How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome on PC And Mobile Phone

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How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome? There are many types of browsers that we use every day, there are Chrome, Mozilla, Uc browser, and others.

All browsers usually have a feature to save username and password data in accordance with user approval. Of course, this is very useful to make it easier to see the stored data, if users forget their account username/password.

Those of you who stop by this article may be confused about how to see the username/password of the account stored in your Chrome browser. Is not it?

Don’t worry, in this article, I will talk about it. I will discuss two ways, first via mobile and second via desktop.

How to Show Passwords in Chrome

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome App

Before I explain the steps, first please set your phone lock screen first. For settings, it seems that almost all cell phones have the same settings, go to phone settings, then select password and security, then create and activate a phone lock screen with a choice of pattern, pin, or password. Just choose one.

After you have practiced the above, the next steps:

  1. Open the Chrome app
  2. Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.
view saved passwords chrome android
  1. Then select the “Settings” menu.
chrome settings passwords
  1. Then tap “Password”.
passwords google com saved passwords
  1. Then select an account for which you want to view the data. For example, here I want to see a Facebook account.
password manager
  1. Next you will be taken to a page related to the Facebook password as below. Here you tap the eye icon next to the password.
my passwords
  1. After that a lock screen will appear, unlock it with the pattern, pin, or password that you set earlier.
  2. The account password will appear in the column that previously contained the “dots”.

Oh yes, if your phone is not locked the screen will not be able to see the password. There will be a pop-up asking you to set a lock screen on your device/mobile. Therefore, I have explained above that before starting the steps, first lock the device screen.

A little information that you can only see and copy the password, can’t screenshot the screen. So just copy the password you need, write it down or paste it into the phone notes.

Easy isn’t it? Let’s practice how. You will no longer worry if you forget your Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. account passwords.

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How to View a Saved Password in Google Chrome

Not only through mobile phones, but you can also view account data stored in Chrome through your desktop computer. Actually, the method is not much different from Chrome via cell phone, only the appearance is different. For now, let’s see below:

  • Open the desktop chrome application.
  • Tap the top right three dots. Then select the settings menu.
show me my password
  • Then in the Autofill sub-section, there is a password menu as shown in the image below. Tap the “Passwords” menu.
chrome passwords
  • After that, a list of saved passwords will appear as below. Just scroll until you find the password for the site you want. Select and click the site.
how to delete saved passwords on chrome
  • After clicking on one of the sites, you will be asked to fill in your computer password as shown below.
  • Done. You will be shown your account password.

Just like chrome via phone. Chrome on the Desktop must have its windows security active (PC security) as above.

Why do you have to set the screen lock and windows security first? The answer is so that not everyone can see your saved passwords easily.

So if you want to see the old saved passwords, chrome requires you to set the device password first, then it is allowed to see the old passwords.

Questions related to viewing passwords in chrome

Is it possible to see unsaved passwords in chrome? Or is it possible to see the passwords that have been typed in chrome?

Simply put, the answer is no. This is because chrome only stores passwords that you agree to save.

When you log in to a site for the first time, chrome will suggest saving your password, well if you refuse, then chrome will not save the password, and of course, you can’t see the password in chrome.

So far, do you understand?

Viewing passwords stored in chrome is not difficult, even for those who are not the rightful owners of the device.

However, this password-saving feature is a bit risky, because it’s easy to see the password earlier.

My advice, if the account is really very important, it’s better not to save the password in any browser including Chrome. If you’re afraid to forget? Write down your passwords and save them where no one else knows, or use a password-keeping app, there are plenty of them.

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Maybe this is where the discussion ends. Hopefully, this article is useful and helps those of you who are in trouble. OK, that’s it, and thank you.