How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch

How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch

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How to Watch YouTube on Apple Watch? Many Apple Watch users have long hoped to be able to watch YouTube live on the smartwatch. That wish was finally realized thanks to an application called WatchTube.

Through WatchTube, Apple Watch users can now directly access millions of videos on the YouTube platform from their wrist.

There are several reasons why streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, and YouTube haven’t released apps for devices like the Apple Watch.

The screen is small, the speakers are loud, and watching videos on your wrist is an easy way to drain the battery in a matter of hours.

Some Apple Watch users have had success accessing YouTube content by linking through the Messages app. However, not everything can.

Hugo Mason, the creator of the WatchTube app, was fortunate not to get a memo that smartwatches are not allowed to consume video content.

As the name implies, the Watchtube app provides full access to YouTube via Apple Watch with sound through Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Watchtube initially launched with a list of videos currently trending on YouTube as the default feed.

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However, over time, as the user interacts with the video, the feed will become more personalized through the app’s own algorithm.

How to watch YouTube videos on Apple Watch with the new WatchTube app

can you watch videos on apple watch

To be able to watch YouTube videos on Apple Watch using the WatchTube application is very easy. You just need to download the app from WatchOS in the App Store. Once the WatchTube app is installed on your Apple Watch, you can immediately open and watch YouTube videos.

This app has a simple user interface (UI), not as complicated as if you open the YouTube app on iOS or macOS. You will be presented with four different channels in the application, namely Home, Library, Search, and Settings.

Just like the official YouTube app, the Home channel will display trending and personalized videos for users. If you allow it, this application has the ability to select certain categories of videos to be displayed in the Home.

For the search feature, you can use the dictation and scribble features to find the videos you like. Just like YouTube, WatchTube search results will highlight the top results for videos and channels.

You can also save the video and hit the subscribe button to your favorite channel. Unfortunately, the WatchTube Library is only local, which means you can’t link it to your YouTube account.

And for those of you who want to share videos to other devices, WathTube provides a QR Code that allows users to share and access certain videos on iPad, iPhones, and others.

Interestingly, the WatchTube application also supports video subtitles (cc subtitle) to make it easier for you to translate video texts into foreign languages. You can change the subtitle text size as you wish.

For those of you who don’t have AirPods or a Bluetooth headset, you can use Apple Watch audio to listen to YouTube videos.

WatchTube developers explained that later they will add an “Audio Only” mode, which allows users to listen to songs on YouTube without having to activate the Apple Watch screen.

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Please also note, that the WatchTube app is currently a free download on the App Store for Apple Watch devices running watchOS 6 or later. Good luck!

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