakers and Simply Measured. As the name suggests, this application is free for you to use to check followers and other data.

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Some of the data that you can see with this application, such as fairly complete information about the latest 30 posts and about your account in general.

If the data showed is too basic, you can use the pro version of the Iconosquare app which has more features. You can access this free Iconosquare application here.

Iconosquare Pro

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Is the paid version of the Iconosquare application discussed above. The features offered by Iconosquare Pro are certainly more complete. For example, the follower’s data submitted includes those who enter and leave each day, as well as a lot of location and demographic information.

With Iconosquare Pro you can also measure reach and post impressions, even on Stories. Iconosquare Pro will start recording historical data from the moment you give this app permission to access your Instagram.

If your Instagram has under 100,000 followers, the cost to be able to use this application is around 9 US dollars per month. If the followers are above 100 thousand, the cost is up to 40 US dollars per month. Interested? Just go to their site here.

Union Metrics

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Another free Instagram followers check application is Union Metrics. This application can analyze the last 30 days of activity on your account, including posts and engagement of your followers.

Union Metrics can help you pinpoint ideal timing, great hashtags to use, best and worst-performing content, and so on.

This app also offers paid packages for better analysis and can be used for multiple social media accounts at once. If you want to try a free one, please just go here.


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SquareLovin is another analytics app that has a free Instagram Insights panel. This app helps show insights into the growth of your account. Plus, you can track your likes and followers, review post-performance and engage your followers.

You can also gain more insight into your community’s preferences and interests, and what drives engagement. Squarelovin can even show you when the best and worst times to post are. If you want to try this application, please visit their website here.

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So, those are some Instagram Followers Tracker Apps and their developments that you can use for free. You can also use their paid service to get more complete features.

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