How To View Delivery Status On TikTok Shop

How To View Delivery Status On TikTok Shop

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How to View Delivery Status on the Latest TikTok Shop – Technology is growing which makes it easier for us to do any activity including shopping online. There are many popular shopping applications in Indonesia and the newest one is TikTok Shop. However, even though as a newcomer to TikTok , they are able to compete, even many sellers are starting to glance at TikTok Shop.

The transaction process is not far from other marketplaces, but Tiktok Shop is superior because users can directly see the goods via video. Now the popularity of Tiktok is able to bring Tiktok Shop to popularity even though it is relatively new.

Currently, TikTok has paid attention to TikTok Shop to continue to grow, one of which is by providing a special menu to directly enter the TikTok shop so that buyers and sellers can directly access the TikTok Shop.

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Well, here we provide the latest way how to see the delivery status on TikTok Shop.

How to View Delivery Status on the Latest TikTok Shop

In the year 2022, there is something different about seeing orders on Tiktokshop. If yesterday you had to enter the profile menu, now just use the menu available at the bottom, namely the “Shopping” menu.

The steps are as follows:

  • Please open the TikTok application
  • Click the Shopping menu
  • Then select the order menu. Now there you will see all the order menus from items that have not been paid for, to be sent, to be reviewed, and returned.
  • You can check there

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That’s an easy way to see the delivery status of your order on TikTok Shop

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