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15 Best Ideas to Start Company That Use Skills You Already Have

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Even though you already work, with a good position and income, but surely you still have the desire to make your own business. The desire to be a boss as well as self-employed will continue to exist in you because it has more value than a position in a company owned by someone else. Similarly, for those who have not worked, developing your own business will be an alternative for you to get income. Here are 15 ideas to start a company, which you can do while you are still working full time at a company or you have the full time to do it.

15 Ideas to Start Company That’ll Make You Money

1. Web development

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As long as there is such a thing as a web in this world, web designers and developers will also always be needed. Especially since many new companies need a website as a media introduction, being a web designer and developer can be the key to your initial business. You must understand HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and various other frameworks if you want to explore this profession.

2. Makeup artist

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Do you like makeup? Don’t waste your abilities just for yourself. Start a makeup artist business. You can start by doing makeup the people closest to you first, then can spread and be promoted to many people. Also, the increasing number of beauty vloggers can help you improve skills and add the latest makeup trend information.

3. Accounting and bookkeeping

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If you have a background in accounting and even have a CPA certification, starting a business in accounting and bookkeeping will be a promising business. Even though each company already has its accountant, having an opinion from an independent accountant is still needed for good accountability.

4. Podcasting

Today, podcasting is one of the media that promises to get the income and become a business. Podcasting is a medium for those of you who like to share stories or information through voice. You can share whatever you are good at and indeed have experience in some fields.

5. Handmade goods

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Are you good at knitting or making other handicrafts? These can be ideas to start a company and business. Handmade good is not limited to clothing or accessories made from fabric. You can make wallets, lamp decorations, and even jewelry if you can reliably make it. In promotions, you can use Instagram as a media for introducing your product.

6. Online teaching

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Online teaching innovations are now increasingly popular because it is considered more accessible anytime and anywhere and following the current nature of internet-based students. You can make your online teaching material in a video and upload it to a video platform account or online teaching platform. In the future, you can develop your online teaching platform. Make sure you have to master the course and the material that you will teach.

7. Food truck

Nowadays, food trucks are liked by food enthusiasts because of the unique nuances of buying food. Mobility is also one of the reasons this business is popular to become a business entrepreneur sector. You can develop this food truck business by analyzing what foods or snacks that are popular in your neighborhood when you open your food truck. Your creativity is also needed to make your food truck interesting to go to.

8. Business consulting

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For those of you who have struggled in the business world or worked in a company for a long time, your experience can be used to create a business consulting company. Your experience and analytical skills will be used by many people who want to make some business or who are developing their business to be better. You can also hold a seminar or be a speaker to share tips.

9. Tax consulting

Like the field of accounting, if you have a certification in accounting or have a background in the field of taxation (fiscal), do not waste your abilities. The problem of taxation is a problem that is not trivial. Need the help of a tax consultant to deal with the problem, especially a newly started company.

10. IT consulting

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Your ability in the field of computer and information technology can be ideas to start a company, especially in the field of IT consultants. Many people who want to make a business or people who are developing their businesses need the ability of IT, but unfortunately, the budget is limited. You as an IT consulting can work with these clients to install, manage, maintain, and even update various client IT devices.

11. Architecture and design interior

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Architects and interior designers, from the beginning until now, are one of the professions that can become entrepreneurs. As one of the creative industries, your creativity is needed here. Make sure you make a different or unique home or building design while remaining safe and can be built. An interior designer is also needed because the contents of the house or building greatly affect the psychology that is in it. Make the best portfolio to convince your clients.

12. Clothing boutique

Today, clothing is not just an object used to cover the human body. Clothing is also a fashion statement, which shows who the user is. Therefore, many types of clothing with various fashions are present today. You who can design and make clothes that have their characteristics can open your boutique.

13. Cafe

The cafe now becomes a lifestyle for some people. Gathering with friends, company meetings, individual work can be done in a cozy cafe. Businesses to make cafes must think carefully about the concept, both from food, interior, and even the name of the cafe for branding. Having an Instagramable design will be an added value for visitors in the morning, besides convenience.

14. Pet grooming

Nowadays, many people start to have pets. This is useful as a companion at home and as a medium of relaxation in times of stress. However, the pet owners are busy making them sometimes forget to take care of or grooming their pets. Some do not understand how pet grooming is. You can open a grooming service by opening a pet grooming in your home or you can go to your client’s home.

15. Travel guide

If by chance in your area has many tourist attractions, do not hesitate to open a business travel guide. Your understanding of various places worth visiting can be an asset to become a travel guide. All you have to do is create promotional media for any travel packages provided and various benefits and accommodations that are included. Your hospitality is key in this type of business.

That’s 15 ideas to start a company that you can do from now on. Make sure you have the right skills in developing the business. Your hard work and consistency are also needed so that your business survives and can grow bigger in the future.

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